Best pressure washer reviews


Top rated pressure washers in 2019 


When you have to clean the backyard of your homes you need the job done perfectly. For this reason you can use the best pressure washer reviews, where you will find functional and helpful products to clean away all the dust and unwanted debris from the backyard making it look neat and perfect.


Simpson PowerShot PS4240S pressure washer


Best pressure washer reviews

The Simpson GX390 model comes embedded with advanced and reliable features which are used for fast and easy cleaning due to a particular system that keeps the pressure steady so as to achieve high levels of efficiency. Moreover, it is equipped with a 4.200 gas engine, pistons made of ceramic, triplex designs and an adjustable unloader that ensure its functionality, and a valve that is especially designed so as to let heat escape, thus protecting the device from any unwanted issues and also keep the water pressure on desired levels. What is more, the model’s mobility is greatly assisted by the 13-inch pneumatic tires with which we can move the machine easily.

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We have the Simpson PowerShot PS4240S 4.200 Honda GX390 commercial gas powered heavy duty pressure washer which I sued in cleaning my backyard. This product is easy to use and lightweight. The product is essential for me because I always want my yard to be clean.”  Teresa Lyons


Power Boss 020309 pressure washer


All the reviews of the Boss 020309 presser washer underline its effectiveness and the professionalism, as it comes with an overall comfy design and a hard-duty structure, which makes it perfect for any cleaning project and terrain that require accuracy, like driveways, decks and garages. Moreover, it is embedded with 4 sprays with fast connection, 1 gallon of detergent and a hose of 25 feet long that is more than enough to get the job done fast and easy. No big areas can prove to be hard to clean, once you have got your hands on the Power Boss pressure washer.

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The product is fashionable and outstanding because it has the best characteristics and features I never seen form other pressure washer. This product is easy to control. I also set up the Power Boss 020309 3.000 PSI 2.5 GPM 187cc Honda GC190 gas powered pressure washer easily.”  Luis Reid


AR North America Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer


R383 is a very efficient cold water washer that uses electric pressure and has a construction of copper, plastic and aluminum. It comes with a solid engine of 14 amperes that operates with 1.900 pounds per square inch and 1 ½ gallons per minute. Moreover, it has a tri-axial pistol pump featuring the Annovi Reverbi Triplex system, which makes the R383 perfect for cleaning your driveways, cars, decks, garage doors, and motors easily and very quickly. On top of that, it grants complete control over to its users, due to its Total Stop feature that also enables users to acquire an accurate and thorough cleaning activity.

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The AR North America Blue Clean AR383 1.900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp electric pressure washer with hose reel has a very stylish design which I like the most. I can place it anywhere in the backyard because I the product is really fashionable and professional to look at.”  Simon Cunningham


Simpson MSV2623-S pressure washer


The Simpson MSV2623S model comes with GCV160 Honda engine with profound power that helps fortify the water pressure during the device is on. Moreover, this pressure washer is designed with a handy and modern structure and comes with a comfy spray gun, which helps in cleaning larger surfaces fast and efficiently while allowing its users to have a worry-free experience. On top of that, it has an uploader system that has a specially designed valve that ensures thermal relief and a tube where the detergent is entered that will get you better cleaning functions. No wonder that it has been given positive reviews from the people who have experienced working with this machine in their backyards and in the decks.

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The Simpson MSV2623-S Megashot 2.600 PSI Honda GCV160 premium gas powered heavy duty pressure washer is the best cleaning device I have at home. This product is affordable that’s why it can be afforded by all. It is heavy duty yet lightweight so I have the convenience using it.”  Moises Cornwell


Karcher K 5.540 X-Series pressure washer


Karcher is a dominant brand in all the best pressure washer reviews on the internet and the K 5.540 X-Series model is a fine demonstrator of the brand’s great effectiveness and professionalism. It provides users with comfort and ease when performing any cleaning task, due to its unique motor that is water-cooled and responsible for keeping advanced levels of performance. Moreover, it can be attached with the DirtBlaster spray and give out a doubled force and accuracy, which will eventually result to a faster and easier cleaning, while its Vario Power spray will help you keep the optimal pressure in desired levels, without having any complications of any kind.

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I have the ease in doing my cleaning task because of the good performance the Karcher K 5.540 X-Series 2000-PSI 1.4-GPM electric pressure washer with 25-foot hose and hose reel is doing. My cleaning activity was optimized since the product has the features which make the cleaning easier.” Aundrea Burroughs