Top rated pilates mats in 2018


For millions of Americanspilates represents a chance to strengthen the body and comfort the mind. In order to set the proper exercise session, you need to find and use the ideal pilates mat. Fortunately, the market is more than generous when it comes to high quality mats. I work as a Pilates and yoga instructor and I know what to look for in a professional mat. In order to help you discover the best product, I tested over 45 mats and after 2 weeks of research, I managed to draft the best pilates mat reviews. A good pilates mat needs to offer a smooth and stable surface during each exercise.


Harbinger Treated Mat


Best pilates mat reviewsIt is important to use a sturdy mat during your pilates or yoga exercises. On this note, I recommend that you use Harbinger Treated mat. This versatile and durable mat is made out of Dura foam which enhances stability levels during each exercise performed. With this mat, you will be able to stretch and practice different exercises whenever you desire. It includes special non-skid ridges which safely prevent the mat from slipping from your feet. The mat has a unique integrated strap which allows you to carry it from one place to another. It is made out of 99% NBR Rubber foam and 1% elastic for proper response during each exercise.

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Stott Pilates Express Mat


Most of the best pilates mat reviews underline the sublime design of Express Mat from Stott Pilates. This high quality mat is perfect for yoga and pilates, letting you exercise in complete freedom. The mat has a 10mm extra thick level which delivers proper support whenever you work. You can use it in order to protect the spine even during long hours of exercise. This mat from Stott Pilates measures around 22 inch x 70 inch x 0.4 inch. It includes a special closed-cell foam and precise ribbed texture which gives you much needed stability on the floor during exercise programs.

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GoFit GF-PMAT Pilates Mat


Are you on the market for a professional mat for your pilates exercises? If you are consider investing in GoFit GF-PMAT pilates mat, a product very popular among American practitioners. This top rated pilates mat in 2018 can be found in thousands of Pilates studios, used by trainers and regular individuals. With this professional mat you will be able to perform a wide range of exercises, forms and different pilates methods. Comfort and stability will guide you through the multitude of pilates exercises. It measures around 1/2 inch thick and closed-cell air pockets for a comfortable experience whenever you want.

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SPRI Exercise Mats


Searching for the best pilates mat in 2018 can take some time given the wide range of products out there. If your answer is yes then consider investing in SPRI Exercise mat, a high quality pilates product designed to redefine your physical experience. This mat is made of thick poly-foam which improves your exercise quality and precision. Furthermore due to its lightweight design, you can roll the mat and take it with you without problems. The mat has a convenient carrying handle which makes it easy to transport it around. It is available in the colours red, black and blue.

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ProSource Premium High Density Exercise Yoga Mat


It is very important to use a professional mat during your pilates and yoga exercises. If you want a reliable mat then consider learning more about ProSource Exercise mat. As one of the best pilates mat in 2018 this model will significantly improve your physical experience. It is 71” long and 24” wide, more than enough to provide proper support for people of all sizes. The mat is 1/2” ultra-thick and equipped with Comfort Foam technology which delivers precise impact absorption. In addition to the elegant design, this mat has a special moisture surface. You will be able to clean it fast and without any troubles whatsoever.

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