Top rated home subwoofers from Polk Audio


The different products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article have been provided positive feedbacks in many best home subwoofer reviews, which can be an assurance that these products will not lead into frustration. By the time you have finished reading this article, you will find it a lot easier to choose from the wide array of possibilities.


Polk Audio PSW10 Home Subwoofer


Best Polk Audio Home Subwoofers ReviewsIf you are looking for a subwoofer that has the ability to deliver powerful bass, this is one option that you will surely like. Accuracy, depth, and tightness of audio are amongst the things that you can enjoy from this model. Collectively, this will result in the reproduction of realistic and crisp audio. Given the wide array of innovative features that can be seen in this product, the Klippel Distortion Analyzer is one of the best, which is responsible for the optimization of the audio output.

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“After going through numerous reviews and customer reports, I chose this subwoofer from Polk Audio to complete my audio system. The deep bass takes my music experience to a whole other level. In my opinion this model is the best subwoofer 2018, without any doubt.” – James D. Watson


Polk Audio PSW505 Home Subwoofer


The intelligent design of this model is one thing that is often highlighted in many reviews. This is primarily beneficial in terms of having better bass response. It also has the ability to produce improvements in linearity and excursion, which is made possible with its huge 12-inch long throw driver. In this subwoofer, you will find easily adjustable features that will allow such to work with any speaker. These features include volume control, phase switch, and low pass crossover.

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This subwoofer has impressed me with its sound quality. I knew it was one of the most highly rated models by the best subwoofer reviews, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be this good. Even at high volume the bass line is without any distortions.” Adam P. Johnson


Polk Audio PSW110 Home Subwoofer


When planning to build a home theater, the different best Polk Audio home subwoofers reviews have recommended this product as one of the must-haves, making it possible for you to enjoy authentic sound experience. This is an excellent choice when it comes to flexibility. At its rear panel, you can find line level and speaker level inputs that can be used in order to connect the subwoofer to any kind of amplifier that you are using at home.

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“Polk Audio PSW110 has proven to be a top notch subwoofer and it provides my audio system with a clear bass line. Whether I watch a movie or listen to music, this subwoofer enhances my audio experience. I can’t complain about its design, either and also recommend it for its affordable price.” – Charles C. Mesa


Polk Audio PSW111 Home Subwoofer


This subwoofer is one of the most powerful that is currently available in the market. In spite of such, however, it will allow you to enjoy energy efficiency. When it is used in standby mode or in low volumes, it is guaranteed that only very little power will be put into use. Additionally, one feature of this product that should be emphasized is the multiple connections that are made possible. Because of such, it can be easily linked to various inputs, without compensating its audio quality and reliable performance.

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“Polk has thought of everything when it comes to this subwoofer. It even comes with a standby mode which helps me reduce the power consumption. It’s a beast when it comes to sound levels and I have even thrown a few fun parties with its help. I think it deserves a five star rating.” – Randall M. Clark


Polk Audio CSW155 Home Subwoofer


This is another product that has received favorable feedbacks in various best Polk Audio home subwoofers reviews. Because many people have reported high level of satisfaction from such, you can be more confident that it will perform based on your expectations. It is equipped with 2-inch voice coil, which will be significantly helpful in exception power handling and the production of high bass. Lastly, this subwoofer is also known for its rigid enclosure, which significantly improves the quality of sound.

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“It didn’t look like an ordinary subwoofer, but the great feedback it got impressed me. Now that I have it and use it every day, I have to praise its quality deep bass sound. Looking at its design you wouldn’t think it’s very sturdy, but that’s just an illusion. As soon as I held it, I could feel it had a very solid construction, excellent for enhancing a high quality sound.”  – Michael K. Oxendine