Expert tips to help you pick the right Power Tiller:


Tilling the soil does not have to involve getting on your hands and knees and struggling with the old tools of the trade: hoes, shovels and spades. Nowadays, any gardener can simply check out the best power tiller reviews to get a machine that does the hard part of gardening: loosening or pulverizing the soil for aeration prior to planting.

If you plan to have a neat row of poinsettias for Christmas, a power tiller is always a great investment to make.

These best rated gardening machines are used in place of their smaller counterparts, cultivators. Tillers can be front-tined, mid-tined or rear-tined. Front-tine units are ideal for stirring up soil that is slightly loose. They are powerful and big enough to tackle larger jobs than cultivators. A front-tine tiller would be perfect if it has adjustable tine width to enable better performance no matter how the condition of the soil is.

Rear-tine tillers are able to pulverize compact and hard soils. They are built with large, rugged tires that offer stability while working through soils of varying states. They can be forward/ standard rotating, dual-rotating or counter-rotating machines. These machines prove themselves most reliable for simplifying soil preparation before it is planted to various floras. Hard clay soils are never a problem.

Tilling ground that is 5 inches deep or less can be done with a standard rotating rear-tine tiller. Counter-rotating tillers combine the forward pull of the wheels to tackle compact soil. Dual rotating units offer the versatility of both standard rotating and counter-rotating machines.

Rear-tine types of power tillers have become the most popular products for many gardeners. The large treads on their heavy-duty tires offer ideal traction in cultivated or muddy soil. Their ability to transfer power to the wheels from their engine is perfect for large jobs in construction, gardening and landscaping. Tough soil, sod and large gardens are made short work of with a rear-tine tiller whose transmission is aggressive, whether reverse or forward speed, which allows safe backing up for re-tilling areas. Multiple forward speeds are a nice touch, giving the gardener freedom to choose their pace.

An adjustable drag bar running behind the unit allows the gardener to set a consistent depth, depending on the gardening job. A counterweight keeps the machine balanced while tilling, eliminating jerking.


Check out Black Friday deals on a power tiller that is lightweight, fast and even fun to use. A light machine does not have frames that can get in the way while working organic matter into the soil. However, the size of the machine has to be appropriate for the gardener’s size, as well. You wouldn’t want to use a machine that’s too big for you, in as much as you wouldn’t be caught with a unit that’s overly small. Make sure the power tiller will not fail under your direction and manipulation.

Ensure that the machine has responsive starting and an engine that is powerful enough for your specific needs. Engine power and tilling width should be exactly what you want for your gardening requirements.  The best power tiller 2018 will have all the elements presented above.


Things to consider:

  • A size or mass that is a perfect fit for the gardener, since it is the gardener who has to control the machine and not the opposite
  • Responsive starting from a powerful  motor that is perfect for the type of job and the condition of the soil, to facilitate full performance and reliability of the machine
  • Safety features including a drag bar and counterweight, to keep gardening safe and fun
  • Good transmission to make gardening work easy and less of a chore


Top rated Power Tillers in 2018


Husqvarna DRT900H Rear-Tine Dual-Rotating Tiller


Best Power Tiller ReviewsThe Husqvarna DRT900H Rear-Tine Dual-Rotating Tiller offers a 17-inch tilling width to enable quick completion of soil cultivation. It has a powerful Honda 160cc Engine to enable tackling of the toughest gardening jobs in less time and with optimized use of fuel. An easy-adjust drag bar ensures safety while the machine is being used, providing balance in different working conditions. A counterweight increases weight on the wheels, which ensures balance and provides safe and sturdy operation. This is a rear-tine tiller that boasts of high performance to handle deep and even hard soils. Optimized grip is obtained thanks to drive wheels with heavy tread tires. Due to its forward and reverse gear, users can enjoy easy operation from the recognized best power tiller 2018.

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Earthquake 12802 MC440 Mini Cultivator


This machine offers efficient starting and stopping from behind the handlebars, eliminating the necessity to bend over. It has superior air filter design that ensures that engine-damaging dirt is kept outside of the engine and stays in the garden. The Earthquake 12802 MC440 has a unique handle bar design and configuration that ensures improved maneuverability, minimal bouncing and better digging. Tilling in a wide variety of soil conditions is never a problem thanks to the machine’s variable speed control. The serious gardener is given the freedom to optimize either aggressive digging or cultivating thanks to the removable tines that can be reversed for alternating between jobs. One can do weeding, soil aeration or working in fertilizer using this machine. It has a small, lightweight design that makes the machine easy to transport and maneuver.

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Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator


The Earthwise TC70001 is an electric tiller/ cultivator with 11 inches cutting width to handle soil pulverization efficiently. It has a 120 volt, 60 hertz and 8.5-ampere motor that powers the dual 4-blade steel tines to do their work of getting the soil ready for planting. The machine offers 8.5 inches of cutting depth to sufficiently aerate the soil and enable deep penetration when working organic matter in. The machine shuts down when the handle is released, ensuring safe operation while gardening. Since it’s electric, the Earthwise TC70001 will not release irritating fumes while in operation.  Even during hours of tilling sod, the product is able to maintain speed, which has earned it raves in the best power tiller reviews.  The wheels are designed to flip out of the way when one has to go deep, and flip down when one needs to scratch the surface just a couple of inches.

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Mantis 7225-00-02 Gas-Powered Tiller/ Cultivator


Ideal for tilling and creating new gardens in raised beds, narrow rows or along fences, the Mantis 7225-00-02 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Tiller/ Cultivator boasts of durable tines that handle a variety of soil conditions. Its powerful engine is easy to control, with a small compact design. The two-cycle, commercial-grade engine is outfitted with a dependable push-button primer to offer responsive starting. The tines will not move till the throttle is squeezed, ensuring safe and problem-free use. The patented serpentine tines spin powerfully at up to 240 RPM, which enables them to easily break through sod and hard clay. The tines are able to till down to a depth of 10 inches, which makes it easy to maintain the garden. Folding handle bars enable easy and convenient storage.

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Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller-Joe Electric Tiller/Cultivator


The powerful 9-amp motor drives the Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller-Joe Electric Tiller/Cultivator’s 6 Steel blade tines to go deep and aerate the soil or enable easy working in of fertilizer for optimum plant growth. The generous 18-Inch cultivating width combines with the maximum 7-inch cultivating depth to enable easy completion of cultivating jobs and consistently efficient performance. The wheels allow easy transportability. The folding handle enables easy storage while taking up less space. This machine facilitates effective planting thanks to its ability to quickly and easily loosen the dirt. It is able to cut through the roughest terrain with ease. The tilling depth is adjustable, enabling the gardener to set it to the desired level for customized tilling. The machine is great at tilling hard soil and working with garden soil.

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