Top rated Rat Traps in 2018


Almost every household encounters a problem of pest infestation at least once. There are preventive measures that can be done to prevent this kind of problem from becoming worst. However, hired pest control can be quite expensive that’s why people resort to simple tricks such as setting up rat traps around the house. For those who are looking to buy the most effective rat traps with 100% kill rate, here is a list of items we have compiled by evaluating the feedbacks posted by consumers in the best rat trap reviews online.


Havahart X-Small Professional Style One-Door Animal Trap


Best Rat Trap ReviewsRecognized as the best rat trap in 2018, the Havahart X-small professional style one-door animal trap certainly lives up to its reputation. Its sturdy wire-mesh construction and galvanized steel reinforcements make up a reliable rat trap that is resistant to rusting. The gravity-action door is sure to keep the animal locked inside, without any chances of escaping. When transporting the trapped animal, the solid door serves as a guard that protects the user from being bitten or scratched. The Havahart traps are very well-made they are used professionally by animal control officers.

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Raticator Max Infrared Sensing Zapper


The property that makes the Raticator Max rat trap the best rat trap in 2018 and is unavailable to other standard rat trap models is its infrared sensing technology that allows it to catch wild rodents 100% of the time. The infrared sensing zapper works by detecting the rodent’s presence and automatically traps the animal inside for a sure kill. This is actually a patented technology that works well with some innovative electronic features. It is the perfect choice for an effective rodent control.

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Rat Zapper Classic RZC001


As it has been mentioned several times in the best rat trap reviews, more and more people were convinced to try the Rat Zapper classic RZC001 for effective rodent control. It utilizes a smart circuit technology that detects when a rodent gets inside the trap. It then automatically delivers a shock of about 8,000 volts which goes on for 2 minutes. Even with their ability to restart their hearts, rodents won’t be able to survive that kind of shock. This is the reason behind the RZC001’s 100% kill rate, making it one of the most effective rat traps on the market.

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Snap E Rat Trap 6 Pack


Even as the technology for trapping and killing rodents have improved over the years, these pests still fall for the good old snapping rat traps. The Snap E rat trap, aside from being one of the cheapest rat traps on the market, is also a rather effective one. The Snap E has a very durable steel and polystyrene construction. It may be old-fashioned but it is certainly very easy to use. It doesn’t need a lot of setting up. For a non-electronic rat trapping device, it does have a surprisingly high kill rate. There are 6 rat traps included in the package.

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Victor Rat Traps M326 (9Traps) VST010


Because of its effective rat trapping mechanism, the Victor rat traps have established a reputation on the market. It has a wooden base construction, a plastic trigger, and a metal wire snapper that is very sensitive in detecting the pests. The snap wire is very strong it can even break a person’s finger. With that kind of force, it is guaranteed to trap, or at least trip a rodent and keep it locked in the wire until it can be disposed of.

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