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Radar detectors are no longer simple devices which can only save you from getting a ticket. Modern radar detectors offer a lot more in terms of safety and useful information. There are several choices for you to consider which will make the purchasing process quite a handful. We’ve decided to search for the best radar detectors 2019 by browsing through dozens of pages of user feedback. We’ve also analyzed some of the most informative reviews which helped us create a list of products destined to soothe any customer, no matter how demanding he is.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product 360° Protection Price Ku band detention Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Escort Passport 9500ix

YES $$$$ YES Included A+ AMAZON

Valentine One


Escort Passport 8500X50

No $$$ No Included A AMAZON

Whistler Cr90

No $$ No Included B AMAZON

Escort Passport Max

No $$$$$ No Included C AMAZON



Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector


Best radar detectors 2019This kit is all you need while traveling both within and city limits. It does a great job while you are driving in the city and it also provides excellent results while on the road. The voice alarm is one of its best features. It will keep you posted at all times and it will work perfectly with the high resolution display which permanently feeds you information. Escort’s Passport 9500ix is equipped with all the technology you need to avoid trouble. It can save different user settings so as not to reset it every time someone decides to barrow your car or barrow the radar detector.

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Valentine One Radar Detector


Valentine One’s radar detector is one of those gadgets you most often see mounted on the windshields of trucks and vehicles who have a lot of traveling to do. The reason behind that is this device’s ability to detect any kind of threat. It works an all known frequencies and it offers 360 degree protection regardless of the types of laser it has to detect. It comes with a rear radar antenna and it feeds you information on a regular basis. It can indicate how many radars are within reach and it has excellent reception no matter what environment you might be using it in.

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Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector


Considered as one of the best radar detectors 2016, this device will offer 360 degree protection to those who do a lot of traveling. It is affordable, efficient and very well designed. It will provide drivers with accurate information due to its AutoSensitivity Mode which eliminates false alarms. It will process signals coming from several targets at once and it will recognize even the most modern signals which some radar detectors tend to miss. It offers customization options which allow you to change tones, sensitivity display brightness and more. It comes with a blue or red display and it can cover all known frequencies.

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Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector


When on the market for the best radar detector 2019, you should check out Whistler’s CR90. Destined mainly for occasional users who take a trip outside city limits every month or so, this device delivers great value for money. It comes with 6 filter modes so as not to become confused about what signals to pinpoint. It offers clear audio in order to make sure you understand what lies ahead. It can be used just as well on the highway as it can be used within city limits. It can be set to prioritize alerts depending on your driving habits and it can be safely fixed on your dashboard without worrying it will fall off.

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Escort Passport Max


Some say that the Passport Max by Escort is the best radar detector 2019. Even though it is very hard to tell, they are not too far away from the truth. This is a great device which is packed with top end features destined to make your life easier. It is one of the few radar detectors with a multi-color OLED display and intuitive controls. It stands out because of its accuracy and it provides impeccable results each and every time. It will prevent you from ever receiving a ticket it will keep you safe.

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