Top rated PS4 games in 2019


With the introduction of Sony PlayStation 4, many people are in a clamor to find the best game that can be played in such console. Some of the choices that have been mentioned in the best PS4 games reviews will be noted below, as well as some of their features that you might possibly like.


What is the best PS4 game – A buying guide


assThe world has been waiting for the release of PlayStation 4, a gaming console that promises to redefine the concept of home gaming entertainment. If you are ready for a major upgrade in your gaming world, then you understand the importance of captivating games that deliver on excitement, sheer fun and challenging levels. There are millions of PlayStation gamers that can barely contain their interest and desire to expand their gaming potency, by adding in the mix new levels of clarity, visually and audio. Adventure, RPG, mystery, racing, strategy or shooting games are on the list of thousands of men and women that love to play on a daily basis in order to relieve stress or simply have fun. How can you determine better which game deserves your attention? Well, in order to properly answer this question you might want to consult some of the present best PS4 games reviews, drafted by pro gamers and game designers.

Some of the best PS4 games in 2019 are waiting for you! Just around the corner they will delight your entertainment expectations and redefine your need for media fun. It is important to have in your attention some games that simply promise something truly special. Every gamer that loves First Person Shooters should learn more things about Battlefield 4, one of the most anticipated games of the year. The action takes place in 2020 where tensions between U.S and Russia spiked in a bloody 6 year conflict. China is also present in the war. The primary character of the game is Sgt. Daniel Recker, a highly skilled member of a tactical op team named Tombstone, which you will control in order to retrieve information about China and Russia. This game offers many campaigns and challenging obstacles to overcome.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Multiplayer Option Price Edition Rated Customer Rating Where to buy

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag

YES $$ Standard Mature A+ AMAZON

Killzone: Shadow Fall

YES $$ Standard Mature B+ AMAZON

NBA 2K14

YES $$ Standard Everyone B AMAZON

Battlefield 4

YES $$ Standard Mature B AMAZON

Call of Duty: Ghosts

YES $$ Standard Mature C+ AMAZON


According to the present best PS4 games reviews it seems that there is a growing interest for Call of Duty: Ghosts, a game which basically needs no introduction. With the help from Raven Software and Neversoft, the guys behind Call of Duty promise a smooth shooting adventure. The action is set in an alternate future timeline, in the Middle East where nuclear warfare has laid waste to the whole world. Now, the South American countries allied together and formed the Federation. You are part of an elite team of Ghosts tasked to conduct various missions behind enemy lines in order to gather secrets and kill opponents.

One of the best PS4 games in 2019 is Killzone: Shadow Fall, which represents the sixth instalment in the First Person shooter, developed by Guerilla Games. You will not be disappointed by this particular game, which promises a hell of a shooting ride. The action takes place 30 years after Killzone 3, in a time of cold war between Vektans and Helghast. You are Lucas Kellan, a special ISA Forces agent, integrant part of Shadow Marshals. One thing is absolutely certain: you will not get bored as the hours pill up and you kill different enemies.


Things to consider:


–          The ultimate game experience waits for you once you purchase PS4

–          There are mystery, adventure, first person shooter, racing especially designed for PS4 gaming console

–          Choose a game that captures your attention and has thousands of satisfied players

–          Don’t overlooked popular or controversial titles



Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag


Best PS4 Games ReviewsWith this PS4 game, you can take on the life of a pirate and explore as many as 50 locations. As you play, you can take on different challenges, which will include hunting for animals, assassinating enemies, looking for treasures, and escaping to secret coves, among others. In the best PS4 games reviews, there were also many people who said that they liked this game basically because of its amazing story, apart from the astounding graphical effects. It will surely provide you with an immersive gaming experience, which will keep you hooked for a long time.



With a fascinating story set in 1715 with pirates and their bloody Caribbean world, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag revolves around a young a brave captain, Edward Kenway which players can control to become the ultimate pirate

Players have the opportunity of discovering 50 unique locations, starting from Kingston and ending with Nassau and completed by underwater shipwrecks and thriving cities

As one of the most popular PS4 games in 2019 this title combines fantasy and adventure in an unprecedented realistic manner

Offers multiplayer experience which allows players to share their adventure with friends



Doesn’t come with a lot of directions and instructions but leaves the door wide open for self-exploration and enthusiastic discoveries


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Killzone: Shadow Fall


As you look for the best PS4 games in 2019, this is another option that will prove to be a popular choice. In this game, you will take over the role of Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan. You have the primary role of maintaining the peace between two camps: Helghast and ISA. This is a tactical game play that can put your strategic mind to the test as you need to be quick in taking actions so you have control of the situation. It is both realistic and tense, which is promising in terms of the gaming experience that it can possibly offer.



The latest instalment of the fan favourite Killzone franchise, Shadow Fall offers players the chance to control Shadow Marshall Lucas Kellan in a world where two important factions, the Vektans and the Helghast, battle for supremacy

Designed to create a breathtaking world with high levels of details and stunning realism, this game is a step forward in player development and graphics clarity

Players will be able to control a new kind of futuristic weapons, from combat drones to high end tactical options

The story behind the game is captivating while the gameplay significantly improves the way players control their character’s movements



Does not include the Online co-op expansion pack (sold separately)

Doesn’t offer cut-scenes option while playing in single mode but players that love a good story will enjoy this aspect


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NBA 2K14


If you love basketball, there is no doubt that this is the perfect PS4 game for you. From the first time that you have played this game, it is sure that you will spend long hours in discovering all the tricks the NBA superstars can do. It brings your favorite NBA players to life. The good thing is that you are provided with the opportunity to control every move that they make in the court. There is also a career playing mode, where you will develop into an NBA star. See how far you can go in a professional basketball league!



For people that truly love basketball this game will definitely offer an amazing experience through the next generation visuals and special gaming functions

As the current most popular PS 4 games reviews underlined, the NBA 2K14 reproduces to the tiniest levels the NBA world, from players characteristics to fan movements and playing fields décor

Powered by Eco-Motion engine the NBA experience offered by this game is unmatched in crowd reactions, player voices or general vibe

The game offers 4 fun ways to build a thrilling and passionate basketball experience: MyTeam, MyGM, MyCareer and NBA Today

“EA have done a marvelous job with the new NBA 2K14. If feels so real when I play it, with all the tricks you can do and all the strategies you can apply. I honestly think it’s one of the best rated PS4 games in 2019 and it’s priced under $25, what more could any gamer want. I know who makes the best video games, EA.” – Michael J. Sherwood


MyCarrer mode requires patience and quite a lot of play time to boost up the players stats but overall that’s part of the basketball experience

The game menu leaves room for improvement but avid players will control it after a game or two


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Battlefield 4


This action blockbuster game is another good choice when it comes to the titles that can make the most out of your PS4. If you like first-person shooting game, this is surely something that you will enjoy playing. If you want to know how to play better in the multiplayer mode, you can try the Boot Camp Mode. This game will allow you to discover the things where you are string at and build on them in order to end up being victorious in the attacks that will be launched. You will be taken into a journey of destruction, while finding pride and joy in winning on your side.



Battlefield 4 from Electronics Arts redefines the concept of game interaction, helping players discover their true potential in a world where the action never stops and opponents keep on firing

Powered by the newly developed Frostbite 3 engine this game offers enhanced visual clarity with realistic details that make the gaming experience believable and fun

Players have the possibility of controlling air, sea and land combat vehicles which significantly increase the mayhem factor

Offers multiplayer mode with a dramatic character development right in the heart of truly intense battlefields



Presents along the way minimal bugs but no more than other games in this category

The story behind single mode is pretty short but intense and captivating


“I don’t care which PS4 games is the best in 2019, but I do know for certain that Battlefied 4 is a massive game. I can’t stop playing the game online, battling other opponents. I give it a 9/10 rating and I definitely sure it’s one of the top 10 games money can buy.” – Sam A. Smith

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Call of Duty: Ghosts


This is another option that has been given favorable remarks in the top rated PS4 games reviews. If you are a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, this is one game that should not be missed. It is an addition to what has been considered by many as a legend when it comes to video gaming. Whether you are playing on your own or with group of friends, you will surely be able to enjoy this game. One of the things that many people liked is that you can play in Squads mode. With such, you can build a team of 6 people and take n the various challenges of the game.



The latest chapter in the Call of Duty world, Ghosts combines a dynamic perspective on war with a stronger sense of duty, carefully set in a continuous survival race

The game offers Single Player Campaign, Multiplayer, Squads and Extinction modes with their own thrilling particularities

Players have the opportunity of evolving from a soldier to a true commander while controlling different types of weapons in exciting terrains (dynamic maps with interactive elements)

In the special Squads mode, players can built their own team of 6 and take them into a never-ending slaughter



Some weapons that are not fully balanced but they still offer a real kick


“I recommend this PS4 game to other serious gamers because it’s absolutely amazing. I can’t get enough of it. Whether you find it for a Christmas or Black Friday discount or at it’s normal price, you should not pass on the opportunity to buy it.” – Andrew Robertson

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