Top rated Pocket Camcorders in 2022


Pocket camcorders are great to have as it lets you capture life’s special moments with a compact gadget. You can simply put it in your bag and take it with you every day or on your travels. There are different brands of pocket camcorders today. It is important for consumers to read reviews as they will have to spend tens to hundreds of dollars on it. Here is the list of the top rated pocket camcorders for 2022.


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There are thousands of Americans that love to make short videos about their day to day experiences. From beautiful sunsets, funny dogs and lovely kittens, people want to use powerful camcorders in order to share unique videos with friends. Active individuals are now searching for the best pocket camcorders in 2022, tiny but powerful recording devices that are very easy to use. No matter where you are, a good pocket camcorder can record anything anywhere! Very popular within active communities like skiers, snowboarders, skaters, runners and many other fields, pocket camcorders offered by Samsung, Coby or Kodak certainly are a great addition. There are a couple of things to take into consideration before deciding on a new model. In the following rows we are going to talk about what to look for in a high quality camcorder.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is design. A good camcorder should have a rectangular shape and lightweight design. Somewhat like a deck of cards, pocket camcorders come with flip-out LCD screen or touch-screen display. Such devices cost around $100 to $220, depending on brand type and resolution. As you probably could tell, HD camcorders cost a bit more than other products. You need to use a product with optical zoom lenses, capable of delivering impressive digital zoom functions. In addition, choose a pocket camcorder with flash memory, where you’ll be able store different photos and videos with ease.

You will see that some of the best pocket camcorders in 2022 come with user-friendly interfaces. It is important to use a camcorder with different buttons in order to keep you connected to fast commands and quality results. In addition, the camcorder should come with built-in USB port. You will be able to connect the device to your computer, smartphone or tablet without any problems whatsoever. USB connections deliver fast data transfer and keep your active recording projects going smoothly. Quality camcorders should include a wide range of scene modes which can enhance the recording precision. The best pocked camcorders reviews underline the need for advanced video software which people can use in order to edit, crop, cut and retouch different videos. A pocket camcorder needs to respond well to quick commands.

Since there are so many camcorders available on the market, caution must accompany you during the selection process. You will soon discover that high definition camcorders offer tremendous recording capabilities. Even thou pocket camcorders with advanced high definition are a bit more expensive than the regular models, they worth the extra bucks. HD camcorders record with precision different moments of life. You can use pocket camcorders on different road trips, camping experiences, holidays and more active activities. Easy to manage and powerful enough to record videos in high definition, these tiny camcorders can enhance your creative nature. The trick is to take the time for a professional analysis on your outdoor and indoor activities and afterwards choose a great model!


Flip UltraHD Video Camera


Best Pocket Camcorder reviews

Flip UltraHD Video Camera is considered as one of the best video cameras as it has features that let it shoot high definition videos in various conditions. It can capture up to 2 hours of clear and high definition videos which you can instantly share with friends and family. It can capture videos in 720p with its user-friendly interface. Its image stabilization feature also helps for shooting even clearer videos and images. It is a pocket camcorder which you can bring with you everyday, so that you will not miss special moments when you are with your friends, family or on your travels.



It is an improved version of a previous model which was a big success. It is not only more efficient but also better looking and more compact.

Despite being very small in size, it is capable of Ultra HD filming. It is capable of recording up to 2 hours of continuous footage.

It is easy to use and has a quick start button which instantly allows you to record 720p videos at a 60fps rate.

The user interface is very simple and quite easy to figure out even by those who have never owned a camera.



It is not the most durable device in the world and may start deteriorating faster than others.

It is not delivered with all the needed accessories.


I have my Flip UltraHD Video Camera from Amazon every time I have trips out of town. The pocket camcorder is easy to use and can be managed with greater ease and comfort. The device is affordable and comes in a compact and durable structure.” Gerardo  Davis


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Flip SlideHD Video Camera


Who says you can’t shoot beautiful videos with a pocket camcorder? The Flip SlideHD Video Camera makes this possible for you. It is a reliable camcorder which lets you shoot, show and share high definition videos with friends and family. It features a 3-inch widescreen display to watch the videos. You can also use it to control the features of the device. The Flip SlideHD camcorder can store up to 12 hours of content. You can also customize the videos and pictures with the pre-loaded FlipShare software. It is a good pocket camcorder that you can use everyday or when you travel.



Excels in terms of portability due to its special design which allowed the engineers to make the SlideHD much smaller than your average camera.

It comes with a lot of storage space managing to hold up to 12 hours of continuous recordings.

It is compatible with both Mac and normal PCs.

You will be able to connect your headphones to this device in order not to be bothered by external noise.

The FlipShare feature will make organizing and sharing a lot easier than with other devices.



The sound quality that comes with the recorded videos could have been better.

There were some reports that this camera has some software issues which causes the camera to freeze.


I bought the Flip SlideHD Video Camera because I love recording my family’s activities. I always set up this device in order for me to capture every special moments of our lives. The product is efficient and provides a sustainable and professional output in which I love the most.”   Al Phillips


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Kodak Playsport Zx5 Video Camera


Kodak Playsport Zx5 Video Camera has received good reviews as it combines efficiency and affordability with a stylish design. You can use it to capture moments at home or outdoors in whatever condition as it is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof by up to 10 feet. You can even share videos instantly with your friends via email or social networks, as it comes with a Kodak share button. It has a built-in image stabilization feature, so that you can capture sharp and less blurry videos whether your lighting is good or not. It is well priced so it is ideal for consumers who want a pocket camcorder without breaking the bank.



This is one of the most often nominated devices when it comes to the best waterproof pocket camcorder reviews. It is a top seller despite the high price tag.

It has all the right features to deliver an impeccable performance each and every time, regardless of the environment. It has a rough exterior which combined with the amazing software features make this device the best waterproof pocket camcorder 2022.

It will not only withstand shock, dust and water but it will also be capable of recording in Full HD 1080p. This means manufacturers have not compromised efficiency over design.

The image stabilizer will really come in handy when filming an exciting situation.



When there are problems with the light, the pictures will not come out very clear.

The stabilizer could have been better considering it has trouble handling shooting from a moving vehicle.


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Kodak Playsport Zx5 Video Camera is handy and is easy to carry anywhere I go. I can carry it in my pocket and take it out when I need to record a video of something interesting. The battery life is great too, making me believe I’ve bought one of the highest rated pocket camcorders in 2022. It’s price is affordable even without something like a Black Friday discount.”   Louise Cambra



Samsung W190 HD Pocket Camcorder


The Samsung W190 is the perfect camcorder to take with you anywhere you go. It will easily fit in your pocket and its sturdy design will allow it to record top quality videos in any type of conditions. This means the compact W190 is water, shock and dustproof, not limiting your recording options. Furthermore, it even has a USB port, so you can quickly connect to a PC or laptop to upload your videos. The One Touch Sharing option will also let you upload your videos directly to you email or to social media sites. You might not believe it, but the W190 will capture videos in Full HD, making it a top choice.



Because it is a Samsung, this waterproof camera will provide great images regardless of the lighting conditions.

Unlike other cameras it really is waterproof managing to stay submerged under water without ruining its circuits.

It is very affordable and comes with an included SD card which will come in very handy.

It has a nice design which allows you to always be in complete control.



Even though it comes with great audio it lacks in over the top image clarity.

It does not actually look like an improved version of a previous success.


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Panasonic TA-1 Camera


The Panasonic TA-1 has improved features which brings video recording to a whole new level. It has the latest technical advancements and intuitive operations to make capturing videos more pleasant. It has a full high definition recording feature of 1.920 x 1.080p to capture beautiful and high quality videos and images. You can easily share your videos and images with friends and family as it is compatible with Skype, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. It will also record clear videos and images even if you have hand movements while using it. It is well priced so many consumers consider it to deserve a spot in the best pocket camcorder reviews.



It manages to remain affordable while offering top end features such as 1080p Full HD recordings.

It has a pretty large 8MP HD sensor but still manages to fit in any pocket.

It uses the iFreame recording format and it is capable of running conferences on Skype.

The LED light comes in pretty handy for those who like filming during the night.


The software used is a bit problematic at times.

It does not have the sturdies designs on the market.


The Panasonic TA-1 was bought by me around Xmas for a very cheap price. The video I’ve captured with it are of good quality. I can’t complain about the battery life and the only minor problems I have are with its software. All in all I think this is a reliable pocket camcorder.”  Lucille Pierson


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Sony MHS-TS20 Camera – Not Available


The Sony MHS-TS20 Bloggie Touch Camera is a powerful pocket camcorder with its intuitive 3-inch capacitive screen. You will be able to capture clear videos and images with its 12.8 mexapixel features and 2080p high definition videos. It also features a 4x digital zoom to provide you with amazing close-ups. It is easy to control the device and browse videos and images with its touch screen feature. It is also compact so you can take it with you when you go out with friends, to parties or when you travel. It helps make sure that you will not miss life’s beautiful moments.

I can easily control the Sony MHS-TS20 Bloggie Touch Camera because of the clear instructed buttons located in the camera front end. The camera takes good quality videos an photos, so I’m not disappointed from this point of view. I didn’t pay much for it, just under $170. I don’t know what is the best pocket camcorder in 2022, but I know this model is definitely a top one.”  William Weber