Top rated Power towers in 2019


There thousands of men and women that want to look great and invest a lot of their time in developing body strength through exercises. This is why it comes as no surprise to see a growing interest in power towers, created by fitness specialists to offer a stable support for exercises like push-ups, pull-ups or chin-ups. Since there are so many types of power towers available on the market discovering the right product can take some time without proper assistance. We tested over 35 top rated power tower models in order to determine which one should be yours. After 60 hours of tests we drafted the best Power tower reviews on five special products presented below.


Adidas Power Tower


Best Power tower reviewsWhen it comes to quality sporting gear and equipment Adidas always managed to release impressive products. This is also the case with the ADI10260 Power Tower, designed to help people enhance physical stamina through proper exercise. With this unique and highly efficient exercise equipment anyone can benefit from proper positioning for a wide range of exercises like chin-ups, vertical knee raises, push-ups and even pull-ups. It is made of heavy-gauge steel with special ergonomic foam and vinyl padding for extra comfort. As so many satisfied customers pointed out this model from Adidas is perfect for sessions of bodyweight training.

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XMark Fitness XM-4434 Power Tower with Dip Station


The current best Power tower reviews underline the sublime efficiency of the XM-4434 from XMark Fitness. This stunning exercise tool is perfect for people that want to look great! So call it a strength builder dream came true while others consider it to be an ultra-efficient support for a wide range of exercises. This power tower is backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty! Furthermore it includes special chin up and pull up bar cuts ideal to use while working out our upper back and arm muscle groups. The power tower has on all bars special non-slip rubber which significantly diminishes hand slippage.

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Weider Power Tower


Out of the many power tower models available on the market Weider WEBE99712 is a great addition to any home gym. Regarded by many fitness specialists as the best Power tower in 2019, this model is perfect for people that want to perform different physical exercises in the comfort of their home. It can be used for pull and push-ups. The power tower includes 4 stations delivering an impressive total-body workout. Early and intermediate level strength builders can effortlessly use this exercise device! The model is great for building chest, triceps and also shoulder muscles. It also features unique sewn vinyl cushions for added comfort during each exercise.

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Stamina 1690 Power Tower


There are thousands of serious fitness enthusiasts in the U.S. that want to use a professional power tower for challenging exercises. We recommend the 1690 power tower from Stamina, a unique exercise device which can be used to strengthen the body. As the best Power tower in 2019 this model is built of durable steel for enhanced support during various exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups and sit-ups. This power tower can help anyone enjoy total body development! The fitness device improves general physical stamina. It weighs only 54 pounds which makes transportation from one place to another a breeze!

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Apex Deluxe Power Tower


It is very important to have access to a high quality exercise device! For people that want to strengthen their body muscle groups Apex has the ideal solution: the TC-3502 deluxe power tower. This powerful exercise device is perfect for a wide range of exercises, helping users go from one major muscle group to the next. Considered a top rated Power tower in 2019 this model from Apex has a special chin-up bar which can be used for different hand position grips. Furthermore the power tower measures around 41 x 55 x 87 inches. This model is backed by an exclusive 2-year warranty!

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