Best pedometers under $50


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Doing exercises day by day, ensures that we stay in shape and improves our health. No matter if you are doing them indoors or outdoors, a pedometer which counts how many steps you took is always hepful. A lot of models can be aquired but if you want to make a solid choice than you should take a look at the best pedometers under $50 list which is displayed below.


Omron HJ-112 Pocket Pedometer


Best pedometers under $50

The Omron HJ-112 is a very useful device to have, which is small and has great mobility, being able to be carried anywhere with you in your pocket. It doesn`t matter which way you position it, horizontally or vertically, it will still do what it is suppose to do. Also it can stock memory up to 7 days so you can keep track of your progress. Calories burned, time and distance are other things that can be measured by this pedometer.

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“ I make use of the Omron HJ-112 Pocket Pedometer whenever I have to do some exercise. The product is very effective because I can see and determine my progress while having my exercise. In 7 days, I can compare and see my status because the memory is manageable.”  Timmy Henson


Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker


Except tracking yout steps, distance and calories burned, the Fitbit Zip has one very important advantage over other pedometers, it has bluetooth technology so it can connect to smartphones, tablets and other devices with similar technology. With these features you will be able to post all your results and have a friendly competition with friends all around. Because its unquestionalble advantages it is a very popular product from the best Fitbit pedometer reviews for customers all over the US and not only.

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“ One of the popular pedometer you can have is the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker. I bought this a month ago and I can say that the performance of the product is efficient and reliable. I can tract the distance and calories that I burned and can share it with my friends.”  Quentin Wiggins


Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer


You will keep track of your exercise data much better if you use the Omron HJ-113 which is considered to be by many one of the best pedometers under $50. You either have the option to place it on your hip, bag or pocket, either way it is very comfortable to carry around with you. At midnight this pedometer has an option that automatically resets its data for the next day. Also keep track of your exercises for the last 7 days thanks to its internal memory.

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“ With its lightweight and portability, I can bring the Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer anywhere I want to. The style and fashion of the product is also casual so I can display it while I am doing my exercise. The product is my best friend when it comes to my exercise routine.”  Saul Kerry Figueroa


Garmin Foot Pod


The Garmin foot pod is a very useful device for runners, letting them keep track of their speed and distance more accurate than other pedometers because it has MEMS inertial-sensor technology. Just strap it to your running shoe and you are ready to go without feeling any kind of discomfort while running. It can be connected to other devices so you can keep a chart of how your progress is going.

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“ The Garmin Foot Pod is very helpful for me as a runner. The product can track my distant and speed by just placing it in my shoes. Even though I place it in my shoes, I can still have the ease of running because it is just lightweight. My progress are being observed and tracked in this pedometer.”  Johnnie Dunn


Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer


The Ozeri 4x4razor is a pedometer built in Germany and because of the professionalism for which german engineering is known, it is considerer one of the best pedometers under $50. Place it in your pocket no matter in which position and it will accurately track your steps and time. It measures two kinds of steps, normal and aerobic, depending on your exercise type. Calories and fat burned can also be measured by it for a more complete picture of the progress of your run. For more details you will be able to view results of exercises done as much as 7 days ago.

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“I know why the Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer is one of the top pedometers people prefer to sue when it comes to tracking exercise routine. this is because, the product provides accurate results that are reliable enough and worth sharing with my friends.”  Bradley Caldwell