Top rated PC Speakers in 2018


Going through hundreds of best PC speakers reviews can have you reeling in confusion on which product to get to enhance your PC audio. The variety of brands and their individual features can cause a huge headache, so it is always important to get a good understanding of specific elements that make a good audio device.

One element you need to focus on is wattage. Best rated PC speakers generally carry high wattage, which translates to overall power of the unit. Knowing how large the size of the room is and how much power can be put to effective use is a good place to start. On this note, remember that even high-watt speakers will be a waste of money if you do not get an amplifier to supply the power that is needed. The amplifier’s capacity should be considerably higher than that of the computer speakers. A subwoofer would also be a nice touch, as it can produce sounds at the lower end of the audio spectrum that built-in PC speakers do not.

It would help your computer’s processor a lot if it is not made to carry all the burden of producing audio output to your PC. But with a promptly installed sound card, the computer doesn’t have to be weighed down by the audio output element and concentrate instead on reading a movie’s video or the other components of an online game. Upgrading to a sound car improves your speakers’ sound range while eliminating skipping in audio output. This will also enable you to maximize the speakers’ capability. Grab one of those great Black Friday deals on PC speakers before they fly off the shelves!

If your PC is at the heart of your multimedia control center, you may want to consider genuine surround sound experience. Get the most popular PC speakers built with surround sound system. If you’re the DIY individual, organic surround sound is the way to go. With this system, you have several speakers strategically positioned in various areas of the room. But if you’d rather not go through the trouble of setting it all up, invest in a new product by purchasing PC audio devices that offer imitation surround sound. This type can be derived from set-ups in the 2.0 or 2.1 range.

Although a headphone jack is a standard feature in even cheap PC audio supplementing units, they are one of the most essential. This is especially true when one shares work space with other individuals. With a headphone jack, one can simply plug in and listen to audio using personal headphones. This prevents discord in the workplace since not everyone shares the same tastes in music. The user can play their sounds as loud as they want without worrying about disturbing other people.

Wireless capabilities on computer speakers are a nifty feature that should make your shopping plans for Christmas for such products more interesting. Wireless capability allows you to stream audio content directly from the net or using a Bluetooth-enabled device. With no cumbersome wires or cables to worry about, you can enjoy hours of clutter-free listening by optimizing a wide variety of streaming media sources. This also enables one to bring their laptop anywhere around the room or to different rooms as the media hub can just be left where it is. Although wireless capability can drive the cost of PC speakers up and with set-up required, there are plug-and-play systems that take much of the trouble away.


Things to consider:

–          A decent watt rating that can be carried by supporting amplifier and/or subwoofer, for optimum listening experience

–          Good speaker integration with an upgraded sound card on the PC

–          Either organic/DIY or imitation surround sound, for better listening experience

–          A headphone jack for personal listening,  plus wireless capability, if possible


Bose Companion-2 Series III Multimedia Speakers


Best PC Speakers ReviewsEmploying just two speakers, the Bose Companion-2 Series III Multimedia Speakers upgrade sound listening experience using exclusive digital signal processing. This guarantees full, clear sound no matter what the volume level may be. You can enjoy so much more from streamed content, videos and music. You can even dive deep into videos, games and music thanks to the detailed sound and low-end reproduction ability of the unit’s ported cabinet design. The right speaker carries volume control and the headphone jack. The auxiliary input may be used to bring extreme Bose-quality sound employing another audio source inducing iPad or iPhone. Enjoy awesomely premium audio performance and clear sound that is wide and life-like via these two elegant speakers, the best PC speakers 2018 from Bose, acknowledged audio equipment specialist.

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Genius SW-G2.1 1250 Speaker System


Enjoy amazing bass in music and games by getting the new SW-G2.1 1250 speaker system, lauded in countless best PC speakers reviews. Using an advanced 5.25-inch drive unit fitted into an ultra-rigid MDF board cabinet, the subwoofer allows you to be enveloped in solid, deep and extended bass. The curvaceous satellite speakers are engineered with magnetically-shielded 3-inch cones that provide full midrange and consistently balanced and detailed sound. Adjusting bass and volume is effortless thanks to the individual control box. A microphone jack on the control box is extremely useful for chatting with on-line game partners. The Genius speaker system is geared with a 3.5mm standard input for MP3/CD player and PC game. A stereo RCA jack is readily available for game consoles, TV listeners and DVD players. For private listening, there is a headphone jack.

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Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Speakers


Get detailed 3D stereo in a 5.1 surround sound system for your PC. These speakers are bundled with a ported down-firing subwoofer that delivers deep, unhampered, booming bass. Even 2-channel stereo sources get greatly enhanced and upscaled performance with this sound system for PCs. It is supplied with multiple inputs, making it short work to connect your PC, game console, DVD player, iPod and other devices. The Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Speakers offer 75 watts (RMS) of balanced power and room-encompassing audio. Bass control on the speakers allows easy boosting or driving down of bass levels. Get immersed in awesome 5.1 surround sound when your entertainment gear is plugged in. Quick-access inputs are provided to facilitate connection with a laptop, Xbox 60, PS3 Wii, DVD player, iPod and many more.

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Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers W/Stereo Sound


Any living or work space can get a stylish addition via audio experience with the rich stereo sound from the Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers W/Stereo Sound. Boasting of 10 watts of peak power and two drivers per satellite, this revolutionary pair of modern-looking multimedia speakers deliver incredible volume, effectively filling the room with superbly balanced, rich sound. Deep bass permeates the entire sound perimeter. The dedicated bass control wheel enables easy adjustment of bass levels. Thanks to two audio inputs, it’s a quick job to plug in a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Or if you prefer, you can even plug in two devices at the same time. Get these perfectly-tuned speakers for amazing listening experience in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

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Altec Lansing BXR1220 Desktop Speaker System


Connecting easily to any computer system, the Altec Lansing BXR1220 Desktop Speaker System is composed of two elegant speakers with great-looking black enclosures and cloth grills that easily go with the PC and the rest of your peripherals. Measuring just 3.7 inches in height, each speaker carries a space-saving design that enables the user to carry them along easily with a laptop, and leaves more room on the work desk. Components used in the speakers are amply shielded, effectively preventing interference even when the speakers are close to a monitor or phone. The speakers are outfitted with conveniently- placed power and volume buttons so sound control is always within reach. This is a compact speaker system that is able to deliver unmistakable highs and lows without creating clutter on a work desk.

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