Top rated Poker tables in 2019


Poker players understand the importance of owning a durable and solid poker table. With the right table people will set the proper mood for enthusiastic and joyful games. Fortunately the market is more than generous when it comes to beautiful poker tables. Finding a great poker table represents an investment in the quality and pleasure of each game. This is why we decided to lend a helping hand by testing 35 of the most popular poker tables in the U.S. After 3 hours of tests on each model we were able to determine that five models deserve more attention. In the following rows we invite you to read the best Poker table reviews on five special products!


Brybelly Red Felt Poker Chip Table


Out of the many poker table models on the market we recommend a special product from Brybelly, the Red Felt Poker Chip table! This beautiful table has style and personality, offering players the chance to share great moments. The table has a red surface which looks great. It is completed by stainless steel cup holders and racetrack. Furthermore the poker table incorporates a vinyl rail and very thick foam padding for smooth gaming experiences. People should also know that the poker table has a padded playing surface which significantly reduces chip bounce. The poker chip table has the following dimensions: 84” x 42” ideal to place in living rooms or game rooms!a

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Fat Cat Folding Poker Table


Most of the current best Poker table reviews underline the efficiency of the 64-2039 Folding table from Fat Cat. This high quality poker table is perfect for different poker parties, accommodating with ease players playing skill set. The table has a smooth green cloth playing surface which offers high comfort during every game. Furthermore the poker table has a unique cushioned rail for additional stability. It also includes 10 built-in drink holders, needed to ensure the party going. The poker table from Fat Cat has collapsible legs that help people to take it from place to another with minimal effort.

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Brybelly folding poker table


With a top rated Poker table in 2019, players have the possibility of playing poker or blackjack for hours on end. One of the most popular poker tables available on the market is the 84-inch folding table from Brybelly. The table offers 10 player positions! It is appreciated for its black vinyl cushioned armrail which enhances comfort during games. This poker table includes folding metal legs for fast transport and storage. Furthermore the model has a unique design that maintains high stability every time somebody deals. This beautiful poker table is perfect for home games, casino nights and tournaments.

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Brybelly Wooden Race Track and Dealer


How to find the best Poker table in 2019? Well, for amazing poker experiences we recommend the Wooden Race Track and Dealer table from Brybelly. The table measures 82” x 42”, offering the right playing surface. It features a wooden race track and special stainless steel cupholders, for a comprehensive playtime. Furthermore the table is safely supported by two crescent wooden legs that maintain stability during each game. This poker table features a user-friendly dealer tray that can hold up to 500 poker chips for long playtime. It is important to know that the poker table includes a vinyl rail and thick foam padded surface!


HOMCOM Deluxe Foldable 72” x 33” Oval Poker


With the best Poker table in 2019 players will be able to play the game in complete comfort. For amazing playing experiences we recommend the Deluxe Foldable oval poker table from HOMCOM. What makes this beautiful poker table so special? This poker table will help people play blackjack, poker and other games on the road or while camping. The product is made of 1/2” wood covered and 5.5” border of highly-resistant PU leather. The table folds in just a matter of minutes, while the steel framed legs offer amazing stability! This beautiful poker table measures around 72” x 33”!