Top rated RC airplanes in 2019


Different people have different hobbies and one in particular which stands out is flying and collecting RC airplanes. This can be a bit costly but the pleasure of actually flying one of these small airplanes far outweighs the cost. Now if you are a new comer to this hobby you may not know too well how to differentiate between great models and the one that have an inferior quality. To your aid come the best RC airplanes reviews that have selected the most impressive models which you should try to purchase.


Hobby Zone Super Cub DSM RTF


Best RC Airplanes reviewsThe Hobby Zone Super Cub DSM RTF is a great RC airplane to add to your collection which flies smoothly and even comes with anti-crash technology to protect your investment in certain dangerous scenarios. This airplane also comes with a Spektrum DX4e 4-channel 2.4 Ghz DSMX transmitter for a solid response to your commands. Its Z-FoamTM construction allows it to be solid and at the same time lightweight. Also the 480 motor makes it perform admirably.

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Hobby Zone Champ Champ RTF


One of the best products which has a huge number of positive customer reports is the Hobby Zone Champ Champ RTF. Even if you are an entry-level user the package also contains a flight manual which will prove to be quite helpful. This model has features which make it very easy to control like the steerable tail wheel and the scale wing rib detail. The Li-Po battery will last you for several hours so you have enough time to enjoy the flight. Specialist and amateurs suggest it is surely one of the best RC airplanes in 2019.

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Hobby Zone Firebird Stratos RTF


If you are looking for a modern looking RC airplane then you should seriously consider getting the Hobby Zone Firebird Stratos RTF. It is not a hard plane to fly and even the beginners will get the feel of it in no time at all, but it is recommended that you try it out on a simulator first. The frame is made out of durable materials which are able to resist to multiple crashes. The assembly process is easy to master and the whole package is recommended by the best RC airplanes reviews.

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Revell B17G Flying Fortress


Now this is a bit of a collector’s item which you can get for a very respectful price and then you can build so you can add it to your collection. You will have to carefully put together 148 different parts to get the final result, a 1:48 scale replica of the famous II World War bomber known simply as the Flying Fortress. It even comes with a detailed bomb bay that has bomb doors which open for the extra real touch to an already remarkable replica.

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Estes 4606 Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter


Are you hoping for something really cool to fly around then you have to check out this Quadcopter from Estes which can be afforded by almost anyone. The top rated RC airplanes reviews are very positive when describing its design and its set of features. The Li-Po battery that comes with it will power it for several hours if fully charged so you can have a lot of fun with it. The plastic body is even fitted with LED lights that are helpful especially in low light conditions.

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