Top rated Recumbent Exercise Bikes in 2019


If you want to achieve a fitter and healthier body, you need to have the right exercise equipment that can be used even at the comfort of your own home, such as those that have been noted in various best recumbent exercise bike reviews. Some of them will be mentioned in this article to make it easier for you to choose the best possible option.


Professional buying guide on recumbent exercise bikes


recumbMillions of Americans are currently exercising with enthusiasm in order to lose weight and enhance the quality of their physical stance. Out of the many exercise devices used by men and women on a daily basis, one in particular seems to attract new customers with each passing month: recumbent exercise bike. If you are currently on the market for a conventional exercise bike capable of delivering a challenging physical workout then consult with attention the current best recumbent exercise bikes reviews. With professional information on some of the best models available on the market, you will invest wisely in a great product which won’t let you down later on. Why should you opt for recumbent exercise bike? Well, such exercise devices provide a healthy workout without putting a lot of strain on your back or neck.

It is important to choose from some of the best recumbent exercise bikes in 2019 a model and ultimately exercise without problems. A high quality bike can maintain a smooth cardio physical exercise workout, ideal to undergo with enthusiasm. You have the possibility to connect the bike on a screen or monitors in order to set out virtual cycling tour. Most people love to add something special to the whole workout. The first advantage of a recumbent bike is the ergonomic design. Once you start working out on the bike, you won’t have to worry about shoulder, back or arm muscle tissues strains of pain. So, you have to take into account adjustability when it comes to your future exercise bike. You have to adjust the handlebars and seating method in order to obtain a comfortable stance. Obtain more out of your body by pushing it to attaining new physical objectives!


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Preset programs Price Weight Seat Customer Rating Where to buy

Nautilus R514c

20+2 $$$$ 120 lbs Contoured bottom, side bolsters, lumbar support and adjustable back A+ AMAZON

Schwinn 270

29 $$$$ 101 lbs Thick padded contoured seat bottom and large vented back A AMAZON

Velocity Exercise magnetic

No $$$ 91 lbs Adjustable & cushioned B+ AMAZON

Stamina 4825

6 $$ 71 lbs Comfortable padded B+ AMAZON

Schwinn 140

17 $$$ 88 lbs Contoured & extra padding B AMAZON


Once you go through some of the latest best recumbent exercise bikes reviews, you will be able to find a product suited to your physical needs. Such exercise bikes are ideal for beginners and seasoned cyclists what want to go through a good workout and strengthen various parts of the body. Today’s marketplace is packed with bikes, accompanied by various accessories, designed to provide additional assistance during each moment of the workout. Now, you should also take into account certain important factors before deciding on a particular product: price range, height, weight range, riding style and level of fitness. Due to the variety of products available on the market, you can find a recumbent bike that respects your financial range.

How can you find from the best recumbent exercise bikes in 2019 a model capable of improving your physical workout? Well, you will discover that popular products have a strong line of satisfied users. Furthermore you should find a bike that fits your riding style, thus maintaining the comfort levels high. Are you ready to expand your physical form? With the right recumbent exercise bike you will be able to enhance your fitness level, especially after knowing where you stand. There are also some exercises which can improve daily cardio workouts and ultimately strengthen your muscle groups.


Things to consider:

–          Riding style and physical “personality”

–          Fitness level – casual, medium worker and professional

–          Price range. You should comapre your needs with what you afford to spend.

–          Rider height and weight

–          Comfortable exercise pattern, due to handlebars adjustability

–          Strong cardio workouts



Nautilus R514c Exercise Bike


Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

This bike is controlled with a magnetic resistance system, which is an assurance that your workout will be smooth. Additionally, many best recumbent exercise bike reviews note that its users have also expressed their satisfaction when using the Polar heart rate programs, which is a popular brand for heart rate monitoring. This ensures the accuracy of its functioning. It also comes with a convenient overall, which will be helpful in making it easier to use while assuring the results that you want to achieve.



With a compact and biomechanically accurate design this recumbent exercise bike features 22 challenging fitness programs which keeps users connected to their goals during each training session

Features the exclusive Eddy Current brake system that permits people to enjoy an efficient workout with minimal physical restraints and freedom to push further and further

The exercise bike comes equipped with a thick padded seat and solid lumbar support for a secure fitness experience

With a 300 pounds weight capacity this high quality recumbent exercise bike features deluxe pedals for a comfortable workout



Some assembly is needed but the included instruction manual offers proper assistance

The book holder is located pretty high on the console but still in readable eyesight


I am very pleased with my new Nautilus R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike. I am very comfortably seated when doing my exercise program. In conclusion, I find it ideal for home use.”  Timothy Hurley


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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike


This recumbent exercise bike has speakers and a music player input, which will provide you with the entertainment that you need to prevent boredom during your exercise routine. It has an ergonomic design to prevent excessive body pain. For instance, the seat has a convenient design and is well-padded for your highest level of comfort. With its help, you can keep track of your progress, improving the speed and distance you cover. This bike also has 25 various resistance levels to fit every user’s preference.



The recumbent exercise bike comes equipped with SchwinnDualTrack 2 LCD window system and SchwinnConnect goal tracking which permits people to safely monitor up to 13 display feedbacks and reach fitness objectives

Features a comfortable padded seat with solid lumbar support, designed especially people that need to train but have sensitive backs

Benefits from a 10 year warranty on the frame, 1 year on the electrical system and 2 years on the mechanical components

With a 300 lbs weight limit this powerful recumbent bike offers 29 fitness programs and 25 levels of resistance, ideal to create a challenging workout



The assembly instructions seem to be pretty vague in some parts but the overall guidance leads to fast results

USB port charges pretty slow but it does the job well in the end


I never experienced any joint and back pains because of Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. Maybe because of the ergonomic padded chair. It was easy to set- up and each part properly matched with the rest of the machine. I believe it’s a great recumbent exercise bike!”  Ruby Reeder


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Velocity Exercise magnetic exercise Bike


Various best recumbent exercise bike reviews have noted that one of the best features of this model is the Drum Magnetic Control, which is basically all about making your workout more challenging, to help you achieve results quicker. It also has a monitor with a generous size, to easily track various factors, including distance and your heart rate. Another great feature is the durable design, especially its bearings which give you the confidence that it will have a long functional life, regardless of the intensity of your workout.



This powerful recumbent bike incorporates Drum Magnetic Control system which challenges the user to overcome physical limitations and train in complete freedom

Considered by hundreds of satisfied users as the best recumbent bike for weight loss the CHB-R2003 features a large LCD display which permits people to safely track speed, distance, pulse and calories burned during each workout

Incorporates 3-piece axle/crank and also double-sealed bearings which maintains the bike’s smooth functionality every moment of the fitness session

Features a cushioned and fully adjustable seat that permits men and women to exercise in a comfortable manner right in the comfort of their homes



The assembly takes more than 1 hour (consult the instruction manual for faster results)


I got the perfect deal when I bought Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower because it had a Black Friday discount. After using it for some time, I have really improved my physical condition making me believe I bought the best recumbent exercise bike for the money I spent. Actually, it cost under $300 and from my point of view it deserves 5 stars.”  Lois Goolsby


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Stamina 4825 Exercise Bike


With the help of this exercise equipment, you will be able to have faster metabolism, which, in turn, can help you achieve your fitness goals quicker. I also liked the fact that it has smooth operations, making it a more dependable option among others within the competitive landscape. The pulse sensors are also great addition to this machine, giving you notification on how you can be able to achieve your target. Lastly, it is designed with wheels for easy transfer from one location to another.



Regarded as the best recumbent bike for weight loss the 4825 incorporates magnetic resistance system which ensures silent and smooth fitness sessions, capable of helping people achieve their goals

Incorporates InTouch control electronic monitor which displays important workout session data like speed, time, calories burned and distance covered

The recumbent bike includes 6 preset programs and quite challenging speed objectives for proper results

Backed by 3 year warranty on the frame and 90 days on parts this powerful bike uses magnetic resistance in order to ensure a comprehensive workout experience



Some assembly is needed (consult the instruction manual in order to speed things up)

Serious fitness enthusiasts find the magnetic tension to be too low but with the right adjustments the overall workout becomes more challenging


The Stamina 4825  has proven very useful for me and I’m glad I followed the advice of the best rated recumbent exercise bike reviews . When I exercise with it, the machine works smoothly. I have really managed to enhance my stamina and resistance, making me be certain that I bought one of the most reliable models on the market.”   Briana Parker


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Schwinn 170 Upright Bike


This is one of the models that I can recommend if you are looking for flexibility. It offers various choices, depending on the goal that you would want to achieve and the intensity of the workout that you want. It comes with 25 resistance levels and 29 workout programs, giving you the option to choose what is preferred. It also comes with 4 user settings that can be customized on the basis of your personal preferences. With this recumbent exercise bike, you can tone the muscles in your body that need to be improved.



The upright recumbent bike comes equipped with dual track LCD window system which permits people to safely monitor 13 different fitness progress during each workout

Featuring the exclusive Schwinn Connect goal tracking system this upright bike shows the user’s progress and capacity to reach set out goals

It offers 29 fitness programs, 25 challenging level of Eddy Current resistance and 4 customizable settings for a more personalized and challenging experience

Incorporates a padded and specially contoured seat that keeps the user comfortable every moment of the workout



Patience is required during the bike’s assembly since the user manual comes with only pictures that have to be interpreted


I get rid of those extra pounds by exercising with Schwinn 170 Upright Bike in my home. I have a daily routine of exercising in the morning. I always use the bike and I love the sensor which shows me accurate readings of my heart rate. My husband made the perfect Xmas gift through this recumbent exercise bike, which I’m sure is a top ten model. ”   Carla Barnes


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