As a versatile, all-in-one stereo system, the best boombox lets you take your music everywhere. Integrating the power of regular home speakers with the ingenious portability of an MP3 player, your boombox enables you to infuse any setting with relaxing background music, or with some wicked thumping beats. A boombox is a portable means of injecting passion and spirit into any undertaking.

Some models let you plug in your CD or MP3 player, or maybe even a cassette, so you can enjoy your music collection and listen to some really awesome sounds. Buying a boombox requires a decent amount of research so you can get the best there is.

What to look for when buying a portable CD player boombox?


Boombox Type

Your CD and cassette tape collection can get a new lease on life with the best portable CD player boombox. A perfect alternative to more expensive digital music file conversion, this type of equipment lets you play CDR/RW formatted discs. A nifty feature would be a multi-CD changer.

One with a docking station lets you enjoy your music library stored in your smartphone or MP3 player without need of headphones. The docking station can double as a charging cradle, for extended listening. Make sure the docking station has compatibility for your mobile device.

Wireless boomboxes connect to other devices via Bluetooth or Wifi. Satellite radio types have a docking station geared for a satellite radio. Kids’ boomboxes come in child-friendly designs and colors.


Speakers and Connectivity

Speakers on the boombox should give you a wide range of tone plus sufficient watt rating fit for any setting. Models with three-way speakers let you maximize the individual sections of your music, from high, medium to low range. Separate bass settings enhance the unit’s functionality.

Auxiliary inputs allow convenient device hookups. Headphone jacks and other outputs let you enjoy the unit’s dynamic sound delivery. An extra set of speakers connected through wire, WiFi or Bluetooth offers device connectivity.



A boombox with AM/FM tuner lets you listen to your favorite radio stations. The tuner can be digital (one-touch) or manual (knob or dial). Presets let you save your favorite radio stations in the system’s memory, for fast and convenient tuning. With track programming, you can make playlists or program the system to play only the ones you like. A CD changer enables loading of multiple disks at a time, and lets you switch from one CD to another.

A remote control enables operation from a distance. Some models let you use your smartphone as the remote controller. Skip protection enables uninterrupted listening by correcting a shaking or moving CD player.


Top Rated Portable CD Player Boomboxes in 2021


Jensen CD-490 Sport


Great sound delivery, great looks, great price. What more can you ask for when you have the best boombox under 200? The Jensen CD-490 Sport Stereo CD Player features a top loading CD player that lets you enjoy your favorite music on your CDs. Convenient to use, the boombox won’t have you fumbling on the controls, as everything is accessible via a simple turn of the knob for volume adjustment and tuning, or with a press of the button for B and F Skip, to Play/Pause or Stop, Program, and Repeat.

Plug into the AUX IN and Phones ports, depending on whether you want to enjoy a more private listening experience via headphones, or to enjoy sounds from your MP3 player, portable music player, with a speaker or amplifier, or from your computer. The boombox is CD-R/RW compatible, so you can have a variety of media sources to enjoy your sounds with. The LED CD Track Display lets you view the track that is currently playing.

This compact boombox offers a good range of volume. It can be placed on a small counter, thanks to its space-saving size. The foldable carrying handle and light weight enable hassle-free portability. The telescopic antenna lets you catch signals from your favorite radio stations.

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Memorex Portable CD


You want the best CD player boombox? Look no further, for the Memorex Portable CD Boombox is designed to be that and more. Letting you enjoy your favorite tunes, the Memorex AM/FM CD Boombox enables you to tune in to your favorite radio stations and listen to your favorite radio programs or just to catch what’s playing on the airwaves. Never miss a beat with the CD functionality of this audio device, which lets you enjoy rocking out to full stereo audio.

The Memorex CD Boombox even lets you play your favorite CD tracks in the sequence you prefer, so you can choose to listen to mellow music one moment then go all out with thumping beats the next. For connection to any digital music player with a headphone jack, you have the universal line-in jack at your disposal. This gives you freedom to access your playlists and maximize your listening experience.

This portable boombox runs on either AC power or 6 C-size batteries, so you can bring your sounds anywhere. Listen to books on CDs. Or connect to an MP3 player using a cable via the AUX IN port, for an even larger music selection. At 3.7 pounds, this boombox is super portable and lightweight.

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Sylvania SRCD261-Black


Want your children to enjoy their CDs? The Sylvania Portable CD Boombox lets you achieve that goal, and also enjoy listening to your own brand of music. This incredible boombox offers a unique listening experience. It is very easy to operate, thanks to the bright two-digit LED display that lets you know what track is playing. In addition, the top loading CD mechanism simplifies operations so you won’t have to go crazy figuring out how to position CDs properly.

The Sylvania Portable CD Boombox comes with AC/DC operations so it can either stay tethered to an electrical outlet via a power cord for longer listening experience, or be fitted with batteries for extreme listening portability. Enjoy full and awesome sound, whether at home or on the beach, while out with your best buddies or just working on that new recipe in the kitchen.

The Sylvania Portable CD Boombox lets you connect to your portable device via the AUX IN so you can enjoy a wider selection of music sources from which to pick out your sounds. Listen to what’s playing on your favorite radio stations with the built-in AM/FM Radio Tuner. Enjoy all the music and sounds you want with this awesome audio device!

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