Best Pioneer car digital media receivers reviews


Top rated car digital media receivers from Pioneer


Some of the best media receivers that are available in the market are produced by Pioneer. To enjoy your journey in the car with music and videos, you can rely on their products. This article has the best car digital media receiver reviews, which can help to make your selection of the media receiver easy.


Pioneer FH-X700BT Digital media receiver


Best Pioneer car digital media receivers reviewsThis digital car media receiver has built in 2.1 Bluetooth that allows easy hand free calling and audio streaming. The pairing with this device is simple and secure and can also be done automatically. It has multi light LCD display. It has the capability to activate iPhone with the voice that is a good thing during driving. It has the best sound controlling system that gives you the clear voice with the help of low and high pass filter settings, 5-band graphic equalizer, and subwoofer control.

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“ Whenever I have to go out and have travel, I rely on with the Pioneer FH-X700BT digital media receivers. I never get bored or even feel asleep while driving because I can do all things with this media receiver. I can watch my favorite video or listen to my favorite songs.”  Milo Willis Goodman


Pioneer AVH-X1500 DVD Digital media receiver


This device is very easy to manage with its touch screen controls. It features the MIXTRAX technology along with the AppRadio functionality. It has advance functionality modes for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. All the required functions are present at one touch control that gives easy accessibility. All the videos and audio functions are easily customizable and can be set to whatever you want. It gives the full fun package. It is one of the best media receivers and can be found in many best Pioneer car digital media receivers reviews.

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“ With the touch screen controls of the Pioneer AVH-X1500 DVD  digital media receivers, I can easily manage the product and choose the option I want to play in the media receiver. It has Bluetooth system that allows in the sharing and receiving of the media.”  Lynette Paul


Pioneer DEHX3500UI Digital media receiver


It is one of the best Pioneer car digital media receivers and has remote control of USB receiver, CD, MP3, AM/FM. It has the dual control for the iPod, either control from the stereo or the iPod, it will do the work. Functionality like DJ, its MIXTRAX application creates the best music library for you so you can enjoy nonstop music. It has the multi line LCD display along with the LED backlight. It also has the Pandora Link that connects the car stereo with the Pandora Internet Radio and iPhone.

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“ I really admire the Pioneer DEHX3500 UI digital media receiver because it is contemporary and fashionable which makes it compatible for my car. I can play any songs and media in this receiver as long as I want. It can connect to the Pandora internet which is really nice.”  Arron Briggs


Pioneer DEH-X6500BT Digital media receiver


This media receiver is provided with 2.1 Bluetooth that can easily be connected without any problem and gives the benefits of hand free calling and audio streaming.  It has the completely illuminated front USB and AUX input. It gives the clear and loud sound. The sound is customized and filter by its filter system and 5-band graphic equalizer. Its LCD display is multi lined and multi segmented with LED backlight. It has Pandora that gives it direct control of iPod/iPhone. The music of the Android Smartphone compatible with this device can also be access.

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“ The Pioneer DEH-X6500BT digital media receivers is a state of the art car digital media receiver which any one would love to have. This product has a Bluetooth connection and a USB plug in so that transferring files will be easy and great. It is also sued for video calling.”  Dewitt Moses


Pioneer DEH-150MP Digital media receiver


This car media receiver has multi segmented and single line LCD display. It is very efficient and is present in best Pioneer car digital media receivers reviews because of its functioning. Its face plate is removable and dust proof. The wireless remote control is added with this device. It receives CD, MP3, and AM/FM. This device can play back many music formats. Its produces clear sound with its sound system. When the CD is playing it displays Title, artist and album name. It has the built in Low-Pass and high-pass crossover filters.

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“ I have the Pioneer DEH-150MP digital media receivers for almost 4 years. I just place it in my car for good and I never encounter any problem with it. It is durable and can’t get dirty easily. The product is wisely made as it exhibits the features that are important and impressive.”  Nickolas Sims