If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best RC trucks money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best RC trucks on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert reviews sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Hosim Foxx S911 is the best RC truck for sale because it comes with everything you need, including a lifetime of free 24 hour tech support. This RC truck can go in the sand just as easily as it can speed across paved surfaces. The tires comes with plenty of traction, and the durable truck is capable of reaching speeds up to 35 miles per hour. You can control the truck up to distances of 100 meters, and it also comes with a convenient steering wheel for easy control. If the Hosim Foxx S911 is not readily available in your area, you could consider the Traxxas 67054-1 as a second best option.



What RC truck should you purchase


RC or remote controlled trucks are popular with adults and kids, and there are several makes and models to choose from. When you are looking for a RC truck there are also several factors to consider, and the helpful tips included in this buying guide will help you find the best one for kids or yourself.

1.Hosim Electric RC Car


One of the first aspects to consider is the amount you are willing to spend on a new toy. RC trucks can vary dramatically in price, and deciding on a spending limit you are comfortable with will help you make a smart purchasing decision. Your budget will also narrow down your possible choices, though it is important to not try and save money on a low quality model. Chances are you are your kids are going to want to “drive” it over all types of terrain, and if you purchase a poorly constructed model it will probably turn into a waste of money. Your budget will also help determine which features are included with the RC truck, and this is something else that should be carefully considered.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Recommended Age Price Batteries Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

8-15 years $$$ 6 AA and 3 AAA 12.5 x 8 x 7.5 inch A AMAZON

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark

5-9 years $$ 3AA and 2 AAA 7 x 5.8 x 5.8 inch B+ AMAZON

Hot Wheels R/C Ford F150 Raptor

5-12 years $$$$ 6 AA 18 x 7.2 x 9.5 inch B AMAZON

Maisto Baja Beast

5-15 years $$$$ 1 9V 14.3 x 9 x 5.7 inch B AMAZON

New Bright RAM

4-10 years $$ 4 AA  8 x 5.5 x 4.8 inch C AMAZON




There are two main types of RC trucks, and each has its own advantages. If the remote controlled truck is for adults you might want to choose a kit. This allows you to build the RC truck yourself, and customize it to your exact specifications. The price of the kits will vary, depending on the type of truck and the parts you choose. It is also a good choice for teens who are ready to build their own remote controlled truck.

There are also RTR remote controlled trucks that are ideal for beginners and younger children. Designed to be “ready to run/race” straight out of the box, the only extra part you need to purchase is usually the battery. RTR trucks are mainly designed to run off of battery power which can limit distance and speed, while kit models are often compatible with engines and transmissions that use nitro fuel. This gives you the advantage of being able to cover more ground at a faster speed/pace.

2.Traxxas 67054-1

Durable construction

If the RC truck is for boys, girls or even adults you want it to come with a sturdy and durable construction. This can be especially important if the RC truck is for the beach or other areas where sand and dirt can be a problem. Tight seals can prevent small particles from clogging the engine and other working parts, and sturdy metal chassis will help keep the small vehicle stable on rough, uneven ground.

Tires with plenty of tread will ensure that the remote control truck can handle any type of terrain, and you also want to pay close attention to the motor. Beginners and small children who do not need a lot of speed generally do well with a brushed motor. If you are ready to handle faster speeds without crashing, a brushless motor will be able to give you the performance you are looking for.

A RC truck is a great way for families to spend some quality time together. Whether you choose a kit or one ready to go right out of the box, RC trucks are simply designed for fun. While we can’t choose the right model or kit for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why you will find the best RC trucks showcased below.



Things to consider:

-Gas which can reach higher speeds and run for longer periods of time, but requires more maintenance

-Electric which are reliable, lower maintenance and much quieter

-Ready to Race (RTR) out of the box

-KIT assembly required

-Monster Trucks can drive over almost anything at high speed and are geared towards off-road

-Stadium Trucks are rear wheel drive and lower to the ground



Top rated RC trucks in 2021


Children like different toys to play with and they can vary in size, shape, purpose and so on. Remote control cars or trucks are a favorite for boys in general, but grown men end up collecting them as well. No matter the reason why you want to purchase one you need to know it is a solid truck which won’t break down after just a few days of using it. The best RC trucks reviews have all the answers you just have to read them.




Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme


Get your son an aggressive looking remote control vehicle through the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme which can be bought for a very decent price range. This reliable truck can be taken off-road with ease because it has an excellent suspension system, wide tires, and 3 powerful motors which make it very easy to drive and steer. It gets the juice it needs from 6 AA or 3 AAA batteries and can run for several hours. All these features and more make it one of the best RC trucks in 2021.



Most of the current ratings best to worst on RC trucks gave high marks of efficiency to the Rock Crawler extreme from Maisto, a 12.5” long model with rear and front suspension system that ensures stability during use

Even though it comes with a lightweight design the truck is powerful enough to handle commands like right and left steering or forward and reverse movement

Equipped with a powerful Tri-channel transmitter this RC truck can be used by children over the age of 8 years old

This machine incorporates 3 powerful motors, one designed to sustain steering while the other two for standard driving



The truck needs 6 “AA” and 3 “AAA” batteries to run which are not included in the basic package

Contains small parts which makes the truck hazardous for small children


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Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark


The Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark has the ability to work in normal pavement, over dirt, even sand but most importantly it can operate in water, allowing your little one to take it everywhere with him, even when going to the beach. The grove tires help it on dry land and in water as well, so it has a decent speed in both environments. The controls are very simple and it uses a frequency of 49 MHz to transmit the commands from the controller. The top rated RC trucks reviews say that this is a wonderful gift to give to your son.



Present among the top ten RC truck models in 2021 the Morphibians Shark from Kid Galaxy represents a great addition to children that love to control cool toys and have genuine fun

Due to the advanced and flexible construction, this 4 x 4 speed boat and a machine something like an animal, this unit comes equipped with durable four wheels that allows people to drive it on sand, gravel and mud terrains

This RC machine comes equipped with a high performance radio control which allows people to easily control it in pools, dirt and ponds

The remote controlled truck, speed and animal runs on a smooth frequency of 49 MHz that quickly renders and receives commands from users



This machine runs on 3 “AA” and 2 “AAA” batteries which are not included in the package


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Hot Wheels Ford F150 Raptor


Best RC trucks reviewsA great gift to give your son is this Hot Wheels Ford F150 Raptor truck which resembles real life monster trucks with their aggressive look and rugged design. The controls on the remote are not hard to learn and in no time at all your little one will get the hang of it and will spend a lot of time driving it and being happy. The large wheels will ensure that this truck will have excellent traction on all terrain types and the sturdy frame is shock resistant.



There are thousands of children that want to know whats the best product from the many RC trucks available on the market. According to the latest reviews that we consulted it seems that the Hot Wheels R/C Ford F150 truck from Mattel represents a great addition to young boys and girls with a passion for driving

Accurately inspired from real trucks this particular unit will go well on birthdays, Christmas days or special occasions

The truck comes fitted with large and durable wheels which allows users to tackle rough terrains without problems

Due to its flaming design, this sleek RC truck can be used for hours and hours of driving mayhem



Doesn’t include batteries, needed for the truck to run

Contains small parts which makes the truck unsuitable for children under 3 years old


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Maisto Baja Beast


As soon as you take the Misto Baja Beast out of the package it is ready to tackle even the most difficult rugged off-road terrains. This remote control vehicle has an excellent respond time to your commands and it is fitted with everything it needs to make it an excellent off-road truck. It is fitted with a long-travel suspension, coil-over shocks, a vac-formed body, all for top steering capabilities. The best RC trucks reviews admire the fact that it even comes with a tri-channel transmitter system.



As the best RC truck under $100 from Maisto, the Baja Beast combines high performance with innovation in order to deliver an amazing driving experience, covering accidental terrains without problems

Equipped with a powerful motor and advanced suspension system this truck can reach speeds of 10 mph, more than enough for long hours of fun

This new product released by Maisto comes equipped with a user-friendly 27 MHz controller, which allows children to easily take the truck from one location to another

With a lightweight and vac-body construction the unit features a tri-channel transmitter that receives commands for proper movements



Not recommended for children under 5 years old

Requires a 9V battery in order to run which is not included in the package


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New Bright RAM Radio


For a very affordable price you can make your son an excellent gift through this remote control truck from New Bright. This truck has a very real look to it mimicking the large and loud dirt trucks your son sees on TV. One of its best features is its great maneuverability going forward or in reverse, steering left or right. It also has a rock solid suspension system so it has no problem when it has to go through off-roads.



Considered by many specialists as the most reliable RC truck on the market today, the 1:24 Radio Control truck from New Bright has a modern design, which children are very fond of during each moment of playtime

As the best rated product the model features an advanced Rockin’ high suspension system that stabilizes the truck while riding on rough terrains

Due to the professional driving interface this RC truck can be used to perform the following actions forward and backward drive operation and left and right steering movement

This beautiful RC truck incorporates durable wheels that handle very well driving on instable terrains



Requires 4 “AA” batteries which are not included in the package

Not recommended for children under 4 years old because it contains small parts


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