How to choose a new photo printer


Printing pictures in the comfort of your own home is beneficial for many reasons. Sure, some photo printers might find it a little hard to satisfy the needs of experienced users, which is why some of the most popular models we have found are hardly destined for professional photographers. Nevertheless, these devices are convenient and often times easy to use, making them the right choice for someone looking to print their snapshots without needing to go to the store. We’ve collected some info you may want to consider if you’re looking for the best value at the right price.

1.Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer


Photo printers can mainly be split up into two categories: inkjet models and dye-sublimation units. While the first can be employed for printing both pictures and colored documents, the second can strictly be utilized for photos. Therefore, the first thing you should do is decide whether you prefer one or the other. Printers come in various shapes and sizes and these two factors also have a say when it comes to making the right decision. However, sometimes it’s more important to focus on the size of the photo you want to print. Many products do an excellent job in regards to printing 4 by 6 photos, so if you want to print posters, these might not be the ones you might wish to take into account.

As for the picture quality, we hardly recommend color laser printers as most of the models we’ve gone through during our research have been reviewed by users who say that they’re mostly fit for documents. The pictures that might be printed with this kind of device may not satisfy your expectations in terms of saturation, clarity, or brightness.



It goes without saying that a traditional style of photo printer will take up some space on your desk. By contrast, some dye-sub units can be remarkably compact and can thus be taken at a party to be used on the spot. The smaller the device, the more portable it is. It sure would not hurt if you asked yourself where you want your printer to be for the next year or so.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Technology Price Color Special feature Our Rating Where to buy

Canon PIXMA MX922

Inkjet $$$ YES Double side printing A+ AMAZON

Epson PictureMate Charm

Inkjet $$$$$ YES ENERGY STAR qualified A AMAZON

Canon PIXMA MG5420

Inkjet $$$$ YES Borderless printing B+ AMAZON

Canon SELPHY CP900

Inkjet $$$$ YES ID photo print B AMAZON

Epson C11CD31201 Expression

Inkjet $$ YES Auto-document feeder C AMAZON




A number of the units that are available on the market today are more versatile and convenient than others. What does this mean for you? Perhaps you haven’t thought about it just yet, but maybe you’ll consider printing snapshots by using a memory card or a USB flash drive. Some printers have been designed for digital cameras in that all you need to do is connect the camera and use its menu in order to select the photos you want to print. Many of the older products hardly support any of these connectivity features and can strictly work with a personal computer, much like a traditional printer would require.


Paper, ink, and accessories

Photo paper is different from the one you might use for your standard reports. It’s glossier and can reflect the quality of the shot taken a lot better compared to regular paper. When choosing photo paper, you need to consider whether or not it is compatible with the printer model you plan to use. The safest way of choosing right is by looking for paper and ink packages offered by the same brand that has manufactured the printer.

Ink is sometimes very expensive, so while it might be very tempting today to purchase an inkjet photo printer on sale, you should think about whether or not it will become obsolete several years from now. Dye-sub models strictly work with dye-sub ribbons, so you should add the cost of these consumables to the one of your printer. There is no right and wrong, because even though you might want to get a printer that works with a variety of papers or compatible inks or cartridges and that allows you to print both documents and shots, it’s a little more complicated than that. For one, inkjet photo printers may use a lot more ink in the long run, so printing a document is somewhat cost-ineffective.

2.Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer

Real print samples

If you have already started to make a list of the models that you feel like purchasing, we have a tip you may find useful. Instead of just ordering the printer online without knowing the quality of the shots it can produce, it would be far better to go to a store and see some real samples. Many sales consultants will try to sell their products and thus present you all the features they come with, so you can later on go back home and order the one you’ve decided on.


Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer


Best Photo Printer 2020Discover the limits to where photography might take you with the help of the Canon PIXMA MX922 photo printer. It is the best photo printer 2016 that is equipped with a high performance individual ink system that produces images with extraordinary resolution. It works really fast, without noise and vibration, and it doesn’t jam like the other standard brands on the market. It has an efficient design, specifically made for heavy duty, high quality, image printing.


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Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer


Color your world like never before with the Epson PictureMate photo printer. It is a very efficient photo printer that is portable and conveniently compatible. It has a photo viewer that lets you check the photos before printing them. Aside from that, this printer exhibits really fast photo printing speed that does not compromise the quality of the images at all. Without any doubt, this is really one of the best photo printers 2020 that is very affordable and durable.


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Canon PIXMA MG5420 Wireless Color Photo Printer


If you are looking for a photo printer that can process images better than laboratory products, this printer is the one for you. It is designed for superior image resolution; it haschromalife 100+ features, filter effects, and an effective ink system for 5 color bases. Aside from its advanced printing mechanism, the parts are extremely durable and are made of high quality materials.


Buy from for ($231.35)




Canon SELPHY CP900 Black Wireless Color Photo Printer


Discover a whole new colorful world with the Canon SELPHY CP900 photo printer – an excellent product from the world’s trusted manufacturer of cameras and photo printers. It is a very efficient printer with a compact and lightweight body and a wireless structure which is intended for maximum portability and convenience. This wireless ability allows you to print directly from any mobile device you have in the vicinity. It can print photos that are water resistant, with really superior image quality.


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Epson C11CD31201 Expression Premium XP-610 Wireless Color Photo Printer


Are you looking for one of the best photo printers 2020 that you can buy at a very affordable rate? You don’t have to look too far because the Epson C11CD31201 is already within your reach. It is a consumer-rated photo printer that comes at a consumer-friendly price and has features that lab-quality printers have. Its ultimate wireless features add up to your convenience as well as the printer’s excellent performance.


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HP Envy 4520

1.HP Envy 4520

The HP Envy 4520 is a truly convenient alternative that we’ve found when we looked at the top rated printers on the market today. The model is extremely easy to use as you can utilize the wireless connectivity it supports, thus not needing a computer to print your pictures. The controls can be operated quickly and efficiently on account of the small touch display featured by this unit. Furthermore, the HP is compatible with virtually any type of mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet.

Since it’s inexpensive and user-friendly, it comes as no surprise that the HP Envy 4520 has garnered over 200 positive reviews on Amazon.


Buy from for ($99.99)