In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best portable chargers? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best portable chargers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures and overall value for the money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Anker® Astro E5 proved to be the absolute best. Its amazing capacity of 15000mAh makes this model a great choice for cell phones and tablets, and you will feel hard pressed to find a mobile device this charger cannot handle with ease. Simultaneous charging is its second great advantage, so, if you are away on a trip and you need to keep all your devices charged, you will find it really easy with this handy external battery pack. Last, but not least, this model is compact and great looking for a charger this powerful, which is why it came on top of any other similar models. In case you cannot find the Anker® Astro E5 because it is out of stock, you can opt for the Jackery Bar, a solid second choice.



Comparison Table


Product Compatibility Price Capacity Single/Dual USB Customer Rating Where to buy

Anker Astro E5

iPad Air, iPhone, Samsung and more $$$ 15000mAh Dual A++ AMAZON

Jackery Bar Premium

Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and more $$$ 5600mAh Single A AMAZON

Anker Astro Mini

HTC, iPhone, Nokia and more $$ 3000mAh Single B+ AMAZON

EasyAcc Brilliant

Samsung, Motorola, Tablets and more $$ 5000mAh Single B+ AMAZON

Poweradd Pilot X1

Video Consoles, iPod and more $$ 5200mAh Single B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Everyone hates when the smartphone or tablet battery runs out of power. Such situations are frustrating and can bother people that need to place calls or access the internet. Fortunately the market offers quick and efficient solutions: portable chargers. If you are currently looking for a reliable portable charger, this is the right time to find one. These devices are highly appreciated by people who travel a lot. Most of the current portable charger models represent essential accessories worth having around during trips. The wide array of products available for purchase makes it pretty frustrating for some people to discover the right model. As a result, you have to access professional information on the subject. Once you know what to look for in a portable charger, you will be able to invest in a reliable model.


We took the liberty of reading the best portable charger reviews and user testimonials in order to discover what makes them great. In our research on the most popular portable charger models we managed to see exactly what makes them work. Today’s portable chargers come in different shapes and sizes, reflecting in the price range. When it comes to commodity and utility, you need a lightweight charger, easy to carry around. A rechargeable battery is measured in mAh, which you have to take into account while browsing for a new model. For example, an iPhone 5 is powered by a 1.440 mAh cell. On this logic alone, you need a portable charger with at least the same capacity of the smartphone or tablet. According to recent statistics it seems you ought to consider a powerful charger with an 8000 mAh capacity. This is more than enough to power up the required mobile devices.


Finding the best portable charger for the money can be pretty tricky, given the multitude of products out there. If the portable charger has a high capacity, you will be able to safely power up tablets and smartphones. Still, you need to take into account that heavier battery chargers cost more. As it goes with most electrical purchases, price is a serious factor to take into account. You can go around high prices simply by waiting for Black Friday deals on top products. In this day, you will be able to invest in powerful chargers without spending too much money. Who makes the best product?  There are many answers to this question, given peoples past experiences with different models. This is where user testimonials come in handy, offering you the chance to see exactly what each product has to offer.

Choosing a portable charger for Christmas is without a doubt great gift for business individuals. Still, a good portable charger will definitely give people the chance to always have their smartphones and tablets with full power. If you are connected with mobile entertainment then opting for portable charger seems like the right move to make.


Things to consider:

–         Powerful battery charging capabilities, so you can keep your portable devices fully charged

–         Exclusive manufacturer warranty which comes in handy in the event of technical malfunctions

–         8.000 mAh battery capacity that matches the needs of standard mobile devices

–         User-friendly interfaces, which permit you to safely connect and charge smartphones and tablets without problems



Top rated portable chargers in 2021


Today’s digital world covers every aspect of people’s lives. Always connected to the internet via smartphones, notebooks or tablets, men and women are properly informed on their favourite things. Yet, having an active connection to the internet takes a lot of power out of mobile devices which usually makes people search for a reliable portable charger. These devices are in high demand right now because they are light and trustworthy. For those that want to distinguish good models from the dull ones, we drafted the best portable charger reviews on five high-end products. These portable chargers responded very well to our quality tests and can help anyone power up different types of mobile devices.



Anker Astro E5


One of the most respected brands in the charging segment of electronics is Anker. From this brand people can choose without reservations the Astro E5 charger, designed to power up any type of tablet, smartphone or notebook. Regarded by thousands of satisfied customers as the best portable charger in 2021, this model has smooth ebony finish which gives people the opportunity of keeping their devices charged in style. It has 4 status LEDs which display the charger’s remaining capacity. In addition, this powerful charger uses one of the world’s most compact external battery capacity: 15000mAh. It includes dual USB ports which permits simultaneous charging operations.



What is the best portable charger? Most of the current reviews that we consulted underline the efficiency of the Astro E5 from Anker, a device with an impressive capacity of 15000 mAh

This unit can be used to safely charge an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPad 3 and 4 within a short period of time, irrespective of people’s location

The portable charger comes with a super-fast charge output with 2 dual USB ports, capable of helping people simultaneously charge different devices

Due to the high density battery cells and capacity of 15000 mAh capacity, this unit is one of the most powerful chargers out there



Does not come with Apple or Samsung pin adapters (sold separately)

Requires an initial full charge for proper results


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Jackery Bar Premium


There are some portable chargers that impress with every charging operation. One of the best portable charger in 2021 is Jackery Bar Premium, a product used by thousands of Americans to charge their smartphones and tablets. As one of the world’s smallest portable charger, this model is compact and can fit easily in any pocket. It is the ideal companion during long trips which require frequent charging of mobile devices. The charger comes with an impressive power capacity of 5600mAh. For example: people can use it in order to power up Samsung Galaxy S4 with two full charges of iPhone 5S with 4!



Regarded by many as the best portable charger under $200, the Bar Premium from Jackery is a high capacity battery pack which makes it great for powering up smartphones, tablets and even notebooks

Packing an impressive capacity of 6000 mAh this rechargeable battery is fitted with a 2.1A output, ideal to connect with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models or iPads

This thin external battery charger can easily fit in people’s pockets or small bags, providing instant power access when needed

It features a high end Samsung A Li-ion polymer cell which securely use 4 layers of protected circuit to render power to other devices



Does not come with AC adapter (sold separately)

The basic package doesn’t include an USB adapter (this is an accessory sold separately)


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EasyAcc Classic


1.EasyAcc Classic

If you are looking for a great charger for iPhone, you cannot go wrong with the EasyAcc Classic. Portable and easy to carry around due to its compact design, this charger is a recommended choice.





The large capacity of this charger stands at 15000mAh, which is enough for recharging your iPhone 5 up to 9 times, or for recharging your iPad mini 2 twice.

Because it comes with two USB ports, it allows you to charge two smartphones at the same time, which can really come in handy, when you are traveling with friends.

Its compact size makes it extremely portable, and because it can easily fit in a pocket or a bag, you will not feel like it takes too much space among your other belongings.

The model is compatible with any device with 5V input, which means you can use it for smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth devices and Google Glass.



One of the drawbacks of this otherwise reliable portable charger is that it takes quite a while to charge itself, so make sure it is charged well in advance of any trip you might have planned.

Also, the USB cable that comes with it is not of the best quality.


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Anker Astro Mini


Most of the current best portable charger reviews underline the efficiency of Anker Astro Mini. Very popular in the U.S. and Canada, this charger has a compact design and easily fits in bags or pockets. It can be used to add a full charge to an iPhone 5/4/4S/3G or 3GS. The charger works very well with other types of smartphones but provides a fairly limited amount of power. The Astro Mini has a flashlight shape which delivers power any time without attracting attention. It was designed with Samsung grade A cells and advanced microchips which ensure high quality charges.



For people trying to find a trustworthy answer to the question “which product is the best” we recommend the Astro Mini from Anker, an ultra-compact portable charger that can be used to easily charge smartphones and tablets

This portable charger is equipped with PowerlQ technology which significantly optimizes compatibility with Apple and Android operated devices

Due to its 3200 mAh capacity the unit can be used to add 7 hours of extra talk time to a standard iPhone 5s

It comes with a sleek aluminum profile and weighs only 2.7 oz, which makes this charger ideal to carry around



Does not come with Apple adapter (this is an accessory sold separately)


Buy from for ($19.45)




EasyAcc Brilliant


Who doesn’t want to have around a powerful charger during long business trips? Well, most of the latest top portable charger reviews emphasize on the smooth functionality of EasyAcc Brilliant Power Bank. This device was a unique and elegant design which stands out in any crowd. Subtle and with slim contour, this portable charger can be stored in pockets or bags with no problems. It has an impressive 5000mAh power capacity which is more than enough to power up different types of smartphones from iPhones to Samsung models. Due to the 5V 1.5A output this device will deliver fast charging to any mobile device!



Present among the top ten portable charger models available for purchase today, the Ultra slim Power Bank from EasyAcc represents a great addition to people that are always on the move

Even though a relatively cheap product, this rechargeable battery comes with an impressive capacity of 5000 mAh, more than enough to charge iPhone 5/4/4S or Samsung S4 or S3

It is fitted with a standard DC 5V 1.5A power output which efficiently directs the charging process at high speeds

The portable charger features and exclusive power lock technology which makes it able to remain in standby mode for up to 6 months



Does not come with AC charger (this unit is sold separately)

The basic package includes only 1 20 cm USB charging cable (spare one sold separately)


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Poweradd Pilot X1


There are many portable chargers available on the market but few can rival Poweradd Pilot X1. This stunning device has a compact and slim design. It impresses through its elegant lines and lightweight format of only 5oz. People can store this powerful charger in pockets or bags! The portable charger was designed using Samsung Grade A cells and also high quality microchips which maintain extra safety during each charge. It has an impressive battery capacity of 5200mAh with a fast charging speed. This portable external battery can perform more than 500 recharging operations on different types of mobile devices.



The highest rated portable charger from Poweradd, the Pilot X1 model could be used to safely charge mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 or S2 and Apple iPhone or iPad versions

Due to its lightweight and compact design this unit can easily fit in people’s pockets and backs

This new product is fitted with a power capacity of 5200 mAh, more than enough to swiftly charge other devices without any problems whatsoever

It features a useful LED display which people can use in order to determine just how much charging power is available for use



Requires an initial full charge to operate


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