Radar Detectors – What to Look For:


A radar detector is a driver’s best friend. When you have a radar detector plugged in while you’re driving, you have a better chance of avoiding getting a ticket by the police who are nearby. With so many options available, it may be hard to know which product is the best radar detector for the money.

While we cannot tell you which product is the right one for you, we can tell you some important features that you may want to look for when you are choosing among the top ten radar detectors.


The Mounting Style

To be able to choose the best radar detector, you will want to take into consideration how you are going to use the device. If you have several vehicles that you use on a regular basis, instead of purchasing a detector for each vehicle, you may want to choose a cordless detector. The cordless unit will allow you to take the detector from one car to the next pretty easily. If you plan on leaving the device in one car, you can purchase a corded unit that is usually mounted to your windshield or dashboard. Just be aware that some areas prohibit the use of radar detectors, so you may want to stick to a wireless unit that you can tuck away under your dash.

Choose the Right Band

Speed detecting radars usually operate on three different bandwidths: X-Band, K-Band and Ka Band. Old radar detector models usually can only detect X-band frequencies. This is the oldest form of radar and shares frequencies with all types of other devices. If you have a detector that picks up X-bandwidths, you will want to make sure it has a filtration mechanism that can sort out signals and alert you to police signals.

Modern detectors can detect the K-band radar because it is so common. Be aware that this type of radar is also used by “instant on” systems which attempt to circumvent other radar detectors.

Ka-Band radars are usually only used by automated photo-enforcement systems, but you may want to find a detector that can read all three bandwidth frequencies just to cover all of your bases.


Important Features

There are many different bells and whistles that some radar detectors are made with. Some of them are quite useful such as audible warnings and alerts. These alerts can warn you of possible speed traps without you ever having to take your eyes off the road. Other features include a “city driving mode” which filters out false positives while you are driving through urban areas.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Bands Price Dimensions Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Escort Passport 9500ix

X, K, Ka, and Ku $$$$ 2.9 x 5.4 x 1.4 inch 1 year A AMAZON

Valentine One

X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection $$$$ 6 x 2.5 x 4 inch No B+ AMAZON

Escort RedLine

Full X, K, SuperWide Ka $$$$ 5 x 3 x 1.2 inch 1 year B+ AMAZON

Escort Passport 8500X50

X, K, Ka $$$ 5.3 x 1.2 x 2.8 inch 1 year B AMAZON

Escort Solo S3

X, K, Ka $$$ 5.2 x 2.9 x 1.2 inch 1 year B AMAZON


If you tend to have a lead foot while you are driving, it would be wise to think about purchasing a radar detector. They will be able to save you a lot of money in the long run by alerting you to speed traps and police in the vicinity. No one likes driving down the road and seeing the bright flash of the police pull up behind them!


How to select the best radar detector – Expert buying guide


13A radar detector can be an essential gift to get someone for Christmas who has a lead foot. You may not be aware that there are different detectors and they each have a little something special to offer. We have created this guide to help you figure out which radar detector is the best on the market and help you understand which features to look for.

There are three types of radar detectors available, corded detector, cordless detector, and a remote-mount detector. If your area has made mounting any kind of device to your windshield illegal, you may have to deal with a cordless or remote mounted detector. Corded detectors are usually mounted to your windshield with suction cups and they are known to give users the best results. Cordless detectors are useful if you have multiple cars, say a leisure vehicle and a work vehicle. These types of detectors allow you to move the device between vehicles without installation. Remote-mounted devices are permanently installed into your vehicle and can be hidden from view.

When you are looking for a new radar detector, you want to understand that they work off a frequency bandwidth. Speed detectors operate off X-bands, K-Bands, and Ka-Bands. The oldest type of speed-detecting radars use X-bands, which are low frequencies with narrow bandwidth. If you purchase an X-band detector, make sure it includes a filtering mechanism that allows it to sort out unwanted devices like motion detectors and garage door openers, as these devices use X-bands too and will give you false alerts. K-Bands are predominately used by “instant on” systems that try to circumvent radar detectors. Ka-Band radars are generally used for photo-enforcement systems. We suggest that you choose a device that can read all three of these frequency bands for optimal protection.


Best Radar Detector for Trucks


Cobra XRS-9930 12 Band Radar/Laser Detector


Those who drive across country as their occupation may find that the vigilance of the police range from state to state. It can get pretty tricky sometimes crossing over state lines and the Cobra XRS-9930 Band Radar is considered to be one of the best radar detectors for trucks. This radar detector can detect six different signals, including the Ku wavelength that is primarily used in Europe. The detector is invisible to VG-2 and Spectre detectors, even though it can detect other VG-2 or Spectres that may be in your area.

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Other than radar bands and the type of mount that you can choose for your detector, you can choose some nice features. These features include digital voice alerts that will tell you what your radar has picked up. This helpful feature can be found in affordable radar detectors and is definitely useful because you never have to take your eyes off the road. Some detectors give you extra protection such as VG-2, Specter, and “Instant On” protection. VG-2 and Specter are shielding technologies that let you know when police are using detectors to detect your radar detectors! This is quite useful because some places it is illegal to have radar detectors and the devices that have Stealth protection or Invisible protection will help prevent the police from detecting your devices.


Best Radar Detector for iPhone


Cobra iRadar iRAD-100 Radar Detector for iPhone and iPod Touch


The Cobra iRadar detection system warns you of any radar and laser guns in your area. The 360-degree detection system operates in conjunction with the free mobile app that is available on iTunes. The app will alert you to speed and red-light cameras (speed traps) and intersections that have been considered dangerous. This information is brought to you, thanks to Cobra’s national AURA Camera and Driving Hazard Database. The device works on two modes: city and highway. These modes filter out false signals and when you are on highway mode, it will raise the sensitivity and send you immediate alerts.

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The most popular devices on the market are compatible with smart phones. The way these apps work is by giving you an alert when someone in your area picks up radar location near you. This is a nice feature to have if you live in a highly populated area as it can inform you of where the police are hiding, hoping to catch those who are going above the speed limit.

Whether you want a radar detector for yourself or for someone else, you can find Black Friday deals with these devices available at a decent price. What you spend now could save you hundreds in the future by avoiding those speeding tickets! Just keep these things in mind when shopping, and everything will be fine!


Best Radar Detector for Motorcycles


Adaptive Technologies TPX Radar and Laser Detector System 2.0


Due to the complete electronics overhaul, the TPX version 2.0 is now listed as one of the best radar detectors for motorcycles. The detector features fast-alert-reduction logic, additional band lockout modes, and an enhanced cable connection. You no longer have to try and finagle a regular automobile detector to work with your motorcycle. This detector fits perfectly on any motorcycle without complex wiring jobs. The water-resistant device can be used in the rain so no matter the weather, you will always be notified if there are any police hiding waiting to catch an unsuspecting speed-demon.

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Things to consider:

  • Is it illegal to have anything mounted to your windshield? If so, you may want a cordless or remote-mounted detector, rather than a corded one.
  • Always choose a device that can read all three band frequencies, X-Band, K-Band, and Ka-Band, for optimal protection.
  • What kind of features are important to you? Do you want your device to verbally tell you when a radar is in the area, or do you want notifications sent to your smartphone?


Top rated Radar Detectors reviews


Enjoy good long travels with the loved ones and avoid having your car pictured on the highway. Free of stress driving gets you to the destination fast and without you worrying about paying extra fees. The best radar detector 2022 is small and stable and has high frequency signals that alert you from a distance if radar is on the road, without giving you false alert that make you push the breaks every 5 minutes. These are the main features I came across while reading and comparing reviews about radars.



Escort Passport 9500ix Radar


Best Radar Detector 2022Occasional long distance drivers who like to spend their vacations by exploring the roads, will find this radar simple to use and to install and very reliable once they get the hand of it. Artificial Intelligence will not confuse senses over false alerts and it relies on a very extensive database that alerts the presence of speed cameras, speed traps and much more. Pleasant sound alert accompanied by intense graphing showing will help you take action before paying for the bill. For all its features and the good price, this is one of the best radar detectors 2022.



As the highest rated radar detector from Escort, the Passport 9500ix model efficiently detects all the current bands of speed police scanners and radars (X, K, Ka and Ku) thus making every drive fine-free

Intelligently uses GPS system in order to pinpoint the car location and analyse the upcoming red light or speed camera target zones

Features a bright blue LED display with adjustable levels of brightness which can be read in direct exposure to sunlight or night

Incorporates AutoLearn technology, an artificial system which scans for radar threats and specific frequencies in order to avoid giving out false alarms



The window mount could’ve been decorated with a bit more style but in matters of utility it keeps the radar detector in its place


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Valentine One Radar Detector


Stay tuned as this model comes with multiple radar antennas and offer reliable signals for slowing down in time. Designed to match any car and any style, this little radar will let you know when you are out of danger and will amaze all your friends. One of the best radar detectors 2016 has always been a first choice for long time drivers that have spend most of their working hours on the road. It got even better and now it fits into anyone’s car, regardless of how much of a professional driver is he or she.



For those wondering who makes the best radar detector, Valentine One model is without a trustworthy answer because thousands of drivers already use it with confidence

This high performing radar detector comes equipped with 2 radar antennas for more signal strength and scanning accuracy

Designed with advanced laser technology this radar can efficiently detects law enforcement bands (X, K, Ka and SUPER wideband) for a smoother drive cross-country

It offers 360 degree protection against all the current laser detectors issued by the police



Some installation is needed but the user guide offers proper guidance

The radar’s display shows only one LED for the detected band which can be bothersome for some people


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Escort RedLine Radar Detector


This radar detector keeps itself on the dark preventing radar detector detectors from seeing it. The dual antennae makes you slow down in time. The less technical ones will find it easy to install and move around the car. Surely the best radar detector 2022 gives you confidence of not being caught on the wrong foot while speeding or just using it. Enjoy your vacation and have fun on the road! Leave your worries in high traffic rush hours and ride along the high-way with this professional buddy on your side.



As the best rated product from Escort, the RedLine radar detector provides long range detection thus letting drivers know exactly how long they have until the first police scan

Including K, X, SuperWide Ka band detection this radar detector comes equipped with digital signal processing system which intelligently reduces the number of false alarms

Even though a cheap product in comparison with other models this device uses Beltronics TotalShield RF technology in order to remain undetectable

Features the exclusive Redline 280-LED alphanumeric display that has 5 levels of brightness, viewable from different angles



Benefits from only 1 year of manufacturer warranty

The mount needs adjusting along the way


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Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector


If radar isn’t on your wishing list but you’re ultra-cautious so you wouldn’t risk getting a fee, try an affordable radar detector for special use. Not to be fooled by its low price but to gaze at its 360 degrees laser detection. Fortunately, technology has become accessible to all users. Don’t let yourself defeat by its robust figure, simplicity is the key feature of this device. Once placed on your board you will get used to having it signalize you any possible threat.



The Black Friday deals on radar detector include a professional model from Escort, the Passport 8500×50 known among American drivers for its wide detection range and accuracy

With a sleek design this radar detector can easily detect X-band, K-band and Ka-band, the primary signals emitted by law enforcement speed scanners

Features digital signal processing and the exclusive Traffic sensor Rejection software which intelligently manages false alarms

Due to the sensitivity control modes (Highway, City and Auto) drivers will be able to enjoy calm drives with less worries to speeding tickets



Does not come with voice alerts which some people prefer


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Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector


Elegant, efficient and cordless: this model brings out the best in radar detectors. You can customize accordingly to your driving style and the low-noise sound will keep from getting to nervous. Functioning on batteries, it saves you a lot of energy. Auto program it efficiently and you will have a long lasting radar detector that memorizes your settings and keeps track of your driving. Enjoy the light and portable features of this small one, as you can literally have it anywhere.



Drivers will definitely appreciate this product for Christmas or anniversaries because of the sleek design, cordless profile and capacity to detect X, Ka, K and laser bands without problems

Powered by 2 “AA” batteries this radar detector uses advanced low-noise laser sensors which maintain a long coverage and safely pinpoints the location of police scanners

The Solo S3 radar detector features 9-user customizable features which permits drivers to set settings close to their driving style

It is fitted with a large and bright OLED display that renders information in a clear manner



Does not include the Escort SmartCord (this is an accessory sold separately)

It does not issue a final warning before the batteries are dead


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