Have you been searching for the best Pilates chair? If you have, we’re here to give you a hand. This paragraph can shed some light as to which models are worth considering. Following a week-long research where we’ve looked at hundreds of consumer reports, sales figures, as well as forums and opinions coming from experts, we have concluded that the model you should give some thought to is the EXO Split Pedal. This product is made from resilient materials that enable it to withstand the test of time and put up with a lot of abuse, which is why it has a good chance of lasting for many years to come. Also, it boasts two springs and comes with eight resistance settings. Since it is reasonably lightweight, it can be taken from one spot to the other, so you can use it at the studio, outside, when you go visit a friend, and in any other situation. If the EXO Split Pedal is no longer available, we suggest opting for the EXO Single Pedal, as it is another good Pilates chair.



Buying Guide


What is the best chair for Pilates? If you’re having a bit of trouble answering this question, we believe we can assist you in getting the product you need. Sometimes, people make bad decisions if they’re in a hurry or if they aren’t aware of the features they need the most. That’s where come along and guide you so that you know the aspects you should focus on in the course of your decision-making process.

Read our comprehensive guide if you have the time. It can shed light on the most important details you should take into account. From the design of the product to the way you can use it efficiently; you name it, our buyer’s guide has it.

Ease of use and cleaning

Not all chairs are created equal, which is why some have components covered in real or artificial leather whereas others are covered in textile fabrics. The point that we are trying to make is that wiping leather is way easier than having to wash all of the tiny components covered in fabric. If you look at several chair models, you’ll see what we are referring to.

As for usability, different people prefer various designs. While some like a split pedal design, others prefer a single pedal one. Besides, the needs of individuals vary mostly from one person to the next, because no two folks are the same in terms of their physical features or even habits or Pilates routine. Therefore, you have to choose the product that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, while allowing to focus on your fitness goals so that you end up reaching them.

What’s more, if you ever have any trouble telling whether a chair is easy to use or not, we urge you to take some minutes of your time and read several pilates chair reviews. Many other consumers can let you know about the issues that might have occurred when they used the product.



It goes without saying that one of the parts that your Pilates equipment has to play is to keep you safe at all times. As such, one of the core features you should look for in a quality chair is sturdiness. What this means is that it should be made from good materials like wood, metal, and anything else that might be able to support your weight.

The actual construction of the chair matters a bit in that you don’t want it to tip over while you’re concentrating on a specific pose. You can even get injured if you do several pull-ups if the chair you are using is unstable.


Split vs. single pedal

This aspect is only related to the design of the chair that you will end up choosing. Some of the regular reports you’ll come across while researching your options are EXO chair reviews. You’ll come to notice that even this brand makes uniquely designed chairs simply because they’re preferred by various users.

In theory, a split pedal design should allow you to do more moves, but this is mostly a myth as you can make the most of a single pedal design, just as well.



Despite the immense number of models available for sale, few actually come with accessories that might increase their value. The cases where the chair is accompanied by a resistance band, a ring, or something else are truly rare. However, if you are only starting out and you’ve opted for a budget-friendly Pilates chair, for instance, you might not know how to use it just yet.

Some models come with as many as four DVDs and plenty of instructions that can help you get started. If you know that you are a rookie, it’s these models you should be after.



Top Rated Pilates Chairs in 2022


Still having second thoughts? It’s true that we can’t choose the perfect product for you, but we can at least tell you what the most popular choices these days are. Check out our selection for more info.



EXO Split Pedal


One of the neatest things about this choice is that it is customizable. Although the single pedal design might not be appreciated by all prospective buyers, you don’t even have to bother with this detail because there’s a dowel included in the package with the help of which you can modify the design of the chair.

You can convert it to a single-pedal alternative with as little effort as possible. This is a lightweight option that’s easy to carry from one place to the next, which means that you can tend to your Pilates routine out on the patio, in your living room, or at a friend’s house.

The sitting component and the pedals are padded, and while we were unable to find any info as to whether real or artificial leather was used for the cover, we’ve noticed that it seems to be easy to wipe. Regardless, the chair is easy to use and comfortable, and the non-slip features enable you to rest assured that you won’t suffer from any injury.

You can adjust the resistance of the chair in accordance with eight settings. All in all, while it might be less affordable compared to others, this product is also one of the most usable choices we came across.

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EXO Single Pedal


In some respects, this choice resembles the other EXO alternative we have described in our selection. It’s convenient, user-friendly, and reliable, having been made from resilient materials that allow it to last a good deal of time and assist you with your Pilates progress. The model boasts two springs and can be adjusted in accordance with eight settings.

As is the case with the other choice made by EXO, this single-pedal option is lightweight and highly usable, which means that you can take it with you everywhere you feel like. It’s also stackable, especially thanks to its design. What’s worth mentioning about this product, however, is the fact that you won’t be able to turn it into a split pedal chair, so versatility might be out of the question if that is what you are after.

Other than that, the top and the pedal are both padded, so you can just wipe the sweat off because we all know that such mishaps might occur from time to time. There are good enough reasons to opt for the model, what with it being more reasonably priced than others. Plus, it is made from quality materials, and it is stable, thus ensuring that you remain safe all throughout your workout.

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Life’s a Beach Pilates PRO


If you’re on a tight budget and really can’t afford to spend over three hundred on a brand new Pilates chair, perhaps this model might be destined for you. Keep in mind that it is made from materials that are way more lightweight and therefore, perhaps less reliable, than those employed in the construction of other choices.

The package comes with the actual chair, as many as four instructional DVDs, as well as a poster. It goes without saying that the Life’s a Beach option is a great idea for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on such a product and those who are only starting out their Pilates adventures.

Keep in mind that you might need to use the chair on a mat placed on the floor because it might be less stable compared to others such as the EXO options we’ve mentioned in this selection. The frame is, however, made from stainless steel, and the seat can accommodate people with weights up to 300 pounds.

Those who have bought the Life’s a Beach alternative say that it is worth the expense. It’s easy to put together and can be used efficiently and conveniently.

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