Best power amplifiers under $150


Cheap power amplifiers prices


The basic function about power amplifiers is that they take an input signal and increase its amplitude to many times higher to get the desired audio output without losing frequency or audio quality. Here, we’ll take the best power amplifiers under $150 if you’re planning to buy amplifiers recently and this review will help you out through the process.


AudioSource AMP100 power amplifier


Best power amplifiers under $150

You’ll get 2years warranty with this power amplifier and it features 2-channel 100-watt power supply which means each channel will feature 50 watt power. It’s really great for 6.1 or 7.1 channel system which works like a rear-channel amplifier and it is ideal to work as a 2nd zone amplifier.  The multi-room amplification can be selected by A/B speaker. This amplifier has the dimension of 16.5 x 2.9 x 9.25 inches and it provides you with 2-years of warranty.

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“ I want to have at home the best audio system possible and for this reason I bought the AudioSource AMP100 power amplifier. The boost my system gets can really be felt and I am very happy with the audio quality and volume now that I have it installed.” Sam Sidwell


Pyramid PR2500/SEA2500 power amplifier


This is a cheap amplifier from Pyramid. It features a power on/off switch with the capability of notifying things with LED indicator. It also sports a Microphone Input Jack as well as microphone level Control. It features bass/midrange/loudness/treble/ balance controls and also a master volume controller. The weight of the product is 7 pounds and it provides a 1year warranty for you. It has the dimensions of 20.4 x 11.3 x 4.5 inches and it is priced at $60-70 which is one of the cheapest amplifiers on our list.

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“This power amplifier has a very affordable price range, it is very easy to install and manage, plus the effect it has on my sound system is priceless. The LED indicator shows me everything I need to know about the device’s status, making me in complete control of the sound.” Rick Powell


Pyle Home PT3300 power amplifier


This powerful amplifier from the best Pyle power amplifiers reviews has the maximum peak power of 3000 watt with 1 RCA dedicated output line for recording. It also features rack-mount brackets. It weighs almost 15.4 lbs and it has A/B speaker selector. It sports 2 microphone input jacks with 3U height with remote control. It also provides Master volume controls with LED coloring blue. The dimensions are 19 x 5.1 x 12.1 inches and it has a Heavy-Duty cooling Fan. It looks solid and it performs very good sound quality. It costs $120- $130 and it’s one of the best products on our list of.

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“I didn’t just buy the first power amplifier I saw, I studied many different models and after careful consideration I bought  the Pyle Home PT3300. After using it in my home all this time I realized I made a hell of a choice, my favorite music never sounded better.” Mike Walters


Pyle Pro PTA1400 power amplifier


Pyle Pro is quite great and it’s a professional Power Amplifier. It has many pro-quality features like 2 channel power amplifier which can be bridged together and it’s the best products on our list of the best power amplifiers under $150. It also sports 1400 watts power. Per channel provides 700 watts of power. The input cable is Cannon XLR Cable and the output cable is 0.25-inch Jack Inputs Speakon as well as Binding post outputs. There are two speedy cooling fan and it lets you know overloading and protection performance using indicators. There are two options for switching your voltage either to 110 or 220 volts.

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“Because I wanted to up the sound quality in my home so I could really listen in the best possible way to my favorite tracks, I invested in this Pyle Pro power amplifier. Now when I throw a party the music really is heard by me and my guests.” Dan Nicholson


Crown XLS1000 power amplifier


If you’re looking for a high quality, premium build amplifier which weighs low, then this one is your answer. It features 1100 watts power at 4 ohms bridged connections. It delivers very high performance and it weighs less than 11lbs. For gaining better performance and controlling power, it sports Integrated PureBand (TM) Crossover System. The PeakX ™ Limiters are providing maximum output but they protect your speakers from out bursting the sounds. There is voltage variability available. It provides 3-years warranty. We hope you’ve been benefitted by our review on the best power amplifiers under $150.

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“After having some experince in using this amplifier, because I have it in my home, I can’t say that it is missing anything. The sound volume of my sound system is a lot higher, the sound quality hasn’t dropped and I manage to throw better parties with louder music with my friends.” Luke Cleverly