How to Buy One of the Best Pickup Tools


We can all find a good use for a product featured in the best pickup tool reviews. You could have an object falling out of reach, or stuck behind or under a confined area. The usefulness of this tool goes from recovery of laundry that has fallen behind, between or beside the washer and dryer or furniture, to grabbing a can of spaghetti sauce high up on the shelf without having to fetch a step ladder.


Swivel Head

Retrieving an object that is simply beyond your reach requires a tool of some sort, and it’s a good thing someone went and invented the right device and gave the perfect name for it: a pickup or grabber tool. Since our hands are not long enough to grab hold of all objects in the house and outside, we need a tool highlighted in the best pickup tool reviews that is built with a swivel head that rotates up to 90 degrees. This type of head is perfect to use when you’re suffering from back pains, arthritis and sore knees, as reaching objects in places that are hard to get to becomes less stressful. The tool ultimately improves your quality of life, since you can be more independent.



When checking out the best pickup tool reviews, look for products with a lightweight construction and a rust-proof aluminum body. The grabber tool should be solid without being heavy. The body should be robust and durable, aside from being resistant to corrosion, making the tool suitable for all types of tasks whether indoors or out.

The claws should be made of non-slip rubber for flexibility, and to ensure that the object you’re reaching for does not get damaged in any way while being picked up. The jaws should be wide enough to grab hold of larger objects, but should have a pinching ability to also pick a coin up from the floor.


Ease of Use

The trigger of the best pickup tool 2022 is ergonomically designed to ensure optimal comfort for the user. A soft rubberized surface on the plastic handle makes the tool fit easily in your hand and also makes it effortless to hold. The tool should just feel like it’s an extension of your hand, and not a disjointed part of your arm.


Top Rated Pickup Tools in 2022


It can be difficult to find the best pickup tool reviews, as there are so few, if you can even find any. You may have to do your own research and reading to find a good grabber tool that you can use in the home. To help you in your search, here are three products we recommend.


Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab


1.Ettore 49036 Grip 'n GrabIn Italian, the word Ettore means “loyal”, while in Greek, it means “steadfast”. The Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab can be classified as a steadfast and loyal assistant that helps you grab hold of what you can’t reach and conveniently places the target object in your hand. For people with arthritis, sore knees and bad backs, the Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab offers the best solution for getting easy access to objects beyond your reach. With this tool, you won’t have to perch yourself on top of a step ladder, which can be very dangerous for people with limited mobility. Just extend the Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab high up or between the items in the way, and the rubberized jaws go to work by grabbing and holding even small objects.

The articulating head turns 90O so your hands don’t have to do so. The sleek profile of this best pickup tool 2022 enables you to use it behind furniture, electronic appliances, crawl spaces and other confined and hard-to-access areas. The Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab is a multi-purpose pick-up and clean-up device that you can use in the home, the workshop, around the yard and anywhere in between. It provides great use for the physically disabled. The rubberized jaws and comfortable handle offer easy retrieval of objects. The Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab is made rust-proof so you can use it outdoors.

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Unger 92134  Nifty Nabber


2.Unger 92134 36-Inch Nifty Nabber Pick-Up ToolUndoubtedly one of the top rated pickup tools 2022, the Nifty Nabber lets you grab hold of various items that are not within your reach. The grabber tool is able to pick up various objects ranging from a penny (which can be a real challenge to pick up from the floor, mind you!) to an 8-pound object. The pole extends to a full 36 inches. That’s three feet of reach for you, so you won’t have to extend your back too far or get into a position closer to the target object. The tool is superbly easy to use. Simply squeeze the handles and the rubberized claws wrap around the object in a firm grip.

The Nifty Nabber has rubber molded over its steel fingers or grippers, which ensure no damage to your target objects. Thus, you can pick up a delicate lace hanky that has fallen out of reach between the washer and dryer without worrying about the handkerchief getting ripped. Or grab a packet of flour easily without worrying that the package will get torn, coating you in white powder.

The lightweight aluminum handle is supplemented with an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to hold the tool in your hand without hurting your palm or fingers. Pick up items from the ground or grab hold of objects high up without exerting too much effort.

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Duro-Med 32


3.Duro-Med 32 Aluminum Reacher GrabberThey say your reach should be beyond your grasp. Well, the Duro-Med 32 Aluminum Reacher Grabber certainly does that for you by extending your reach by 32 inches, making your life easier. This tool is perfect for hard-to-reach areas like confined spaces behind furniture and tall shelves. It eliminates excessive reaching and bending so you won’t have to stress yourself-and your sore knees or bad back- retrieving objects that are beyond your grasp. The Duro-Med 32 Aluminum Reacher Grabber has a wide 2.5-inch jaw opening designed with interlocking tips to ensure a secure grip. The magnetic tip picks up light metal objects such as coins, pins, a metal shaver, etc.

The slip-resistant handle is ergonomically contoured and slip-resistant to make it securely and comfortably fit in the hand. The pickup tool is easy to use. Just pull the trigger handle and it grabs your target object. The grabber tool helps protect your back as it does its job efficiently. It is a great little assistant to have in the home, especially when you have a really bad back, arthritis or limited mobility. The aluminum frame, plastic handle and jaw ensure a lightweight yet sturdy build. The jaw is also serrated to provide a firm grip.

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