Best Philips power toothbrushes reviews


Top rated power toothbrushes from Philips


Personal hygiene starts from the oral health. Oral care is very necessary and teeth and gums require extra care. Philips is good in making daily use products. Its power toothbrushes keep the teeth clean and remove plague faster than any other brush. In this article some best power toothbrush reviews are given.


Philips HX7022/66


Best Philips power toothbrushes reviews

These are the standard size brush heads that cares for teeth and gums. They are compatible with handles of Sonicare advance, essence, elite and extreme series. This is the best brush for oral health care. It helps in better plague removing than the manual tooth brushes. It is tapered to reach to every corner of the mouth easily. Its bristles are extra soft to keep the teeth enamel unharmed while brushing. It also gives you the reminder of the brush changing. When the blue bristle area fades, it is the time to change brush.

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“ My oral health is maintained with my new Philips HX7022/GG toothbrush. This power toothbrush cleans any area of my mouth from tooth to gums. This product is very effective because it really clean and whitens the teeth. You will be happy having this product.”  Karla Carson


Philips HX6013/64


This Philips power tooth brush is best to maintain good oral health. It has the design that can easily be fit on many Sonicare models. Its bristles are extra soft and have the large area to clean the gums and teeth with care. This toothbrush head works gently to keep gums healthy. It has the blue reminder bristle that tells the time of brush replacement. It fades when it’s time to change. Philips always makes the good products and this brush is its example.

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“ I feel satisfied using my new Philips HX6013/64 because it maintains a good healthy oral. The bristles are so soft that I can feel the delicate and comfort using it. The size is just enough to handle the cleaning process. You will find this product as one of the best power toothbrush.”  Gerald Beck


Philips HX5610


In many best Philips power toothbrushes reviews, you will find this toothbrush at the top. This brush has made oral health care really easy. This rechargeable electric toothbrush removes plagues 2x faster than the manual brushing. It has the angled neck that reaches to every area of the mouth. This is smart brush that has 2minutes timer that ensure the complete 2 minutes brushing. It has soft bristles that care for the soft gums and hard teeth enamel while brushing. This brush can remain charged for two weeks that makes it good for travelling.

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“Even I bought the Philips HX5610 in just affordable price but its performance and functions are outstanding. It helps maintaining healthy teeth. My friends commend my white teeth and I am thankful on this product for giving me its best performance.”  Johnnie Brennan


Philips HX6014/30


This tooth brush is made to clean teeth thoroughly and keeps the good mouth health. This brush head is designed to reach every single corner of the mouth. Its bristle contoured pattern easily fit the natural teeth’s shape and clean between the teeth and gums without any trouble. It has the blue bristle as the reminder for the brush change time; it fades away when the change is needed. Using this brush means you have a healthier mouth. It is one of the best toothbrushes that can be found in many best Philips power toothbrushes reviews.

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“ I am looking for the best toothbrush to make my teeth healthier than before. I found out the Philips HX6014/30 in Amazon and it provides me the performance that is impressive. I can’t compare his power toothbrush to other because it has the features that make it outstanding.”  Angelina Daniels


Philips HX6711/02


This toothbrush not only removes plagues from the mouth but also makes teeth white. It has the advance sonic technology that whitens teeth in the time of as short as 2 weeks. It is proved that it removes more plague than manual brushing. This brush keeps the teeth clean in every possible way: it has timer that make sure you brushed properly for two minutes, its bristles are really soft that along with providing clean and white teeth also keeps the gums healthy.

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“ Any plaque and teeth stain can be removed with the help of the Philips HX6711/02. It is effective and efficient so you will be assured of its result. This product is a very nice investment because it will help you to have clean and white teeth in just a short period of using it.”  Mervin Strong