Top rated pitching machines in 2022


Call it life or madness or mass euphoria, every shade of emotion is clear on a baseball field in the US. If you are also a baseball fan and looking for a coach, simply rely on a pitching machine and start hitting! From so many pitching machines currently available in the market it is understandable that taking a decision on a particular one is difficult. To guide you along go on reading the following best pitching machine reviews and you will immediately know which one to choose.


What is the best Pitching Machine – A buying guide


Baseball is one of the most appreciated and cherished American games in history. We are not surprised to see so many people swinging to hit balls and gather relevant experience, needed to play the game even better. This is where a professional pitching machine can improve your skill set. Fortunately there are many pitching machines available on the market which you can use whenever you want to hit some balls. We studied the existing market in order to make your job easier. So, after analysing over 50 products for a period of 3 weeks in which we tested each pitcher on the court, we managed to draft the best pitching machines reviews. You can read the reviews and thus precisely determine which pitcher should be your first choice.

Why do so many people resort to pitching machines? Well, getting ahead in baseball is directly linked to the hours you put in during practice. The machines offer hours and hours of proper training with challenges and obstacles to overcome. You won’t have to resort to other people to throw you balls in order to train. After hours of work, you will be able to develop muscle memory, smooth coordination and proper reflexes on the field. As you probably already noticed, the market offers baseball pitchers, softball pitchers and combination pitchers. These are the primary types of pitchers from which you can use one close to your baseball level. Investing in one of the best pitching machines in 2022 represents a big step forward in your hit skill evolution. So, there are pitching machines designed for professionals, adults and children. Everyone has a chance of training harder and improving their performance with each hit.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Max speed Price Weight Ball type/size Our Rating Where to buy

Zooka Pitching Machine

65 mph $$$$ 30 lbs 9 inch balls A+ AMAZON

Jugs Lite-Flite

50 mph $$$ 35 lbs 11-12 inch balls A AMAZON

Louisville Slugger UPM 45

60 mph $$ >20 lbs Baseballs, softballs, poly balls, wiffle balls B+ AMAZON

Jugs Small-Ball

75 mph $$ 23 lbs 5 inch balls B+ AMAZON

SKLZ Lightning Bolt

30 mph $ 5 lbs 5.1 inch balls B AMAZON


Baseball players need to train in order to maintain their muscles fit and reflexes connected to each ball. Furthermore softball and tennis players enjoy the machine’s training sessions. Most of the current pitching machines were designed for young and adult players. Baseball pitching machines come in a wide range of models. There are basic products which can throw straight pitch at different speeds. Amateur players that want to master their basic skills of hitting use such machines. For more advanced users, there are machines that can throw complex pitches like overhand fastballs and curve balls. You will also be able to adjust the speed and type of throw. Such settings give you the possibility to customize the whole experience.

Finding one of the best pitching machines in 2022 ensures that you create a productive training session. There is also combination pitching machines that cost a bit more than regular models. Such training devices can easily throw balls for baseball, tennis and softball training sessions. This particularity makes the machine useful for individuals that want to practice a wide range of sports. You can find such pitchers on thousands of team training grounds. A good pitcher needs to come equipped with a high quality hopper. This piece holds and collects the balls. Hoppers are usually attached to the pitching machine, accommodating with ease different amounts of balls.


Zooka Pitching Machine


Excellent for its portability and battery powered facility, the Zooka pitching machine is what I suggest for kid’s baseball practice. Solidly built for both infield and outfield use I find this machine awesomely good. Though weighing 30 lbs only, this thrower master can do 500 pitches ranging up to 65 mile per hour too. With some good guarantee coverage up to 1 year the pitching machine is pretty much affordable. I can surely say that this easy to setup and start machine can easily be your new found joy once you start practicing with it.



Destined for professionals, this is probably the perfect product to invest in if you either want to train the proper way or if you want to build a batting cage business.

It has a great battery capable powering the device for more than 500 pitches at speeds of up to 65mph.

It is capable of using any type of 9inch ball regardless of the brand.

It is perfect for training sessions considering it is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.



It is very expensive which makes it perfect only for professionals and people who make a living out of playing or coaching baseball.

Manufacturers could have offered a longer warranty considering the price.


Anytime that I want to play baseball, I just used the Zooka pitching machine for a fun experience. The product is durable and portable. It is also fashionable and professional to use. I didn’t experience any problem with the product so I always have great time playing the sport.” Mary Sotelo


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Jugs Lite-Flite pitching machine


The Jugs Lite-Flite model is one handy equipment from the best pitching machine reviewsRunning on a 1.3 amplifier motor with 1/8 Horsepower, the intelligent pitching machine can swivel on its base and can be used for both left & right hand pitching. Powered by electricity the impressive machine can handle baseballs and softballs. Coming in its own carrying bags the machine is pretty easy to install. Besides the ball throwing capability at 50 mile per hour is a definite feature I would like for some excellent backyard practice. Extremely durable, the pitching machine will stay on with you for years to come.



If you were ever wondering what is the best pitching machine for the money, than this might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Its lightweight body makes it easy to transport to the training ground and then store it wherever you find the space.

It can be used with lite baseballs, softballs or Jugs Bulldog baseballs.

Manufacturers made sure it can throw all fastballs, curve balls and sliders so as to get a complete training each and every time.



The ball speeds could be higher considering the price tag on this device.

If you are looking for complete precision than this might not be the device for you.


The light weight Jugs Lite-Flite pitching machine is my tool in any football or baseball activity. It helped me lot in my swinging ability so that I can make an outstanding shot. While using the product, I see myself as improving and progressing. This product is my best gaming partner.”  Eliseo Robinson


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Louisville Slugger UPM 45 pitching machine


Best pitching machine reviewsNothing is more convenient than the Louisville Slugger UPM 45 pitching machine. Seeing that the machine has been accepted as an official pitching machine in many of the well known sporting programs i.e. Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball, Pony League Baseball and Softball etc. it can easily be understood the quality and reliability of the equipment. My own preferences regarding the machine lie in its portability, easy adjustability, and non consumption of electricity. Powered up by tension spring the pitching machine weighs less than 20 pounds and can pitch for maximum 20,000 times. Sturdy in its built the Louisville Slugger UPM 45 is efficient in throwing a real baseball with a speed in between 18 to 45 miles per hour minimizing your coach’s effort from continuous hurling of a ball.



Currently one of the most appreciated devices in the baseball business, this pitching machine is perfect for long training sessions.

It is compact and can be easily carried from place to place because it weighs just 20 pounds.

The best thing about it is that it does not use electricity as a power source and it pitches balls by using spring tension.

It is capable of throwing different types of balls but it is best used with baseballs.

The spring is expected to last for 20.000 pitches.



It lacks consistency which is not at all times a bad thing but can be a downside for some.

You should expect it to be a bit off sometimes despite the fact that you adjusted it in a certain way.


I am fond of playing baseball and I wanted my son to learn the game too. For this reason, I bought the Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame pitching machine when I saw it had a Black Friday discount on Amazon. The batting practice has certainly helped my son improve his overall game and I definitely recommend this highest rated pitching machine to other parents. ”  Shelia McHenry


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Jugs Small-Ball pitching machine


I loved this pitching machine. Ideal for kid learners, this can be a wise decision for any parents or coaches. The electricity powered sturdy little thing is strong and stands on its own modifiable legs. Currently reviewed positively in the best pitching machine reviews by thousands of satisfied users, the machine can throw small 5-inch, 5-ounce polyurethane foam balls at a great speed of maximum 75 mile per hour. Fast balls or curved balls, the machine is accurate to where it is throwing and how. In my opinion if you love baseball and want your youngsters to join the fun with you, then this product is the thing with its 25-ball manual/automatic feeder. Any defects within the machine get covered by a one year warranty time.



The price to quality ratio is great with this device especially if you are looking to improve your batting technique.

It is destined to improve depth perception which it does by using 5 inch foam balls which are half the size of a normal baseball.

The body of this device is durable and will not deteriorate with time which is perfect considering it is one of the most often used training machines.

It has a 25 ball feeder which is filed manually.



The balls used by this pitching machine are a bit light and may be influenced by a strong breeze.

Finding replacement parts could be complicated.


This affordable Jugs Small-Ball pitching machine was my choice for a Xmas present for my son. We  practice with it as often as we can, not neglecting school of course. For now the small balls used by this machine are perfect for my little one and if you are looking for your first pitching machine I recommend this model. ”  Karl Potts


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SKLZ Lightning Bolt pitching machine


Now here is a true professional. Loved by the experts and the novice both, the SKLZ Lightning Bolt pitching machine Pro can easily be located in various practice fields. Powered by an AC adapter or battery and true to its name, this machine can hurl soft balls at a rate of 35 mph to a 25 feet distance. Moreover by allowing only a little 5 second gap in between hurls gives the batter to perfect his shot by repetition. I consider it to be a commendable purchase due to its full package of 12 small balls and a shagger that can contain 26 balls on the same instant.



If your child is into baseball and if you were wondering “what is the best pitching machine for the money” you should definitely consider this highly affordable pitching machine.

It will shoot balls with speeds of up to 35mph within a 25 foot range.

The design will allow you to adjust your pitching direction regardless of the location.

It can be filled with up to 26 balls at a time.



It is not destined specifically for improving your batting habits and it is rather rudimentary in terms of features.

It is very loud which can be annoying at times.


The SKLZ Lightning Bolt Pitching Machine Pro was one of the best rated models from Amazon, so I went ahead and bought it. I can easily set the pitching speed and my son practices until his arm goes numb. I don’t care what’s the best pitching machine in 2022 because I know this model is most reliable.”  Calvin Kennedy


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