Top rated Portable Bluetooth Speakers in 2022


Cheap. Easy. Not completely Apple-oriented. After having interviewed many serious audiophiles, those are the common qualities that have come up as essential. And that’s not just for real users themselves, but from the best portable bluetooth speakers reviews that I have gone over both online and off. I had to do clash-and-bang work to find the bestselling ones that actual buyers really loved. From there, I basically had to winnow out those that were just “noise makers” and those that really counted. And now, without much ado, I present to you the top five among all those Bluetooth speaker models. Ta-daah!


Get the best speakers in 2022


It seems that more and more Americans want a reliable Bluetooth speaker in their homes. Due to their sleek design and portable music streaming capabilities, such speakers have taken the musical industry by storm. Still, it is not surprising given people’s appetite for wireless devices and freedom from the “dreaded” power outlet. The days of the corded units are long gone. If you are looking for the best portable bluetooth speakers for the money, this buying guide will definitely help. There are a couple of things to take into consideration while shopping for a new product. As you soon will discover, the market’s offer grows with each passing month. This is what makes the quest for portable speakers so exciting and daunting in the same time.

We took the liberty of going through the best rated products in order to accurately determine what makes them great. Since there are so many Bluetooth options out there, access to professional information significantly narrows the selection process. The first thing that you have to do is consider what your audio needs are. Are you looking for a speaker that is plain and easy to carry around during various outdoor activities? Or are you trying to set a thriving audio experience in different rooms without worrying about pesky wires. Today’s market on Bluetooth speakers comes with models in various shapes and sizes. Taking into account that people have different takes on style even in musical instruments, manufacturers released pretty amazing products. There are contemporary and futuristic designs that make some Bluetooth models ideal for streaming music. What are the best products? Well, at the end of this guide you will know how to identify the right product for your audio needs.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Color Single/Pair Our Rating Where to buy

JBL Flip Wireless

6.3 x 2.4 x 2.4 inch $$$ Black Single A+ AMAZON

AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

7.3 x 2.4 x 2.8 inch $$$ Black Single A AMAZON

Photive CYREN Wireless

6 x 1.8 x 2 inch $$ Black Single A AMAZON

JBL Micro Wireless Bluetooth

2 x 4.1 x 6.5 inch $$ Black Single B+ AMAZON

Cambridge Soundworks’ The Oontz Angle

5.3 x 3 x 2.7 inch $$ Black Single B+ AMAZON



Price is a serious factor to take into account while browsing for a new product. We studied the current affordable portable bluetooth speakers in order to help people discover the ideal model. Setting a thriving audio experience starts with a reliable audio device, connectable with smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth speakers improved a lot in the last couple of years. Manufacturers have put a lot of emphasis on sound clarity. This is what makes some of the current top portable Bluetooth devices so popular among music lovers. A good model needs to stream high quality sounds without the presence of distortion. If you’ve spotted a powerful speaker system that costs too much, don’t worry. Simply wait for Black Friday deals on top products and see if it is among them. In this particular day prices are lowered down to match any budget.

As so many people pointed out, portable speakers represent a great alternative to standard audio systems. You should consider looking for portable bluetooth speakers for Christmas day since carols will definitely fill thousands of American homes. You need a reliable audio device that can stream quality sounds. Songs, talk shows and FM radios become your daily companion wherever you are. Furthermore the current top rated Bluetooth products can be linked to smartphones and tablets without problems. As a result these devices can act as an intuitive interface to quality musical experiences. One thing is certain with the right Bluetooth speakers you will be able to stream songs or whatever you like without breaking a sweat. This is probably why today these audio devices are so popular!


Things to consider:

–          Compatibility with other portable devices, so that you can connect the speakers with smartphones, notebooks and tablets

–          Shape and design which needs to match your distinct personal style

–          Rechargeable batteries that enhance the speakers capacity to stream quality music

–          Quality construction so you can use the speakers outside without problems



JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers ReviewsFor users who take sound quality seriously, getting a Bluetooth speaker might seem a tad like stepping down. But with the JBL flip, which has air space in the best portable bluetooth speakers reviews, that has all changed. This product lets you hear the booming bass from your tablet, laptop, smartphone and other mobile device content. The built-in Li-ion battery can let you have music enjoyment for up to five hours of playback. The portable and versatile design will fit a kitchen counter as nicely as your vehicle’s dashboard. You can even take calls via Skype, Face Time or other communications platforms using the built-in microphone.



Present among the top10 Bluetooth speakers, the Flip Wireless model from JBL represents a great addition in homes that love music and movies, rendered in clear sounds

The Bluetooth speakers come with built-in bass port and an advance digital signal processing system which maintains the overall sound quality high

As one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 this set is fitted with a built-in microphone and special call-answer button, for fast control over the whole audio process

Powered by Li-ion rechargeable battery and with a highly portable design, this audio device can be used to render clear music whenever people want



Can be used for 3 to 4 hours to stream music on a single charge which some users consider not so much

Does not come with an USB port


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AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Connect to your wireless device in a jiffy with this bring-anywhere audio gadget from Amazon Basics. Having it connected to your phone lets you use it as a speaker phone for those all-important calls you need to take. Your Bluetooth-enabled device can be as far away from this product as 30 feet or ten meters, and you can still have access to music content. You will love this addition to the best portable Bluetooth speakers in 2022! Charge it once and enjoy up to 8 hours of playback time! This neat speaker has two internal speakers, with peak output of 3 watts.



Who makes the best product? According to our data, it seems that music lovers can safely opt for the Portable Bluetooth speakers from AmazonBasics, a model equipped with a durable battery that can last up to 8 hours

Benefits from an exclusive 1 year of warranty, this portable speaker can be used to stream music or sounds during games and videos

This Bluetooth speaker set offer plug-in option, which allows users to plug the speakers into a wall charger for continuous access to power

Features the exclusive Clear Voice Capture (CVC) that allows people to place and answer calls directly from smartphones, tablets and computers



Some installation is needed but the user manual provides real assistance

When the speakers are on at first they let out beep sounds which may be frustrating


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Photive CYREN Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Great balanced sound that rides on advanced Bluetooth 3.0 technology, that’s Photive’s Cyren Bluetooth speaker. Get wireless connectivity from 30 feet away, maximum. This is a lovely addition to the top rated portable bluetooth speakers in 2022 indeed! It carries bass enhance technology for top-rating sound. You can share movies, phone and conference calls, music and games via seamless streaming capability. Hear the highs and the lows in audio with the powerful pair of 40 mm drivers. This device can give you a maximum of 10 hours playback, with full charging of the built-in Li-ion battery. Here’s the best part: you can use this with a regular headphone jack, so you don’t even need Bluetooth!



As one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers from Photive, the CYREN portable model reunites high-end stereo technology with enhanced wireless capabilities for smooth music streaming

This set includes two 40 and 6 watt drivers with a durable speaker, which are built to render superior clarity during music streaming

The advanced Bluetooth technology allows users to stream beloved songs from smartphones, tablets and notebooks

Due to the built-in rechargeable battery the speakers last up to 10 hours on a single charge which is quite impressive to say the least



Does not include an USB cable (this is an accessory sold separately)

The speakers do not incorporate pounding bass


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JBL Micro Wireless Bluetooth Ultra-Portable Speaker


Enjoy wireless portability with superior Bluetooth technology with this product. Paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device, you can enjoy five hours of great playback time, and then keep on going after you have recharged the Li-ion battery. The cable has been designed to be stored neatly at the bottom of the case.  You can even connect this speaker to other compatible wireless speakers so you can get enveloped in full high-fidelity stereo sound. Enjoy the exceptional bass quality that JBL has been known for, through the built-in bass port.



Which product is the best? According to our data it seems that the Micro Wireless Ultra-Portable speakers from JBL represent a great answer. It comes equipped with a powerful Li-ion rechargeable battery, which offers up to 5 hours of playback

Incorporates a unique Bluetooth technology which allows people to play audio content from Bluetooth enabled mobile devices

The speakers come with built-in bass ports, setting the basis for powerful bass during music streaming

Due to the ultra-portable design, these wireless speakers represent a great music companion during family trips or friends getaways



The included carrying pouch is not designed to last

Even though a cheap product this model takes a while to charge


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Cambridge Soundworks’ The Oontz Angle Speaker


This has easily made it to the best bluetooth speakers in 2022 because it’s the great little speaker that could, or can for that matter! It makes the perfect enhancement to your MP3, tablet, smart phone, android phone, laptop and desktop. Stream games, music and movies and share the sound enjoyment easily with other people. It is surprisingly lightweight yet powerful. The rechargeable battery lets you enjoy up to 10 hours max of playback time. It has the simplicity of being wireless and the unassuming compactness of a portable speaker. Pretty nifty, right?



As the highest rated Bluetooth speakers from Cambridge Soundworks, the Oontz ultra-portable wireless device can be used in order to stream music directly from iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy S4 and many others

The speakers provide clear sounds during games, music and movies, which goes well with people that appreciate quality audio experience

Powered by rechargeable battery, the wireless speakers provide around 10 hours of music playback, with no interferences whatsoever

The wireless Bluetooth speakers weigh only 9 ounces, making them ideal to install in various rooms or offices



The basic package contains only 1 audio cable (additional one sold separately)

Does not come with a carrying pouch (sold separately)


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