Top rated pizza stones in 2018


Who doesn’t love pizza, this Italian dish which has become a worldwide phenomenon slowly but surely. Homemade pizza is always something special and you have the liberty to use a wide variety of ingredients from mushrooms to sausages and so on. But to get that great flavor while you are baking it in your oven you need a pizza stone. To be sure you will buy a high quality model read the best pizza stones reviews.


Old Stone 4461 Oven Pizza Stone Round


Best Pizza Stones reviewsFor pizzas this Old Stone round model is excellent, providing the perfect cooking surface. You can use it for other things except pizzas, like biscuits, bread and so on. It is made out of firebrick stone and this allows it to give the pizza a flavor like it has just been cooked in a stone oven. The heat is distributed evenly, so the crust is not burnt on one side more than the other. Also, it will not crack if the temperature will change rapidly. Many consider it one of the best pizza stones in 2018.

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Pizzacraft PC0100 Cordierite Baking/Pizza Stone


Pizzacraft PC0100 pizza stone has the features to help you make some delicious pizzas in your oven for you and your whole family to enjoy. Other options include re-heating pizzas or  heating frozen ones you buy. The 15-inch square surface of the stone is non-stick, so it is easy to clean and this is all the special attention you need to give it. Because it gives pizzas such a unique flavor and it’s cheap, this model is recommended by the top pizza stones reviews.

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Old Stone 4467 Oven Baking Stone


Buying this Old Stone baking stone will enhance the tasted of the pizzas you bake, giving them a much better flavor. The stone construction won’t crack at high temperatures and will cook your pizza evenly every time. The surface won’t stick to your pizza, thus the crust will turn out exactly how you like it. The affordable price is another thing to look forward to. These reasons make the best pizza stones reviews recommend it.

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Wilton 2105-0244 Ceramic Pizza Stone


This pizza stone made out of ceramic material is ideal for making great tasting pizzas and for a very affordable price can be yours. Besides the actual 15 inch pizza stone, you will also receive a heavy-duty serving rack which is chrome plated. The crust will be perfectly crisp because the porous stone will absorb the excess moisture while the pizza is baked. Because the crust is cooked evenly many customers have made positive reviews about it.

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GrillPro 98155 Pizza/Grilling Stone


Another pizza stone you can get for your kitchen is GrillPro 98155, which has the advantage of being used also as a grilling stone. Moisture in combination with high temperatures won’t make the stone crack. The 13 inch diameter lets you make large pizzas whenever you feel like it, giving them the right crust. It doesn’t matter which type of pizza you like, with this stone you will always get the an unique flavor. The actual investment you need to make so you obtain this pizza stone is not demanding at all.

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