Top Rated PTZ Security Cameras in 2019


A PTZ security camera is ideal for indoor or outdoor monitoring. These cameras not only record the general surroundings, but can also be controlled to monitor a specific spot. Zoom in on the cash register, or pan out to have a complete view of a dark alleyway. To help you choose the right model we have put together a review of a few of the top rated PTZ security cameras for 2019.




DVRDeal PTZ Camera


As stated in the best PTZ security camera reviews this model can be used indoors and outside. It features a durable protective casing that is resistant to vandals and can withstand most weather conditions. For your convenience the wall mount is included, and the security camera is incredibly easy to install. The high speed pan and tilt capabilities make this the perfect camera for watching dark alleys, along with vulnerable areas in a store.

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Ranyou CCTV Outdoor Auto Tracking PTZ Camera


There are several reasons why this is the best PTZ security camera for 2019 that include its auto tracking feature that you can control. The camera will automatically record anything in front of the lens, and follow along when it moves. You can set the separate zoom and pan functions, and enjoy the simplicity of the auto infrared setting. With thermostats, fans, and wipers this security camera is ready to record in all weather conditions.

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DbPower Sony Ccd High Speed PTZ Security Dome Camera


According to the best PTZ security camera reviews this is best suited for police stations and other municipal buildings. It features a sturdy weatherproof casing that is also resistant to vandals. The security camera is easy to install, and easy to operate. There are 256 positions that are already set on the camera to make sure every image is recorded, and comes through crystal clear for easy viewing. Featuring amazing zoom and tilt capabilities, it is easy to see why it is a popular favorite among consumers.

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Swann SWPRO-751CAM-US PTZ Camera


Its versatility is why it is considered the best PTZ security camera in 2019, along with being extremely easy to control. You can mount the small camera on the wall or ceiling to make sure that every viewing angle is covered. The professional security camera features a durable casing that make it ideal for use indoors or for monitoring long driveways. The security camera can also be controlled by your smart phone to make it even more convenient for you to use.

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IntelliSecu PTZ Security Dome Camera


Ideal for any type of outdoor monitoring, this PTZ security camera is designed to be durable and weather resistant. It features a sturdy mount, and includes high speed auto focus for sharp and clear images. Able to pan and tilt to see all of the viewing angles, the camera lens also features 10x zoom. See every detail in the recording, and know that you belongings and property is safe and protected. For added weatherproof protection, the security camera is also resistant to lightening.

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