Top rated Plasma TVs reviews


There aren’t too many best plasma TV 2019 contests out there, so buyers basically have to determine for themselves what it is they seek in a plasma TV. Pretty soon, one of the leading manufacturers of plasma TV will cease to roll out such appliances from their assembly lines. While that can definitely create a tighter market for other manufacturers, it doesn’t mean people won’t be snapping up the last plasma TVs from the maker who won’t be making them any longer. It is best to compare and contrast models first and find out what can satisfy you. Described below are five models that merit serious consideration.


Samsung PN64H5000 Plasma HDTV


Best Plasma TV 2019For better bright room performance, the Samsung PN64H5000 wins hands down if there ever was a real best plasma TV 2019 contest. This plasma TV has exceptional cinema rendition of images, so you’ll feel like you’re watching your movie or videos in a large cinema, but with all the lights on. This TV is great for enjoying video games and general viewing. The refresh rate conforms to standards in this class at 600 hertz, to signify the time the TV takes to reload images. With this element, there is less flicker in high action sequences such as those in sports and action movies.

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LG Electronics 60PN6500 Plasma HDTV


This plasma HDTV from LG Electronics can easily be the answer to your best plasma TV 2016 search. It has 1080p resolution, lauded to be outstanding pixel resolution in this particular category. You won’t get annoyed with streaky action scenes and blurry motion when there’s a lot going on in the video or movie or sports program you’re watching, thanks to the LG Electronics 60PN6500’s 600-Hertz refresh rate. Images get reloaded quickly. Moreover, by using the patented Picture Wizard from LG, you’ll be able to customize your onscreen images according to how you prefer them.

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LG Electronics 42PN4500 Plasma TV


HDTV does make everything look better and the LG Electronics 42PN4500 42-Inch Plasma TV shows just how. Images are more vivid and colors are more brilliant. You can experience entertainment like never before.  Every high-octane moment is captured in clear detail as the 600 hertz refresh rate eliminates motion blur really effectively. The 42PN4500 has been given Energy Star certification, which signifies that it meets US guidelines on energy efficiency set by the Dept. of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. This TV saves energy in both active and standby modes, and uses around 30% less energy than competing brands.

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Samsung PN43F4500 Plasma HDTV


The Samsung PN43F4500 looks really good even when the room is not that brightly lit. It performs even better in a room with bright lighting. You can easily connect it to your Xbox console and enjoy video game experience that gets your heart pounding with every bit of action that unfolds before you. Once you’ve set it up to your desired settings, the Samsung PN43F4500 proves a wonderful center to your viewing entertainment. There are two HDMI ports in addition to the optical audio out for sufficient connectivity.

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Panasonic TC-P65VT60 3D Smart Plasma HDTV


There may no longer be enough Panasonic plasma 2019 models available in the market, so do grab the Panasonic TC-P65VT60 while you still can. Running on the Viera Connect platform, you can enjoy incredible Screen Swipe and Share Voice Interaction with this model. It has a revolutionary deeply black panel, which highlights all the other colors with amazing brightness. Picture quality is outstanding. It has marvelous 3000 Focused Field Drive, which enhances image clarity even more. The unit comes with a built-in camera and two pairs of 3D Active Glasses.

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