What to Consider When Buying a Top Paraffin Bath?


Getting the best paraffin bath of 2022 can look like a complicated thing to do, particularly if you are not aware of your own needs and preferences. Comparison tables along with the best paraffin bath reviews make the difference between picking the wrong model and finding the right one. Our advice to you is to read as much info as possible, as time spent doing your homework on the matter is never time wasted.

Paraffin baths can be split into two categories. With some, the user needs to heat up the paraffin and pour it into the tank. However, most modern models are electrical, which means you basically plug in the device, it melts the paraffin and then it maintains its temperature at the level of your choice.



One of the crucial things to consider when looking for top rated paraffin baths of 2022 is the matter of capacity. If you plan on utilizing the device for both of your feet at the time, you definitely need a larger model. On the other hand, if you intend on using it for your hands or elbows, you might require a smaller-sized unit.


Desirable features

Traditional tanks are no-brainers, as all you have to do is pour the paraffin in. With electrical tanks, things are a little more complicated, because the material that the tank is made of makes a whole lot of difference. Always try to pick a model that contains no plastic, as it may melt when you’re heating up the paraffin. Be on the lookout for power information and try to stick to models that come with some kind of electrical standard certification.

As for extras, these include anything from a variable quantity of wax to accessories such as thermal mitts.


Price and warranty

Prices of paraffin baths are on the friendly side, since many models can be purchased for as little as $100. Something quite important to ponder on is the reliability of the manufacturing brand and the offered warranty. Some of the most acclaimed manufacturers of the best paraffin bath in 2022 are Dr. Scholl’s, Revlon and Therabath.


Top Rated Paraffin Baths in 2022


For your consideration, we’ve put together a list of the three most popular items on the current market. They vary in size and specifications, but it would not hurt to have a look at them as they have gathered some of the best paraffin bath reviews. Always remember to consider your own needs when buying a unit.


Therabath Professional TB6


1.Therabath Professional Paraffin BathAlthough the model basically comes in 4 variants, this is the largest-sized one. It might look like it’s a little out of the budget of some people, as its list price around $200. Fortunately, the features make up for the price and provide good enough value for the unit to be highly acclaimed.

This is a paraffin bath with a wax capacity ranging from 6 pounds to 9 pounds. Its tank is deep and this is what makes the unit remarkably versatile, as it can be used for face, feet, hands and body.

The anodized aluminum tank doesn’t need too much power to function and maintains a safe temperature of the wax at all times, including when it’s working towards melting it.

It is said that this is one of the most usable units, as it comes with its own handles and is very easy to maneuver and transport.

It comes as no surprise that this product has over time gathered some of the best paraffin bath reviews. More than 90 individuals were so pleased with it that they offered it a 5-star rating. Be advised that it takes about 6 hours to heat up 6 bags of wax.

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Dr. Scholl’s DRSP3752 Quick Heat


2.Dr. Scholl’s Quick Heat Paraffin Spa BathOne of the first things that’s striking about this product is its affordable price. It comes with a nice set of features that might make you think that it’s even better than the aforementioned Therabath, but there is something setting the difference between the two. The Therabath has a larger capacity, whereas the Dr. Scholl’s model comes with a fixed one of 7 pounds.

Although it’s surprisingly cheap, it does melt wax in a matter of only 60 minutes and can be used for hands, elbows and feet. According to customers, users that are size 8 can comfortably utilize it for their feet. Nevertheless, this model doesn’t speak to the needs of buyers with larger sizes.

As is the case with so many other products of the line, this is also an electrical one. Customers are kindly asked to plug it in and wait for an hour for the paraffin to melt. Be advised that high temperature isn’t recommended as accidents may occur and users can get burned.

This Dr. Scholl’s pack contains the operating unit, 3 pounds of wax, 30 glove liners and 2 thermal mitts.

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Revlon Moisturestay RVSP3501


3.Revlon Moisturestay Quick Heat Paraffin BathThe price of this unit is also remarkably affordable. Depending on the retailer you choose for your purchase,  it can be bought for as little as $46.50. The Revlon shares most of its features with the aforementioned Dr. Scholl’s unit. It’s capable of heating wax in a matter of 60 minutes. Aside from the actual operating unit, the pack includes 3 pounds of wax, 30 glove liners and 2 thermal mitts.

This is an electrical unit. Be advised that this is a smaller-sized unit than the other models, as individuals with US size 10 feet aren’t capable of using it comfortably. Both hands do fit nicely at the same time, but it might not work just as well for your feet.

Since more than 200 customers took the time to rate this item as a 5-star product, it would not be far-fetched to say that it has gathered some of the best paraffin bath reviews. Most buyers claim it is exactly as described and works well enough to heat a variable paraffin quantity in an hour and a half.

Some customers claim that the provided 3 pounds of wax might prove to be insufficient, which is why we recommend you purchase some additional supplies.

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