Top rated patio chairs in 2019


The patio chair business has really grown a lot over the past few years. Currently, dozens of manufacturers design several types of garden furniture to satisfy those of you who love spending time outside. Choosing the perfect set of chairs can be difficult and can cost you a lot of time spent on research. In order help you avoid such moments, our experts have decided to go through the best patio chairs reviews and then make a list of recommendations for you to consider. They’ve narrowed in on five great patio chairs which will fit in any décor and also any budget.


Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker Chair


Best patio chairs reviewsIf comfort is what you are looking for, than the Griffen All-Weather is the choice to make. Currently considered the best patio chairs in 2019, these outdoors easy-chairs are perfect next to a coffee table or even a Sunday dinner table. Made out of strong wicker processed in such a way it will handle any type of weather, these chairs are built to last. Don’t be fooled by the delicate exterior. They can hold a lot of weight considering they are built on an aluminum frame. You will be able to choose between two different color shades, each representing a different shade of brown.

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Strathwood Basics Steel Mesh Spring Dining Chair


Destined for any type of weather, the Basic Steel dining chairs provided by Strathwood could be characterized as the best patio chairs in 2019. They have a stunning design which will attract a lot of attention. These chairs are not only nice looking but are also very durable. Manufactured out of stainless steel, they will resist rust and hold their own against the toughest weather conditions. Despite the minimalistic design, these chairs are very comfortable. The coil spring base will allow mild rocking which is always nice. Don’t be alarmed by the price tag as our experts assure future customers, these chairs will last for a lifetime.

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StrathwoodGibranta All-Weather Hardwood Arm Chair


Some people are not big fans of metal furniture even if it is destined for the outdoors. If you find yourself among them, the best patio chairs reviews recommend the Gibranta All-Weather Hardwood Arm Chair set. You cannot go wrong with these amazing pieces of patio furniture. Made out of hardwood, they will not deteriorate with time. They will maintain the same color and they will not lose any of their looks. In terms of comfort, these chairs are great. The cushion is soft but at the same time durable so as not to get ruined by a little rain.

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Strathwood Mason All-Weather Wicker Dining Chair


Despite looking quite fragile, the Mason All-Weather Wicker dining chairs can hold up to 265lbs. The steel frame covered by a hand-woven wicker exterior is strong enough to handle those who are a bit on the heavy side. The materials used are not only resistant to a lot of weight but can also handle tough weather. Comfort was not set aside when building these chairs. The nicely curved arm rests combined with a soft and comfortable cushion provide the perfect place to sit and talk for hours and hours during or after you had dinner with your friends and family.

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StrathwoodRawley Swivel Rocker Dining Arm Chair


The Rawley Swivel Rocker dining chairs are currently among the top rated patio chairs in 2019. The best thing about these chairs is their design. It is quite elegant and can definitely improve the way your patio looks. Aside from being probably the best looking chairs out there, they are also very durable and well-built. The cast-aluminum frame combined with great fabric provide both sturdiness and comfort at the same time. Maintenance is a breeze with these chairs which can be wiped clean in a matter of minutes. Some assembly may be needed with these chairs but even that is effortless because of the smart way manufacturers designed the pieces to come together.

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