What to Consider When Buying One of the Best Rated High Chairs


A high chair is indispensible for parents who want to bring their baby to the table so she can start eating at the same time with the grownups. That pretty much happens once the baby starts eating solid food, and it can remain a good option as she grows, so that parents can see about enjoying their meal, as well. The following buying guide is focused on offering you the best information on what traits are the most important to have in a high chair, along with a top three best rated high chairs you can find at the moment.

A.Best Rated High Chairs


Safety is, as you are most probably well aware of, the most important aspect to look for in any baby product you purchase. In the case of high chairs, the newer models come equipped with certain certifications which tell you that all the safety standards are met. Aspects such a locking mechanism that prevents accidental folding, a harness, and a stable base are all essential for ensuring that your baby will be safe while seated in the high chair. Always aim for the safest models, as babies tend to move around a lot and falling from a high chair can lead to injuries you can easily avoid by getting a reliable, certified model.



As a parent, you may have your own preferences and requirements from a high chair. For instance, if there is little space where the high chair can be placed to bring the baby to the adults’ table, you will have to search for a model that is capable to fold and take very little space. However, if you want a full fledge high chair equipped with everything, you will need to make sure you have enough space. Booster high chairs are also popular because they are able to grow with your child.



Don’t forget that your baby must enjoy the best level of comfort, or otherwise, you will have to deal with plenty of crying and tantrums, instead of enjoying your dinner with the rest of the family. Extra padding and a solid footrest can contribute to the overall comfort and let you have a nice dinner in peace.


What Are the Safest High Chairs in 2022?


What do all the best baby high chairs have in common? Besides the aspects mentioned above, you will also find many various features you will absolutely love in the next popular models that have already managed to win over parents’ hearts everywhere. Picking any of these three will not disappoint you at all.


Graco Blossom 4-in-1


1.Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating SystemThe name says it all. This is not only a high chair, it is a seating system that grows with your baby, so you will practically make a solid investment, if you decide to opt for the Graco Blossom 4-in-1. Dual child seating is available, so you can use the seating system to take care of two kids in the same time. Also, the high chair can be used as a toddler booster, an infant feeding booster, a youth chair and of course, as a regular high chair.

With six different height positions and three reclining options, you will always be able to adjust this high chair so you can feed your baby in optimal conditions.

Among the best rated high chairs on the market, the Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System allows you to accommodate a growing family, and you will be able to welcome both a baby and a toddler at the table in the same time.

The amazing versatility of this seating system makes it such a great value. The removable back seat insert allows you to bring your growing kid to the table, and have him enjoy his meal just like the parents, which will always be a reason for great pride.

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Evenflo Compact Fold


2.Evenflo Compact FoldIf you do not have a lot of space at your disposal, this compact model will surely fit the bill. The Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair is great looking, safe for your kid, and a great addition to the dinner table, once the baby can consume solid food. The tray can be adjusted in three different positions, and such conveniences are important when you need to feed a growing baby.

The 3 point harness is very handy to ensure that your baby will not be able to slip or fall from the high chair. The tray also has a design aimed at providing additional safety, and it can be removed and washed in the dishwasher after each messy meal. The padded seat is also easy to maintain clean and in good working order as you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. The padding can be washed in a washing machine, as well.

When you are done with the high chair, you do not have to keep it around and take necessary space. Because it folds easily, this model can be stored away safely and taken out whenever the need arises. For such conveniences, the Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair is held in high regards by many parents.

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Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo


3.Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZAnother great option for saving space in your kitchen, the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair has a quirky, interesting design that will make your kid love it as much as you do. The frame is made of metal and plastic that are easy to clean, and unlike wooden high chairs, there will be no crevices where food can remain stuck.

Parents always value ease of maintenance, and the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair scores high in this regard. The tray, the seat and the additional padding are easy to wash and to maintain, so your baby will always seat in a clean chair, when at the table. The straps for the safety harness are made of smooth fabric, so you can wipe them, as well, in case they become dirty.

The height and the recline of the chair can be adjusted according to feeding needs. This means that you will be able to keep this high chair in your family for a long time, as your baby grows, because its versatility helps a lot.

Whenever you need to put the high chair away, you will find its folding mechanism easy to use.

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