Best Pressure Washers under $150


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When it comes to cleaning your lawn and the side-ways, nothing can get your job done without the Pressure Washers. But, these are quite large and pricey products which is why we’ve prepared this review in order to find out the best pressure washers under $150 which has the most durability.


AR AR383 Pressure Washer


Best Pressure Washers under $150

This is one of the top rated and most effective products from the best AR pressure washers reviews. It is 27 pounds in weight and it has the dimensions of 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5 inches. This is a very compact design and it features cold water electric pressure washer. It’s made of cooper, plastic and aluminum. It has adjustable jet nozzle and high horse-power. The maximum pressure can be applied as 1,900 PSI. The Maximum volume can be contained 1.5 GPM.

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“I wasn’t easy deciding on a pressure washer but finally I went for the AR AR383 and after I used it in different scenarios, like my car for instance, I was very pleased with its capabilities. The price is also accessible and my advice is to get it if you have the chance.” John Coleman


AR AR118 Pressure Washer


It has lower PSI level than the previous one. It has 1,500 PSI as well as 1.50 GPM. There’re 3 axial piston pumps which are wobble-plate. The plungers are good as they’re tempered with stainless steel. It has 20-feet hose as well as 30-feet power cord for longer power connectivity. It also has adjustable spray head, high pressure hose and detergent tank with water filter and detergent injector kit. This small and compact product prices $80-85 and it’s quite affordable.

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“I got this pressure washer for a very low price and I find it to be very reliable for every situation I have had to clean so far. It is made out of qulaity plastic and stainless steel which proves to me that it is durable as well and I have made a long term investment.” Tom Allbright


AR AR240 Pressure Washer


This is another great product on our list of best pressure washers under $150 from AR or Annovi Reverberi which has been manufacturing these products since 50 years. This is quite lighter product than their previous models and it weighs just 21 pounds with the dimensions of 11.2 x 12.2 x 18 inches. This product features longer-lasting induction motor, spray head which can adjusted fully, 3 axial wobble plate pump, detergent tank, high pressure hose and detergent injecting tank.

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“My friend recommended me this pressure washer and I went and took his advice. A couple of months into using it I have had no problem with it and every task I set it to do, it does to perfection. It is not very heavy and I easily carry it from one part of my yard to the other.” Ben Mullins


AR AR112 Pressure Washer


This is another great product from AR manufacturers. This pressure washer has 1,600 PSI as well as 1.58 GPM. It also has automatic safety valve which shuts off at the pump head. It offers three axial-piston plungers made of steel and tempered stainless steel plungers. It also provides 30-feet power cord for longer connectivity and 20-feet hose. Like the previous products, it has detergent tank, adjustable spray head, and high pressure hose with detergent injector kit.

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“The AR AR112 pressure washer was my choice to clean properly my car and not only. I recommend it as a really reliable device to clean different things. The hose is very long also the power cord has 30 feet so I have a big amount of mobility.” 


Campbell PW1835 Pressure Washer


This is the most powerful pressure washer in our list which has 1800 PSI and 1.5 GPM output with instant start or stop feature. It also provides a swivel hose adaptor. When the trigger of this washer is not engaged, it will be automatically stopped. The detergent tank can withhold 1.5 liters of water solution. For efficient cleaning of the patio furniture, cars, siding and driveway, this product might be your best partner in cleaning out all the wastes. We hope you’ve been helped by our review of best pressure washers under $150 and let us know about your opinion.

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“Having this professional pressure washer is a real great advantage and now I can clean properly things which I couldn’t before. I also got it because it was very cheap for a washer with these characteristics. And what is most important to me is that my driveway looks extra clean now.” Will Gergory