Best pool sand filters under $200


Cheap pool sand filters prices


Sand pool filters are the long term investment and you don’t need to buy them very often. Some filters are better than others and give the best performance for years if used properly. Here is the list of some best pool sand filters under $200 that are ideal for your pool cleaning.


Intex 56673EG sand filter


Best pool sand filters under $200

Sand filters are the basic need of pool owners and this filter pump is the best. It has 6-function control that cleans the water entirely and makes pools clear. The timings of the filter can be set according to the need; it has automatic timer of 24 hours. This strong pump has the 0.5 horse power and its functions really efficiently. This pump is easy to operate and also has trouble free cleaning. It needs 55 lbs sand only for the filter purpose.

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“I had a very big problem with sand in my pool, but now that I have the Intex 56673EG, the problem has disapeared. For this quality I didn`t even pay that much so I believe I bought my pool a device at a bargain price.” Steve Durand


Hayward Pro sand filter


For aquariums and above and in-ground pools this product from our best Hayward pool sand filters reviews is the perfect choice. Its tank is made from rust and corrosion free material that lasts long and gives you good service for many years. Even at low pressure maximum pressure is achieved through its powerful and strong valve. This filter is durable and can be installed very easily. It has top diffusers that spread the water thoroughly on water bed so more water can be filtered in a single run.

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“I bought this filter for my pool a year back and I immediately saw a difference in the clearness of the water. I waited so long before writing something about it  because I wanted to see if it was durable as well. In this time I haven`t had one problem with it, making me recommend it for other pools.” Ian Austin


Intex Krystal Clear 2650 sand filter


With 1 horse power strong motor and 6-function control, this filter is one of the best pool sand filters under $200 because of its performance. This pump is easy to maintain and has the best performance. It requires 110-120 volts of power for its functioning and uses energy very efficiently. This pump has the capability of filtering 2,650 gallons within an hour. It is ideal for the above ground pools with large diameter pools and it functions well with smaller ones.

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“The powerful motor behind the Intex Krystal Clear 2650 was what made me buy it in the first place, because it does all the difference. My pool looks better after I bought it, the water being much clearer now. A top sand filter in my opinion!” John Peeters


Sand Master Pump sand filter


If you are looking for best pool sand filters under $200 for your above ground pool, this filter system has all what you want. This filter is appropriate for the pools having water up to 9,600 gallons. It pumps require 115V of energy. Its filter tank is corrosion and rust proof; it doesn’t decay early and gives long life to the tank. Its tank has the capacity of 42 lbs of sand. This filter system is very easy to install and use.

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“If you are looking for a sand filter for your pool, I think you should take a closer look at the Sand Master Pump .For my pool it has done wonders and I even managed to buy it at an extremely low price, comparing to other sand filters.” Ken Kristopher


Intex Krystal Clear sand filter


This powerful sand filter is capable of filtering 1600 gallon of water within hour. It has the powerful motor of 1/2 horse power that performs really well whenever required. It has the 12 hours timer built in. It is best for the above ground pools, which have the capacity of holding 12,800 gallons of water. It has 6- valve to have the best filter control. Its sand bed is 14 inches in size that gives enough space to filter much water in single time.

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“After using it for my pool and proving its quality I belive this sand filter is among the best money can buy. So if you are intrested in one, my advice would be to take a closer look at this one which can do wonders for the water of your pool.” Adam Frost