Top rated RC Cars in 2019


I have a seven year old brother and I promised him an RC car if he did well at school. I guess it was such a worthy motivation because he did get the highest rank in his class. Now I owe him a remote control car, and since he did very well, I want to buy him something that he deserves. I have been looking for the perfect RC car model for him and I am confused which one to buy. The best RC car reviews I found online gave me a hint about the perfect RC car model and I think these five are my top choices.


Hot Wheels R/C BMW M3 Vehicle


Best RC Car ReviewsIf you wish to find the coolest RC car for your little boy, you should check out the best RC car reviews given by customers. You can find the most recommended items there for you to choose from. The Hot Wheels Whit BMW White vehicle is one of the best sellers mentioned on the internet. It displays very realistic miniature version of awesome BMW. The easy-to-control joystick lets your child enjoy this RC car as much as he can.

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Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper RC Car


Spoil your little one with an impressive RC car that looks and feel real. With this well-designed toy car that assembles a real high-end race car your kid will surely have the time of his life. It can be controlled even in challenging terrains and the motor type is made to endure long use. This toy car model is very easy to assemble and it has an incredible performance. With its fantastic features, there is no question why this is the best RC car in 2019.

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Maisto R/C Rock Crawler


Let your little boy experience a miniature version of adventure as you let him play with the best RC Car in 2019. The maisto RC Rock Crawler toy car is one of the best sellers on the market. It is something that most small boys want. There are two motors that are designed for heavy duty, rugged terrain use. The car itself has incredible detailing which makes it look more realistic. The tri-channel transmitter makes it really easy to control the car from the joystick.

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Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy


There is no better way to spoil your little kid than by giving him the Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro buggy remote control car as a gift. Whether it is his birthday, christmas, or any other occasion, you can always make him feel special with this incredible gift. The car’s engine is very powerful and it can endure rough roads and terrains. It is designed for easy and convenient control through its well-designed joystick.

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Remote Control Lamborghini


If you are looking for the perfect gift to five for your son’s birthday, you better check out the highly recommended product in the top rated RC car reviews which is the Remote Control Lamborghini. This RC car is designed with maximum durability and it is very fun to play with. The remote is very easy to operate and the car runs very smoothly. Its engine is built to endure even tough terrains; that is why it is very popular among kids.

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