Top rated Plasma TVs in 2019


While there are numerous models that have been cited in different best plasma TV reviews and recognized as the best choices, in this article, I will concentrate on five of the models that I believe are deserving of the popularity that they currently have in the marketplace. Given its various features, there is no need to wonder why they are commonly chosen by experts as top models within the product category.


What to look for when searching for a plasma TV


A growing number of Americans want in their homes high quality plasma TV, designed to offer amazing visual experiences. Now, top brands like Panasonic, LG, Vizio, Philips or Samsung month after month offer plasma TV models that can become a source of pleasure to friends and family members. Setting the right parameters for a vibrant home entertainment system requires access to great TVs. It is important for people to enjoy an interesting movie, fascinating TV-show or play games videos. After a hard day of work people should enjoy watching all their popular shows on a great plasma TV. In order to make an educated investment you need to consult professional information on some of the best plasma TVs available for purchase.

Since there are so many plasma TV models available on the market choosing the right one requires time and access to professional reviews. We tested 30 popular plasma TVs for a week straight in order to help people identify the right one. When the test results came through we were able to draft the best plasma tv reviews. Once you consult professional reviews you’ll know exactly what to look for in a brand new plasma TV. Now, it seems that plasma television can display some of the following signals: HDTV, XGA, DTV and also SVGA. You need to know that plasma TVs offer higher resolutions than most of the standard TVs. The first thing that you have to do is understand how a plasma TV works. It is important to know that plasma screens don’t have scan lines. Why? Well, in the case of good plasma each pixel comes with its very own transistor electrode which displays an evenly lit screen.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Sizes Price Total HDMI Ports Resolution Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung PN60F8500

51, 60, 64 inch $$$$ 4 1080p A+ AMAZON

Samsung PN64H5000

64 inch $$$ 3 1080p B+ AMAZON

LG 50PM9700

50 inch $$ 3 1080p B AMAZON

LG Electronics 60PB6900

60 inch $$$ 3 1080p C+ AMAZON

LG Electronics 50PB6650

50, 60 inch $$ 3 1080p C AMAZON


The best plasma tv in 2019 ensures amazing visual experiences, worth accessing on a daily basis. There are some plasma models with enhanced image quality, usually linked to low-resolution coming from analog video signals. Today, a plasma TV has the ability to transmit billions of rich and vibrant colors. As a result these television sets offer vivid and to some degree 3D images, worth seeing during movies or TV shows. Why do so many people love plasma TVs? First of all, plasma television offers an outstanding visual experience. Second of all, most TVs come with screens which are flat and easy to place in any room. This particularity is important because flat designs diminish edge distortion and delivers stunning viewing pleasure from a wide range of angles.

Finding the best plasma tv in 2019 represents a great investment in daily viewing experiences. You should opt for a television set with a compact design, ideal to be mounted on walls. The market offers flat wall mounts, tilt wall mounts, ceiling mounts, articulating wall mounts and television carts. So, you have your pick! Depending on your needs and room general theme, you will be able to install the TV without looking back. You should also know that plasma TVs are generally immune to magnetic fields. Choose wisely your future plasma TV and enjoy hours of fun and excitement.


Samsung PN60F8500 Plasma TV


At 60 inches, this plasma TV will allow you to view both 2D and 3D contents in their best possible quality. It will also allow you to enjoy your favorite websites through its fast and wireless internet connection. It is easy to use, as shown by its various intelligent features. For instance, it uses Face Recognition to log in to Samsung Apps. In addition, it also has voice navigation and gesture control, both of which are offering the convenience on the part of its users to navigate the TV and perform various actions.



Offers one major advantage over all its competitors by optimizing on light to produce a more brilliant image that combines well with the anti-reflective screen to deliver excellent picture quality

Situations where there is high level of ambient light are easily resolved thanks to the unit’s outstanding delivery of picture quality and class-leading bright-room image

View the deepest blacks and extraordinary shadow detail so images are always clearly perceptible without any vital parts left out

Colors are rendered in vivid detail, with superb uniformity characteristics and off-angle aspects



People love the revolutionary features in this product, making it hard to turn down despite the price

Direct commands are not available via the remote control pad


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Samsung PN64H5000 Plasma HDTV


The Samsung PN64H5000 is proof that plasma TVs are still are a reliable option. By far its most impressive feature is the 600Hz Refresh rate, superior to most LED TVs. This extremely high refresh rate will guarantee blur free fast action pictures. The TV has a slim and modern design which can be fitted on its stand or can be mounted up on any wall as long as you have the right brackets. Unlike LCD TVs this plasma model has no problems when showing deep black levels for colors. It’s also fitted with a 2 HDMI ports which will allow you to quickly connect to devices like a gaming console.

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LG 50PM9700 Plasma TV


With built-in Wi-Fi, this plasma TV will make it easy for you to establish seamless wireless connections that will take you to various entertaining contents. Another thing that I like about this model is the Intelligent Sensor. With this, you no longer need to guess the right brightness settings for the best performance of the TV. It is equipped with the ability to automatically optimize the settings depending on the lighting condition at the room at which it is placed.



Relatively slim 50-inch screen with polished dark grey surface really looks great in the modern living room, able to fit in with the rest of the décor easily

Comes with exclusive LG’s Magic Motion remote, which has a curved design and is really comfortable to hold in the hand to navigate through few buttons that are simple to use

Unit comes with online content access through LG’s Smart Hub, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi plus Ethernet port to provide more content from multiple services including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Hulu Plus and Netflix

Effectively smoothens up motion blur thanks to the 600Hz Sub-Field Driving Mode (refresh rate)



Good 3D functionality can be enjoyed only with separately bought 3D glasses

Magic Motion remote takes getting used to for optimized use


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LG Electronics 60PB6900 3D Plasma TV


An affordable plasma TV model which offers a top picture quality is the LG 60PB6900. This 60 inch TV is able to display 3D pictures and can even let you play 3D video games. It’s also a TV recommended for gamers because of the 600 Hz refresh rate. Smart TV options are included as well, so you can access premium content from sites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and many more. The built-in Wi-Fi will allow its user to connect quickly to your wireless router. For more connectivity options you can plug other HD devices in its 3 HDMI and 3 USB outputs. Note that 3D glasses are not included and are sold separately.

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LG Electronics 50PB6650 Plasma TV


While not the newest plasma TV model, The LG 50PB6650 is still reliable, managing to offer clear and vivid Full HD pictures. With the help of an MHL cable you can connect your smartphone and play on the big screen any content you like. This TV is no stranger to Wireless technology so you can stream videos or movies directly from specialized sites. By far its best feature is the 600 Hz Max Sub Field Driving which will prevent the blur effect from bothering you when you are watching your favorite team play or a fast action movie. With a price which is well under $1000 dollars, our experts decided that the 50PB6550 deserves a spot on our top list.

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LG 60PH6700 Plasma TV – Not available


This is another model that has received high rating from many of its users, as shown in various best plasma TV reviews. This model from LG has Smart TV, which is an easy way to go online and access a wide array of entertaining contents. To add, it also has the Magic Remote. The remote is equipped with intelligent sensor in order to quickly follow the commands entered by the user. With 600 Hz refresh rate, you can expect that the images will never be blurry, even in fast-moving scenes.



Panasonic Viera TC-P50GT50 Plasma TV – Not available


Best Plasma TV ReviewsWith this model, you will be provided with access to Viera Connect, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy different online applications that can enhance your entertainment experience at home. This will also allow you to access social networking sites, among other websites. Another good feature of this TV is the Viera remote app. This will make it possible for you to use gadgets like tablets and smartphones as a remote control for the unit, giving you a convenient way to control its various functions.

I made a thorough research about the Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT50 50-Inch 1080p 600Hz Full HD 3D Plasma TV before I bought it on Amazon. I decided to buy this since I searched a lot of positive reviews about the product. Now, I am one of those people who provide positive feedbacks about the unit. The Plasma TV is worthy to buy. ”   Donald Rodiguez


Panasonic Viera TC-P55ST50 Plasma TV – Not available


I personally like the different innovations integrated in this plasma TV in order to enhance its picture quality. For instance, one that is worth commending is the fast-switching phosphor, which offers the having less afterglow duration and increasing image resolution. It also comes with Cinema Smoother to make the images on screen appear to be more realistic. Aside from the picture quality, the audio quality of this model is also superb, allowing you to hear all the details in the sounds of the content that you are viewing.

The Panasonic VIERA TC-P55ST50 55-Inch 1080p 600Hz Full HD 3D Plasma TV can be bought at Amazon at very low price. The screen was bright and clear thus creating good images especially when used in viewing 3D movies. Aside from that, I am really happy about the sound produced by the television set. ”  Rene Betton