Best pressure cookers under $50


Cheap pressure cookers prices


Pressure cookers cook faster than more traditional cooking methods.  They also keep food from drying out, and save both time and money over other methods.  We reviewed many pressure cookers for quality, ease of use and affordability and have come up with a list of 5 of the best pressure cookers under $50.


Presto 01282 pressure cooker


Best pressure cookers under $50

You can cook faster after you read our best Presto pressure cookers reviews, so you can save your time and effort. By combining items into one convenient pot, you enhance the flavors and prepare your whole meal faster.  This pressure cooker has a regulator built-in to maintain the correct cooking pressure mechanically.   You can tenderize meat more quickly whatever the cut or type.  You can even make custards for dessert in just minutes!  Whatever your meal or dish preference this pressure cooker is a modern play on a classic cooking style.

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“So that my kitchen has everything it needs I was searching for a quality pressure cooker. I settled for the awsome Presto 01282 and now I just can cook meals in the right way a whole lot faster than before. This is a great thing to have around the kithcen.” Jennifer Thomas


Presto 01264 pressure cooker


The Presto 6-quart pressure cooker is made of heavy-gauge aluminum for long-lasting durability and quick even heating.  The pressure regulator helps assure that the proper cooking temperature is maintained throughout.  It also comes with a cooling rack and recipe book to help get you started on your way to saving time in the kitchen by cooking faster than even a microwave for some foods.  It also will help with saving money in your budget by making even less expensive cuts of meat taste better by absorbing extra flavor and tenderizing as it cooks.

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“This pressure cooker has the capacity, the features and the quality to help me make the best meals in the quickest time and with the best taste. I doesn’t even cost that much and from my point of view my cooking capacities got a whole better after I bought it.” Anne Madsen


Handy Gourmet pressure cooker


The microwave pressure cooker by Handy Gourmet is just a wonderful twist on this traditional way of cooking.  It sure isn’t your Grandma’s pressure cooker!  It holds 2 ½ quarts and fits into most any microwave.  Handy Gourmet has combined the speed of both pressure cooking and microwaving to produce an ultra-quick dinner preparation time.  Now you can have healthy hearty meals in just minutes.   Best of all, clean-up is simple as this item is dishwasher safe.  This just had to make our best pressure cookers under $50 list!  It is great.

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“The extra large capacity was the deciding factor which made me buy this pressure cooker, because I have a large family and I have to cook a lot to get their appetite satisfied. It is dishwasher safe as well so no effort from my part goes into cleaning it.” Rachel Nills


Futura by Hawkins pressure cooker


The Futura is another great product in our list.  It is surface is non-corroding which makes it longer lasting than most.  It also has a stay-cool handle for convenience and safety.  In the broad field of pressure cookers, the Futura is a top-of-the-line product at a great price point. Its black color and sleek lines make it an attractive addition to our list and it is designed to last.  For traditional cooking with a modern look and feel – you just can’t beat the Futura.

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“For me this modern looking pressure cooker does the trick when it comes to cooking a quality meal and fast. I am very pleased with the results of me cooking with it and my family as well. I recommend it because it is cheap and reliable.” Andrea Goss


Presto 01365 pressure cooker


Rounding out our list of best pressure cookers under $50 is the third Presto product to make the list.  This one is the 6-quart Stainless Deluxe model.  It is sturdy stainless steel and is can be fully immersed.  It is also dishwasher safe to add convenience to the growing list of pluses.  The base is made of a coating of aluminum flanked by two sheets of steel and the best thing is that it comes with 12-year limited warranty. For a limited time, purchasing this particular item will include a $5 donation to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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“The excellent dishes I cook with this pressure cooker from Presto make me recommend it for other kitchens around the US. The capacity is big so I cook enough for everyone and also I like that it is dishwasher safe, saving me the trouble of cleaning it.” Dorothy Scott