Top rated projection screens in 2018


If you are currently thinking of buying a new projection screen, the rest of this article can prove to be worth reading. The products that will be mentioned below have been given high ratings in the best projection screens reviews, which can provide you with the assurance of their ability to deliver the highest level of satisfaction.


Elite Screens Electric 100H Electric Projection Screen


Best Projection Screens ReviewsWith the use of this projection screen, you will surely be able to have a more immersive viewing experience in your very own entertainment room at home. For many people, as it has been expressed in the top rated projection screens reviews, one thing that makes this an exceptional choice is the MaxWhite Screen. This is not only durable, but known for its ability to reflect crisp images. Even if you are viewing at a 160-degree angle, you will surely be able to see the images clearly. Lastly, it is a good thing that it comes with an IR remote that makes it easy to control the screen.

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Epson Duet 80-inch Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen


This projection screen has a patent-pending design, which is basically the one responsible for making it a snap to setup. Without requiring too much effort and time, it can be ready in no time. When it is time to have it taken down, it can be also stored with ease. More so, as highlighted in the best projection screens reviews, this is also a good choice because it comes with a wall bracket, making it possible to have such mounted on the wall. The latter is the best thing to do if you are constrained in terms of the amount of space that is available.

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Elite Screens M120UWH2 Manual Series Projection Screen


This product will provide you with an exceptional projection screen in the absence of having to spend too much. The screen has been especially designed for the purpose of maximizing your viewing experience from whatever angle you are watching. It also has an automatic locking mechanism that will allow you to adjust the desired height in a snap. Another thing that you can enjoy from this projection screen is that it has the ability to eliminate light penetration. This leads into superior color reproduction, making the images come to life.

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Epson ES1000 Ultra Portable Tabletop Projection Screen


The most significant reason on why it is being considered by many as one of the best projection screens in 2018 is the fact that it is portable. This is perfect for corporate presentations, even if your meetings are held outside of the office. It weighs only 8.8 pounds, making it effortless to carry. In fact, the sleek profile of this unit makes it easily fitted on airplane compartments. It has an innovative one-piece design. When opened, it can fit perfect on the tabletop. With this, you no longer have to worry about making winning presentations even outside of your corporate headquarters.

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Sky Enterprise USA Manual Projection Screen


This product is designed with 166-inch diagonal viewing screen. It offers plenty of available space to see your favorite movie or to show your presentations during business meetings. For many people, one of the reasons on why they are satisfied with this model is because of the fact that the screen is easy to clean. You simply need to wipe it with water and the dirt can be already removed. This shows that it is effortless to maintain the best quality of the projection screen, even if it is used for a long period of time.

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