What to Look for When Buying a Top Recording Microphone


One of the most important pieces of equipment in a recording studio is the microphone, and there are several models and styles to choose from. According to the best recording microphone reviews the wrong model will make a difference in quality and sound. Knowing which recording microphone to use to capture voices, instruments, and other sounds will give you the professional results you are looking for. While only you know how the microphone will be used, we can help you make an informed decision. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide, you can find the best recording microphone in 2021 for your studio.


According to the best recording microphone reviews the first aspect to consider is the type. There are generally two types of recording microphones generally used in studios, and each one has its own advantages. Capacitor microphones are able to accurately record higher frequencies. These recording microphones are best suited for singers, and it should be noted are frequently priced higher than other models. Dynamic microphones are commonly used to record guitars, drums, and other instruments, and normally do not require a cord or batteries. These recording microphones are generally priced lower, which also factors in to its popularity among studio technicians and producers.


Sound Pattern

The best recording microphone of 2021 will accurately and clearly capture the surrounding sounds. The sound pattern of the microphone refers to the method it uses to record noises, and there are two types generally used in studios. Omni directional microphones will pick up all of the noises in a general area, while cardioid pattern recording microphones are ideal for capturing only one voice. This type of sound pattern is often best for recording interviews, since it can isolate the single voice. There are also models that use both types of sound patterns giving you the advantage of being able to use one recording microphone for several applications.



The best recording microphone reviews also recommend considering additional features. Some models are compatible with different operating systems, and include additional protection from interference and distortion. Other features to consider can also include the ability to be used in different situations. While others include hassle free installation, which makes it easy to take the microphone out in the field for live recordings.


Top Rated Recording Microphones in 2021


Even though we can’t choose the right recording microphone for you, we can show you three of the top rated models, each with its own advantages. Here are the top rated recording microphones of 2021 so all of your recordings will have a professional, high quality sound.


Blue Microphones Yeti


As stated in the best recording microphone reviews this model includes everything you need for professional sounding broadcasts and programs. You will love its easy set up, including its ability to connect via USB cable to a Mac or PC. This makes it easy to calibrate the mic so all of your recordings are clear and free from interference.

This cardioid microphone is ideal for recording voices, and is often used for singers and in interviews. Not only do you have the benefit of the cardioid mode, you can also turn this model into an omni directional microphone. Record crowds at concerts and protests, and capturing the ambience at any situation. This lets you add more emotion to your broadcasts to your audience the sense of being there with you.

Records interviews clearly and concisely with the bidirectional setting, and enjoy the convenience of only needing one microphone for any setting. With zero latency you can record in real time and broadcast simultaneously to your pod cast. Easy to take with you for live interviews and commentary, this microphone functions just as well in the studio for flawless recordings of singers and assorted instruments.

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With its ability to record rich full sound, this microphone is commonly used to capture solos and musical instruments. The condenser style is ideal for recording all of the vocal nuances, and the cartioid sound pattern will block out background noise for a clear, rich sound. You will also appreciate how easy it is to connect this microphone to your Mac or PC.

Quickly calibrate the microphone for exceptional recordings, and since you can record in real time this model is perfect for podcasts and live web shows. Not only is the recording microphone affordably priced, you can also enjoy its ability to adjust the sensitivity for different applications. Lower the microphone’s sensitivity to sound in louder situations, and reduce the amount of bass when you are out in the wind or around other loud, deep noises.

With the ability to isolate your main source of sound, along with the option to reduce background noise you can create professional recordings in almost any situation. Record studio voices and instruments, along with two person interviews and adjust the microphone’s settings for a clear audio recording every time. Ideal for professional and amateurs, you will also appreciate its extremely affordable price.

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Storm Store Excelvan Condenser


One of the first aspects that you will notice is the microphone’s ability to automatically reduce noise and distortion. This helps to ensure a clear and professional sounding recording for any type of broadcast. This affordable model is designed for studio use, and can connect easily to your desk or laptop. It should be noted that this recording microphone does require a constant power source which does not make it ideal for conducting live interviews in the field.

You will quickly learn to appreciate the included shock mount which helps to reduce distortion from instruments and voices. Capture each recording perfectly the first time, without having to constantly adjust for background noise levels. The recording microphone also has the advantage of an anti wind cap that prevents other noises from interfering with the main sound.

The included mounting assembly is easy to attach, and the adjustable knob lets you point the microphone at the perfect angle. You can easily record solo singers and musical instruments, along with easy to hear interviews. Since you can connect to your PC or desktop, you can also use this microphone for your live podcasts. With all of the included features, it is easy to see why this model is a popular choice for many recording studios.

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