Best Portable Document Scanner Reviews


Top rated Portable Document Scanners in 2017


A couple of days ago, I was reading the best portable document scanner reviews to find the best option within the product category. Given the multiplicity of the choices that I have seen, I cannot instantly make a decision. With such, I have also consulted the opinions of experts to help me make a good decision.


Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Instant PDF


 Best Portable Document Scanner ReviewsWith this product, you will be able to enjoy two-sided multi-page scanning. This is a good thing because it automatically recognizes two sides of the documents. More so, the best portable document scanner reviews have also noted that it is a good choice because of the inclusion of scanning software that can prove to be useful for various tasks and various operating systems. This also offers direct connection to various cloud services, such as in the case of Google Docs and Evernote. This will make it easy for you to access the documents that you need in various locations.

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Canon imageFORMULA P-215 Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner


For many people who considered this as the best choice for the best portable document scanner in 2017, this is a good option because of the wide variety of applications where you can use such. With its versatility, you can expect that it can provide the best value for money. One software that is included is Presto! BizCard, which will allow you to extract useful information from business cards as they are scanned. It is created with the impacts of the environment in mind, such as through the fact that it consumes minimal energy and being part of the Canon Generation Green Program.

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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 CLR 600DPI USB Mobile Scanner


The compact profile of this model makes it worthy of being included in the list of the best portable document scanner in 2017. In the case of some models within the product category, they can prove to be functional only for standard paper. This model, on the other hand, can be functional even in the case of cards that are made from thick plastic. In terms of speed, you can also expect nothing but the best from this model. It comes with fast button touch scanning, which will allow you to be finished in as quickly as 7.5 seconds.

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Brother DS-600 DSMobile Scanner


In the possibilities when it comes to the top rated portable document scanner in 2017, this is one product that deserves your attention. With height of just 1.5 inches, depth of 2 inches, length of 11 inches, and weight of just 12.2 ounces, you can be confident that it is portable. It is also unrivalled when it comes to versatility. You will be able to scan various materials and all sizes. It is also comes with software packages that will prove to be functional for various purposes. In terms of the output, you can also expect nothing but the best at 600 dpi.

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Epson B11B206201 WorkForce DS-30 Portable Document Scanner


As you try to search for the best option that is available in the marketplace, brand name is one of the most important factors that should be taken into account. With such, there is good reason to believe that this will be a good choice because it is made by Epson, which happens to be one of the most trusted brands in the marketplace. The text enhancement feature of this model is one more thing that you will enjoy, which will allow you to improve accuracy. In the same way, it also has color enhancement feature to make better outputs.

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