A Useful Buying Guide on Postal Scales:


The most reliable postal scales can make mailing efficient and affordable for your business, saving you money spent on overpaying for postage. A postal scale can be directly connected to a larger mailing system, or work as a standalone unit. To help you find the best postal scale for 2022 we have created this informative buying guide.


Easy to Use

According to the best postal scale reviews the machine should be easy to use. Some features to look for include keypads that have larger buttons, and screens that show the prompts clearly. The best models will be intuitive, and seamlessly fit into the office workflow. An additional feature to consider is a remote control as it allows the user more freedom of movement while operating the device.


Weight Limit

When you are trying to decide which model is the best it is important to look at the postage scale’s weight limit. Almost all models can weigh letters and packages that weigh up to two pounds, but if your business regularly handles heavier parcels than you will want to look for a larger scale. Some options to consider are scales that let you manually enter the package’s weight, and others that will save the information if the screen is obscured by the size of the parcel.


Compare Different Postage Rates

One of the most efficient and economical features on a postal scale, is the ability to compare the different mailing rates. The most popular models include the current shipping prices for standard and first class mail from the U.S. Postal Service.

Other models also include the shipping rates for FedEx, UPS, and other carriers The more advanced scales  are even able to provide information about the current mailing rate for registered and certified mail. A convenient feature you might want to consider is the ability to update the scale’s current postal rates directly from the internet as it can save your business time and money.

A postal scale is an affordable way to save money and make your workplace mailing system more efficient. With a model that is easy to use, you can send out all of your letters and packages without spending money on unnecessary extra postage.


Things to consider:

  • As stated in the best postal scale reviews the most important aspect to consider is ease of operation. The buttons should be easy to find, and the screen clearly visible.
  • Almost all postage scales can handle packages up to 2 pounds, but you will want to consider the model’s weight capacity if you frequently ship larger parcels.
  • A scale that can compare the different postage rates can help you find the least expensive method of mailing your packages.


Top Rated Postal Scales in 2022


There are several efficient and affordable postal scales to choose from, and the best model for you will depend on the type of mailing you need to do. No matter which unit you choose, you will be able to save your business time and money.


American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale


Best Postal Scale ReviewsConsidered the best postal scale in 2022, it features a weighing capacity up to 55 pounds. It is perfect for handling heavier packages, and the LED screen is clearly visible for easy reading. The convenient holding feature will store the package’s weight until you are ready to print the postage. The portable scale can run off of two double AA batteries or it can be powered through the included adapter which works with a regular power socket. It is the perfect postal scale for handling small volumes of mail at work, or in your home business office.

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Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale A-ST85C


There are four reading modes on this larger scale that is capable of handling packages up to 85 pounds. The precise readings ensure that you do not waste money paying for extra postage, and the automatic power shutoff helps to prolong the life of the unit. A convenient hold feature saves the weight until you are ready, and is especially helpful for weighing larger packages. There is also the advantage of large, easy to find buttons, and the scale also features the latest in calibration technology. Accurately weigh every package, and see what a difference it can make in your mailing expenses.

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Smart Weigh PL11B Professional Digital Kitchen and Postal Scale


Considered one of the best rated models, this digital scale can weigh everything from letters and packages to fresh produce. It is extremely durable and precise, and has a slim design that looks professional in any setting. It can weigh items up to 11 pounds, and features a large display screen that is easy to read. You will love that it includes several different units of measurements, and includes sensors for accurate readings. As an added bonus, the scale also comes with an automatic shutoff to help preserve battery life and prevent overheating.

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LW Measurements LLC Small Postal Scale SPS75


Included among the top 10 postal scales for medium packages, it has a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds. It can be seamlessly integrated into any office mailing system, and features an easy to use and intuitive design. The screen is clearly displayed, and the unit also includes large buttons. There is a backlight to make reading package weight easier, and the hold feature will store all of your selected data. Ship all of your parcels faster and more efficiently, while saving your business money on mailing fees.

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Weighmax Postal Shipping Scale (W-2822-50-Black)


You can choose between four different units of measurement, and the postal scale is also extremely easy to operate. It has a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds, which is ideal for businesses that frequently mail smaller packages. The lightweight scale can be used anywhere, and is easily portable. Because it can be powered by either batteries or by simply using a normal power socket, you can always, you can always stay on top off your mailing duties. The large buttons are easy to find, and the machine will also power itself off when it is not being used. It is ideal for use in your home office, or to make your business’s mailing system more efficient and cost effective.

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