Best pocket camcorders under $100


Cheap pocket camcorders for sale


In this world of digitalization, we want to capture day to day moments. Nowadays, daily video recording has become very easy with the new video recorders that are introducing every now and then. In addition to providing the quality video recording, the camcorder should also be affordable. Some best pocket camcorders under $100 are discussed in this article.


Veho VCC003MUVI pocket camcorder


Best pocket camcorders under $100

This micro digital video recorder is although small in size but big in functioning. It comes with 2 GB micro SD card that allows video recording of about 3 hours. It can support up to 16GB card. Its rechargeable battery can function continuously for two hours. It has 2MP lens that record video in AVI format. It records high quality video in the situations where other camcorder can’t be used. It is very small in size and measures 0.75 in width, 0.75 in depth and its height is only 2.25.

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“ I always bring with me the Veho VCC003MUVI pocket camcorder so that I can record everything that is worth to be recorded. This pocket camcorder is just small and lightweight so it is easy to bring it anywhere. I just put it my bag or even in my pocket alone for easy access.”  Ira Wade


Veho Muvi Pro pocket camcorder


This micro camcorder is capable of capturing 90 minutes continuous footage.  It comes with 4GB micro SD card and can support up to 8 GB card. The videos that are made with this video recorder has permanent time and date stamp. It can start and stop by voice recognition. Its rechargeable battery also works for 90 minutes. It is upgraded with Frame Rate Enhancement software for 30 frames within a second. It is one of the best pocket camcorders under $100.

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“ One thing I like the most about the Veho Muvi Pro pocket camcorder is its large memory that allows me to record continuously without the problem that it will get a low battery. If ever it does, the battery can be recharged in just one and a half hour so you will not wait for so long.”  Chris Ellis Sykes


Kodak PlaySport (Zx5) pocket camcorder


This Kodak model from our best Kodak pocket camcorders reviews can resist to shock, dust and water up to 10 ft. With this camera, video sharing is extremely easy, with Kodak’s share button sharing is done rapidly to all your favorite places, Facebook, YouTube, email address or wherever you want to share. It makes full 1080p HD videos and also 5 MP HD stills. It auto focusing and build in image stabilizer produces sharper and clear videos. Video making is easy and fun with this camcorder. It also features on camera editing.

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“ I can clearly record video with my new Kodak PlaySport (Zx5) pocket camcorder. The autofocus system makes it very easy to use. I never think that this product will get damaged easily because it has shock absorption and it is also dust free and water proof. It is sold in a budget friendly price.”  Beverly Edwards


POV MAC10 pocket camcorder


This camera has built in 4 GB memory and it is capable of recording 2-3 hours video. Its rechargeable battery also can make approx 3 hours video in a single shot.  It has 736×480 resolutions and to capture every moment it records 30 frames per second. This camera is waterproof and resists water up to 30 feet. It produces video in AVI format and allows easy and instant video sharing. The audio is recorded by its built in microphone that records every sound clearly. It is very light weighted and weighs less than one ounce.

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“ I was really attracted to buy the POV MAC10 pocket camcorder because of the contemporary and fashionable design it exhibited. The product is very durable and easy to manipulate so you will never feel any hassle in using the product even it is your first time. The product is affordable. ”  Terry Welch


Kodak PlayFull Waterproof pocket camcorder


This Kodak camera is capable of taking 720p HD video and it is among the best pocket camcorders under $100. It requires SD card for its operation. It can resist water up to 10 feet and drop proof up to 5 ft. Its Kodak share button allows to email the video easily or to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter etc. It has built in USB arm. It is very light weighted and highly durable. It is about the size of credit card and can be easily kept in pocket or purse.

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“ Everything I record on my Kodak PlayFull Waterproof pocket camcorder can be easily shared to my favorite sites like facebook and YouTube because it can access the internet. This is one feature that I like the most about the product so I bought it immediately after I saw it in Amazon.”  Dee Maldonado