Top rated power tools in 2019


In order to be able to do any home improvement task a man needs a solid tool that he can rely on and help him finish the job quickly and professionally. That is the reason why the best power tool reviews are the perfect place to look for one.


Dewalt DCK655X 6 tool combo kit


Best power tool reviewsNever again have advanced and innovative features reached such high levels, than with the Dewalt DCK655X XPR model. It forms the perfect tool combo for any construction demand, regardless of its hardship level. In the standard tool kit one can find a durable hammer drill that comes cordless, a circular saw with a carbide-tipped blade of 6.5 inches, a reciprocating saw, an impact driver with torque of 1.330 inch-pounds, a cut-off tool and a floodlight, all running at 18 Volts. Given all the particularities, it is no wonder why it considered one of the best combo kits of its kind.

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The Dewalt DCK655X 18-volt XRP 6 tool combo kit with impact driver is a reliable power tool I used in order to maintain the beauty of my home. I always want to have this power tools at home so that I can have the ease in making any home improvements any time I want. ” Richard Garvey


Dewalt DC970K-2 drill/driver kit


If you are reaching out for perfection and completion of any drilling job in a professional manner, then the Dewalt DC970K will be just the right tool in your hands. It comes handy and small sized, so it is suitable even for situations where there is little space left to work and also its lightweight design enables you to have a more comfortable use of the drill while working, thus reducing any strenuous effort to use it. Moreover, it has a powerful 380-watt motor that operates with a rate of 0-450/0-1.500 revolutions per minute and a 2-speed feature, which enable the user to reach high levels of precision.

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I have the ease on using the Dewalt DC970K-2 18-volt drill/driver kit in any of my works. I don’t have the hassle of experiencing fatigue and muscle strains because the power tool is light in weight. I can also bring it anywhere I want to I don’t have difficulties at all.”  Evelyn Evans


Dewalt DC725KA cordless compact hammer


The Dewalt DC725KA is a worthy representative of all qualitative and hard-duty hammer drills that are released in the market up to present. It grants its users with high accuracy levels and a professional-like operation, due to its 410-watt motor. In addition, it runs exceptionally with dual speed capacity, one of 1-500/0-1.700 revolutions per minute and one of 0-8.500/0-29.000 revolutions per minute, which make it perfect for any task that requires high performance levels. What is more, its compact construction enables users to have the advantage over any condition that has a tight working space, while its lightweight (only 4.9 pounds) frees the user from any hard effort to use it.

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The Dewalt DC725KA 18-volt cordless compact hammer drill/driver gave me the ease in working. This product was made for people who work in small area. It is durable and steady so I can use the product for several years. I have the product for almost 3 years now.”  Wendy Enriquez


Dewalt DC4CKITA 4-tool combo kit


When high performance levels, durability and solid construction are at stake, then the Dewalt DC4CKITA combo model can be the best choice for anyone in need of a complete construction tool kit.  It comes with a powerful 410-watt motor that allows its users to work at full speed, eliminating any worries. The basic kit comes with a DC720 solid drill/driver of half an inch, a circular DCS392 saw of 6.5 inches, a reciprocating DW938 saw and a DW flashlight with pivoted head. All in all, it is a reliable combo kit with solid tools that will not betray any user when using them.

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The durability of the  Dewalt DC4CKITA 18-volt compact cordless 4-tool combo kit is the one I like the most about the product. It has a good speed which makes me work faster and better. I can make the work easier. I gave 5 stars to this product.”  Thomas Keller


Dewalt Bare-tool DCS370B cordless band saw


The best power tool reviews this year have come up with a product that can ensure efficiency at any hard-duty construction task. It couldn’t be otherwise, though, since all Dewalt tools are high qualitative and reliable. The Bare-tool DCS370B model comes on strong with a cutting capacity of half an inch and is fully capable of cutting a SHC 40 pipe of up to 2 inches. Additionally, it keeps ergonomics and precision in high levels and perfectly balanced, thus allowing its users to experience a more pleasurable cutting procedure. On top of that, it also comes with longer blade life span due to its adjustable blade tracking feature.

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I work perfectly with the Dewalt Bare-tool DCS370B 18-volt cordless band saw. This one provides accuracy in the field. I love working with this gadget because it is portable and easy to sue. It has buttons which are easy to manipulate and to control.”  Shamika Long