Top rated pizza cutters in 2018


If you love pizza, you probably prefer making it within the comfort of your own home. Because of that you will most certainly need some tools to help you prepare it. The pizza cutter is one of the items you should take into consideration when going shopping if you want your cooking experience to be enjoyable and easy. According to the best pizza cutter reviews, we have picked the items which most users rated as their favorite in 2018.


Pizzacraft Rocking Pizza Cutter with Hardwood Handle


Best pizza cutter reviewsEven though it looks more like a regular knife, this product is mentioned in the top rated pizza cutter reviews by customers who have purchased it. Its efficiency comes from the stainless steel blade that pushes the slices away so that the hot cheese won’t weld the pieces back together. The hardwood handle makes the cutting process effortless. Clients declared that this item is very efficient also for other solid products like ham, parmesan or even gallons of ice cream. It is very handy, useful and long enough to cut larger pizzas. This way, the family weekend will be perfect and careless.

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OXO SteeL Pizza Wheel


This is another stainless steel product that will ease the pizza cutting process a lot. The customers’ reviews point out the fact that this is the best pizza cutter in 2018. It contains a very durable and sharp blade to help you cut even the thickest pie crust. The wheel increases the clients’ trust in this product, because they are already used to this traditional model. The handle is designed for provide stability due to the soft built in grip areas. Besides, there is a special spot created for your thumb in order to increase the safety.

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Zyliss Handheld Pizza Wheel


Despite not being the best pizza cutter in 2018, this model won the trust of and hearts of many customers. Aside from being very cute, joyful and toy-like, this product is also very efficient and appreciated in reviews. The handheld wheel gently slices thick pizza and it can be used both by right-handed and left-handed people. The ergonomic plastic handle provides maximum control so that you don’t have to worry that it might slip. Even though the picture presents a very small object, the reality is that this cutter measures approximately 5 by 5 ½ inches, which is more than enough for an extra-large pizza.

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KitchenAid Gourmet Soft-Handle Wheel


The best pizza cutter reviews mention that this product is one of the best on the market. Aside from the stainless steel blade that prevents the rust from forming, its strength consists of the angled wheel. The latter offers optimal comfort and performance, and a safer cutting process. It also includes a built in finger and thumb guard for protection. Customers declared that it is a very comfortable must-have tool and that they appreciated the red, joyful color very much. All in all, its features make this model a worthy candidate for the title of best kitchen aid.

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RSVP World Class Pizza Cutter


All customers that offered feedback stated that blade pizza cutters are more efficient than wheels. Even though they are not the most comfortable tools in the kitchen, their efficiency is increased when you want to cut thicker pizza slices. This model is made completely out of stainless steel, unlike the Pizzacraft Rocking Cutter with its hardwood handle. The reviews point out that the latter has better stability than the first item described. In addition, it has a very classy and elegant look, which would most certainly represent a very good and inspired gift for a chef.

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