Best Popcorn Popper Reviews


Top rated Popcorn Poppers in 2019


Have you often wanted to have the perfect munch while watching a good movie at your home theater? If yes, then you should have the products noted in many best popcorn popper reviews. With these products, it will be possible for you to make high quality popcorns at the comfort of your own home, similar to what you would have enjoyed in theaters.


Presto 04820 PopLite Popper


Best Popcorn Popper Reviews

One thing that I like about this popcorn popper is that it functions quickly, which is faster than what would have been the case if the microwave is used. It can pop up to 18 cups of popcorn in less than three minutes. This also makes the popcorn healthier because popping is done without the need for oil, unlike with the use of microwave. Lastly, it is designed with an accessible butter melter that also functions as a measuring cup.

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The first popcorn popper I have is the Presto 04820 PopLite Popper. This one is very useful in making popcorns especially when we decided to watch movies. This is just easy to use and can be controlled easily as it has controls that are easy to manipulate. ” James Murphy


West Bend 82306X Stir Crazy Popper


In many of the best popcorn popper reviews that have been published in the past, one of the highly commended features in this model is motorized stirring rod, which makes sure than to corn kernel is left without popping. It is also made with handles and base that are heat resistant. Another good thing about this popcorn popper is the incorporation of a solid top cover, which, once popping is done, can also be used as a serving bowl.

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I really commend the efficiency of this West Bend 82306X Stir Crazy Popper because it can create palatable popcorns in a very fast manner. The product can create large amount of popcorns so I don’t have to worry on anything. This is sold in a very promotional price.” Jack Yen


Wabash Valley Farms 25008 Popper


The intelligent design of this popcorn popper is one of the reasons on why I highly recommend such. For instance, it comes with steam vents, which has the main benefit of making sure that the popcorn is crispy and dry. It also has stainless steel stirring system, which will allow the consistent result since it mixes the contents inside. More so, there were also many who have expressed their concern over the durability of this model, mainly because of the high quality of the materials that were used.

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The design of the Wabash Valley Farms 25008 Popper is the one I adore about this product. This product has a very sleek design which makes everything better and flawless. Cooking popcorn is an easy task for me. Even my child can make this because it is just easy to use.” Linda Jackson


Nordic Ware 60120 Popper


If there is one thing that I find commendable about this popcorn popper, it would be the superiority of the material that is used in its production. It is mainly made from gemstone, which has the ability to resist chipping and breaking. Hence, you will have an assurance of its long functional life, even with frequent use. It also cooks popcorn in an oil-free method, making it healthier. Lastly, it is also dishwasher-safe, making it a snap to clean the product after its use.

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Healthy and palatable popcorn can be made with the use of this Nordic Ware 60120 Popper. This product is better than other popcorn popper sold in the market. I bought this immediately by the time I got to know about it in Amazon. The product is very sleek and professional to use.”  Raymond Samuels


Presto 04821 Orville Popper


This is another model that has been often given high ratings in many best popcorn popper reviews. One of the reasons for the satisfaction of its users is the inclusion of a functional chute in its design, making it easier to transfer the contents from the popper to the serving bowl. This is also the ideal choice for people who are concerned about their health. It is claimed that this product can make popcorns with fewer calories and fats.

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I don’t have to worry if my children want to eat popcorn because I have the Presto 04821 Orville Popper. This popper is really tantalizing and professional to use. I bought this two years ago and until now I am using this because it is durable and lightweight too.” Gertrude Neeley