Top rated Penny skateboards in 2019


Having a Penny board will allow you or your son/daughter to have a great time, being eco-friendly at the same time. Penny boards ever since their introduction have become rapidly a huge phenomenon with lots of youths owning one. The best penny boards reviews even recommend a few combinations for the design which will fit your personality and make you look stylish while riding one. And another excellent reason why you should buy one is the very affordable price.


Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard


Best Penny Boards reviewsThe retro style of the ‘70s is very well captured by the Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard which is even viewed as one of the best penny boards in 2019 because of its design and features. The deck is standard when it comes to its shape and size, having 27 inches in length. The 59 mm 78A urethane wheels will offer you great traction and can even be bought in multi-colors to match the design of the deck. The bearings are made of stainless steel so there is little chance they will give in.

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Penny Complete Skateboard


If you are searching for an excellent designed skateboard then you need to take a closer look at this model from Penny which comes with many different color patters. The deck has 22 inches in length and the trucks have 3 inches also bearing the name of the manufacturer. This skateboard is so popular because it manages to combine a stunning retro design with a smooth ride, making satisfied customers think of it as one of the top rated penny boards in 2019.

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Goldenway Blank Vinyl Plastic Cruiser Penny Skateboard


The Goldenway Blank Vinyl Cruiser Penny skateboard has the backing of the best penny boards reviews which believe it has a high quality combined with a nice white and red color combination. The deck which is 22.5 inches long is made entirely out of fresh propane polymer which gives it a superior durability and sturdiness. It is able to carry an impressive top load of 187 lbs which is amazing considering the compact size of the entire deck. The fork on the other hand is made from aluminum, making it light and sturdy.

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Blank Plastic Vinyl Cruiser Penny Skateboard


Not a lot of money has to be invested in the Blank Plastic Vinyl Cruiser Penny skateboard which will have a very nice retro style to it and will offer you a nice smooth ride. The plastic deck is extremely solid and allows you to have great balance while you are cruising along on top of it. The 70 mm 78 A wheels can be bought in different colors and at the same time offer you a great grip on the tarmac so if you go on a normal road you have little chance of losing your balance. Definitely this is one of the best penny boards in 2019 if we take into consideration its quality to price ratio.

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Kryptonics Torpedo Complete Penny Cruiser Skateboard


Penny skateboards are very sort after by youths these days because they are affordable, have a unique retro style and provide great entertainment. The deck is constructed out of Homopolymer Polypropylene which has two very important proprieties for a skateboard, it is very resistant to impacts and also flexible. The trucks which are made from aluminum have a nice polish finish to them and won’t crack under pressure, letting you enjoy a nice ride with this Penny skateboard.

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