Things to Consider When Trying to Buy a Top Printing Calculator


If you’re looking for one of the top rated printing calculators of 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you make up your mind about what you need to look for in such a product. Remember, reading some info on what you intend on buying means additional savings. To choose a model that satisfies your needs, make sure to also check out the best printing calculator reviews.

Functions and colors

Printing calculators are basically desktop calculators that are generally utilized for accounting purposes. Most people make use of these devices during tax seasons. Some of these products are capable of performing advanced tasks, such as printing percentage values and even specific graphs.

Some users might require printing calculators to have enough memory to store important numbers or figures.

As for colors, the majority of printing calculators out there can either print with black and white or with black and red. Black is traditionally used for additions, whereas red is used for subtractions.


Replacement supplies

When it comes to spending money on supplies, users technically like to set up budgets. But what will you spend your bucks on? It really depends on the type of printing calculator you end up choosing. Some come with batteries, while others have AC adapters. Ribbons, ink cartridges and paper rolls need to be periodically replaced.

One of the most important features of the best printing calculator 2022 is the standard size. This means that you’ll be able to buy replacement supplies from anywhere. The replacement paper of standard-sized calculators is normally cheaper than the one used in special models.


Speed and noise level

Speed largely depends on the model you end up picking. Some models are slower and are capable of printing only 3.5 lines/second, whereas faster, professional models can print up to 45 lines/second. Accountants and finance professionals predominantly choose faster models.

If you intend to use your printing calculator on a regular basis, it’s recommended that you get one with a lower noise level.



Cheaper models of printing calculators can usually be bought for less than $50, whereas professional products can often times cost up to $100.


Top Rated Printing Calculators in 2022


If you want to get the best printing calculator in 2022, our advice to you is to perform a thorough research. After we’ve done our homework on the topic, we can honestly declare that the following three models are among the best ones on the current market. Our conclusion is also based on the best printing calculator reviews that we’ve found.


Canon MP11DX


The Canon brand has a long history of manufacturing calculators, printing calculators and other electronic devices, including photo cameras. This device comes with a clock and calendar function, and much more. It features a decent speed of printing, with 3.7 lines per second.

The model also comes with 12 digits that can practically be used for any type of calculation. As for the display, you won’t have any trouble reading the figures with this one, considering the fact that it comes with a fluorescent display.

As we were saying in the buying guide, there are basically two types of printing colors when it comes to these devices. The Canon MP11DX prints in black and red, which is useful because you’ll be able to accurately see subtractions.

The model has received some of the best printing calculator reviews, considering the fact that more than 60 users gave it a 5-star rating. Buyers claim that the keys it comes with are easy to read, and that the figures on the paper are easily distinguishable. There are many people out there that state that it’s among the most comfortable printing calculators to use.

It seems that the only noteworthy complaint of buyers is that the instruction manual is a bit hard to read.Printing

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Sharp EL-1801V


With a 12-digit blue fluorescent display and a lot of desirable functions, this Sharp model is also a must-have for anyone doing his or her taxes. Although it is portable, it only comes with AC operation. When compared with the aforementioned Canon, it is a bit slower, considering the fact that it can print only 2.1 lines per second. It does feature the same two colors as the previously described item, black and red.

The Sharp EL-1801V is also among the easiest printing calculators to use. Calculation functions can be changed with a single touch. For overly enthusiastic finance geeks, it even features advanced keys, for establishing the cost, sell, margin, the grand total and the average of any calculation.

The great thing about this one is that it comes in a standard size, which means that users won’t be forced to spend a lot on supplies. Calculator plain papers can be bought in packs of 3 for as little as $7.

As is the case of the Canon model, the Sharp one has also received some of the best printing calculator reviews. With more than 81 5-star ratings, it would be difficult to ignore this model when browsing for printing calculator alternatives.

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Casio FR-2650TM


One of the most amazing things about this Casio model is its display. It is as large as it can be, so you’ll be able to read the numbers with no effort whatsoever. It comes with an average speed of printing, of 3.0 lines per second. It also prints in two colors, red and black. As for the size of the printed numbers, you will not have to go through the hassle of trying to understand them, what with the product featuring large print.

No one is perfect, not even accountants. That is why this Casio device comes with a Backspace key, making sure you don’t get to print out errors and have the much needed opportunity to correct what you’ve just typed.

Moreover, the model comes with a variety of keys, including the desirable cost/sell/margin ones and the +/- switch ones.

Let’s have a look at what buyers had to say about the item. Some individuals emphasize the fact that it’s perfect for speedy typists, whereas others claim that they like the large printed numbers. Even retired accountants are big fans of the Casio FR-2650TM, and they’re known to be more picky than regular users.

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