Top rated chainsaws from Poulan Pro


If you are looking for the best chainsaws under $100, you might want to consider spending a couple more dollars to enjoy better quality. The products that will be mentioned below may prove to be slightly more expensive, but they are sure to be better than the cheap ones that you will currently find in the marketplace.


Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw


Best Poulan Pro ChainsawAmong others, the DuraLife Engine is perhaps one of the best things about this product. As the name suggests, it simply means that you can expect such to have a longer functional life than most of the models that you will be confronted with. Aside from its engine, it is also excellent in terms of convenience. One feature that makes such possible is the pull start mechanism, which is as effortless as it gets. It also produces less vibration, allowing reduction in fatigue that can be experienced when the unit is used.

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“For my work, Poulan Pro PP5020AV is exactly what I needed. I don’t have any trouble cutting through any type of wood and this leads me to believe it’s the best Poulan Pro chainsaw 2019. For a very affordable price I got a state-of-the-art chainsaw.” – Frederick P. Fredrick


Poulan PLN1514 Chainsaw


If you are looking for the best Poulan Pro chainsaw, this is another choice that can be given consideration. However, because of its small size, keep in mind that this is ideal only for small tasks. It has a compact design that makes it lightweight, and hence, easy to carry. In spite of being lightweight, it has a powerful 8 amp motor to tackle small jobs. For sure, when you use this chainsaw, you will find it easier to be working, and more importantly, less effort will be needed.

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“I have been using this chainsaw for almost a year and I’m more than pleased with its performance level. I like the fact that it’s not heavy and this allows me to use it for an extended period of time without my arms getting tired. It deserves a five star rating.” – Willie Mitchell


Poulan P3314 Chainsaw


In order to prolong the life of the chainsaw, one of the essentials would be protecting the air filter. With such, this product will surely prove to be a nice choice. It has Super Clean Air Filter System, which will basically give you the guarantee that the filter will be working for long. Another good thing about this product is the primer bulb, which will allow you to start it with ease. Lastly, it has auto-oiling system to provide the lubrication that is needed as it cuts.

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“The best Poulan Pro chainsaw reviews were all recommending this model because of its reliability and durability. Using it extensively for different tasks has led me to agree with the reviews and in turn I have to recommend this top notch chainsaw.” – Charlie C. Shepherd


Poulan P4018WT Chainsaw


One of the reasons on why many people consider this to be the best Poulan pro chainsaw is the assertion that it is durable. It can last for years, in the absence of having to require heavy maintenance on your part. With such, you will be assured of being able to get the best value for every dollar spent. Like the earlier mentioned model, it also has an innovative feature that provides protection to the air filter and extending its life.

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“I didn’t have to pay a great deal to get this chainsaw from Poulan and for my needs, it has proven to be a great asset. The chainsaw hasn’t let me down so far and from what I’ve read in customer reports it should last me for years. I consider it to be a top chainsaw!” – James Grandison


Poulan P3816 Chainsaw


Equipped with 38cc engine, this model promises to provide you with the sufficient amount of power that will be needed for the cutting job that needs to be done. In addition, this is also considered by many people to be excellent because of the automatic oiling capability, which means that you have to exert less effort in its lubrication and in being able to maintain its best possible quality. Lastly, this model has an easy starting mechanism that makes it a breeze to use.

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“While it’s not the newest or the biggest chainsaw on the market, I still recommend this model because I have had it for over a year and it has performed to high standards always. All types of wood can be cut by it easily and the best thing about it is it’s cheap price.” – Jonathon W. Campos