Top rated pie plates in 2019


Every kitchen should come equipped with a high quality plate for accommodating pie projects. Now, there are many pie plate models available on the market which should be present in any kitchen. In order to help people identify the best pie plate we managed to analyse over 40 products with attention. Our department managed to study with attention for 80 hours the best plates designed especially for pies. When their job was over, they managed to draft the best Pie plate reviews. Now, you will find on the market plates in different shapes, ideal to accomplish various culinary projects with ease.


HIC Brands Ceramic Rose’s Perfect Pie Plate


Best Pie plate reviewsProfessional cooks understand the importance of a good plate for pies. Who doesn’t like pies from time to time? You can choose a top rated Pie plate in 2019 that comes from HIC Brands Ceramic Rose’s Perfect pie plate. This award winning pie plate was designed with attention in order to meet the specifications of any experienced cook. You will find this plate in culinary shops and home bakers as well. The plate was designed by Rose Levy Beranbaum, with a special fluted edge format. Due to the special shape of the plate, you will be able to slice each pie with ease.

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Anchor Hocking Glass Pie Dish


According to the latest best Pie plate reviews it seems that you can opt with confidence for Anchor Hocking Glass pie dish. With this plate you will be able to prepare pies with no problem whatsoever. The plate was designed out of high quality tempered glass, capable of housing different types of pies with ease. There are thousands of bakers that own this pie plate. You should also know that the pie plates are microwave, freezer and oven safe at an impressive 425 degrees F. Made in the United States of America, this pie plate from Anchor Hocking comes with 5 year warranty.

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Emile Henry Couleurs Pie Dish


Every respectable housewife has in her arsenal a high quality pie plate, ideal to serve delight after delight to anyone. One of the best pie plate in 2019 comes from Emile Henry, Couleurs pie dish. It has an overall diameter of 10-1/2 inches and an interior diameter of 9 inch sizes for different pies. The plate has a smooth cerise red, ideal to place in any kitchen. Furthermore the pie plate is made out of durable stoneware which resists with ease chipping and scratching. Made in France and with a solid 3 year warranty, the plate is safe for oven, dishwasher, microwave and freezer.

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Bradshaw International 04412 9-inch Red Ceramic Pie


Every respectable bakery comes equipped with one or more pie plates. Now, chefs and pro cooks have different styles of preparing pies. This is why finding the best Pie plate in 2019 can take a while. You can invest with confidence in Bradshaw International 04412, a special 9-inch ceramic pie plate that makes every culinary project easier than ever. The pie has a ceramic glaze exterior and cram colored interior. This particular design ensures that you can use it in ovens and freezers. Furthermore this pie plate from Bradshaw International is microwave and dishwasher safe. It weighs only 3.4 pounds.

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World Kitchen Pyrex Glass Bakeware Pie Plate


Every family tends to eat one pie per week. In addition, pies are a great way to welcome new friends to the block. This is where professionally designed plates for pies come in handy. Well, you can invest without hesitation in Pyrex Glass Bakeware pie plate from World Kitchen. If you have the habit of preparing delicious pies, select this plate and prepare without hesitation delicious delights. This plate measures 9” x 1 1/4″, ideal to use during various culinary projects. It can be used in freezer, microwave and oven. You should also know that this pie plate is dishwasher safe.

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