If you are in a bit of a rush and you have little to no time to read thousands of Pilates socks reviews to make up your mind on a particular model, we are here to help you. Following an extensive research process that has involved going through consumer reports, sales figures, as well as forums and surveys, we’ve concluded that one of the best Pilates socks for the money out there is the Shashi Glitter Mesh. On the one hand, this pair is affordable, and on the other, it can help you feel safe while you tend to your most challenging poses and moves. Having been made from a unique fabric, this type of sock can keep your foot dry all throughout your routine. If the Shashi Glitter Mesh are no longer available, perhaps you should check out the Great Soles Women’s Ombre as they came second in our selection.



Buying Guide


Do you want to get a pair of good pilates socks? If so, maybe you should take a couple of minutes to browse through our recommendations below as they have been developed so that you’re in the know with regard to all the factors you ought to consider if you want to get the best value.

Given the array of products available for sale these days, it’s rather difficult to get quality, yet cheap pilates socks. We’ll detail all of the aspects you should keep in mind in our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Comfort matters quite a bit

If you are shopping online, and chances are that you are, you need to make sure that you are ordering the right size of socks. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing an inappropriate size for an extended period of time. If the pair is too small, it’ll affect your local blood flow and will make you feel anything but at ease. To get the greatest results out of your Pilates routine, you need to ensure that you feel right at all times.

Also, if the socks are too big, you’ll inadvertently trip at some point or the other as they will hinder your moves. Getting the wrong size will affect the success of your workout, in short.



These days, most of the products that we have come across are made from a blend of cotton and a synthetic material. While this is not a bad idea in itself, you need to check the percentage of cotton to make sure that you will feel comfortable while wearing the socks. If possible, opt for a model made from approximately 90% cotton and something else like polyester or nylon.

The reason for you to go for socks that aren’t entirely made out of cotton is that it is not the most durable fabric ever to have existed on the planet. In fact, most natural fabrics tend to be less resilient in the long run, especially when compared to their synthetic counterparts.

However, all of this doesn’t mean that you should get a pair of socks entirely made from synthetic fabrics, and that’s because you’re bound to get sweaty, your feet will end up smelly, and these materials are anything but breathable. If you have a predisposition for Athlete’s foot, for example, you need to steer clear of all-synthetic socks.



Good socks for pilates have to ensure that you maintain your balance at all times. In fact, that’s why they are marketed as pilates or yoga socks. Otherwise, they would resemble those that you wear on a regular basis.

What this means is that such models have to be equipped with spots made of rubber or some other type of material so that they adhere to the ground. The spots have to be evenly distributed so that the sock is capable of providing you with protection on all of your foot areas. Be advised that some models boast such rubber spots only in the heel area, and these might be less recommended on the whole.



Top Rated Pilates Socks in 2021


Should you still require some guidance as to which models are those that you ought to take into account, we have compiled a short list of some of the critically acclaimed ones that we have come across. Check it out below.



Shashi Glitter Mesh


This Shashi choice is available in a wide range of designs and colors, which is why it speaks to the needs of people who like their workout a bit more diverse than the usual. We all know how fitness equipment and gear can be a bit boring, and so it doesn’t hurt if you spice things up once in a while.

Since it was created from the innovative Coolmax fabric designed by the manufacturing brand, this product allows your feet to feel comfortable and dry all throughout your routine. Unlike other alternatives, this one is intended for people who want a sock for their left foot and another for their right. The shape is different in both cases, which enables you to focus on your Pilates performance a lot better.

The grippers with which this model has been outfitted make it possible for you to maintain your stability so that you’re confident that the moves you make will never result in an injury. Most of those who have decided to go for the Shashi Glitter Mesh say that it offers a lot of value, that it is well-made, and that it keeps them stable in the studio or at home.

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Great Soles Women’s Ombre


Even though they are considerably more affordable compared to many of their competitors, these socks can let you feel at ease while you tend to your workout. They’re nicely colored and designed, and they boast solid grips at the bottom so that you’re always secure on your feet. Also, the dyes that were used to make them so pretty are non-toxic and haven’t been found to cause any reaction.

The compression enabled around the arch thanks to the design of this product makes it possible for you to use it even if you are trying to recover from an injury. If you need support, you should consider this model as it can safely provide it for you. It’s worth noting that these socks come in a universal size that can accommodate women’s shoe sizes 6 to 10. In other words, read some reviews before deciding to order.

As is the case with other models we have reviewed, this one seems to have gathered mostly favorable reports. Most of the buyers praise the grips and the way that they are placed. Other individuals use the socks while they’re at home in spring and summer, so it’s rather easy to see that they are comfortable.

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Great Soles Grip


If you want something a little less revealing and would feel much more comfortable wearing a sock that doesn’t cover a wider portion of your foot, maybe you should consider this model. It’s user-friendly and convenient and comes with two straps that you can rely on whenever you take the sock off or put it on.

The non-skid grips that this model has been equipped with are scattered on the whole surface of the back of the foot, which is why you can feel reassured that no accident will happen while you’re practicing your moves at home or the studio.

This product is destined for women who have shoe sizes ranging from 6 to 9. Even though you do not have the freedom to order your specific size, it appears that the universal fit makes a good choice for many people considering the amount of critical acclaim that this option has gathered over time.

Something that needs to be added regarding this product is that it has to be cleaned in the washer only with cold water. You should also try to avoid ironing the socks because of the rubber spots, seeing how they could melt.

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